Where are my video gamers at?



  • geekyjock76
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    I don't get to play much anymore but I enjoy RPGs and most FPS. Before mariage I was a huge MMO gamer but that has come to a stop as well and I haven't played WoW in over a year! I am very curious about Everquest Next however.

    All time favorite MMOs in order
    Anarchy Online
    Final Fantasy 11

    Yea, I know WoW is pretty low on that list but it's just way to easy of a MMO. I miss the difficult days of EQ and death penalties.

    Also really big into Indie games, MineCraft, Terraria, and Gnomoria have taken a lot of my time. Currently been watching Blockscape very closely and I'm very excited about StoneHearth getting a beta release next month.
    DAoC is still my favorite after 10 years. I enjoyed it more than any other MMORPG for the following reasons:
    1) Three distinct realms, featuring rich lore from Norse mythology, Celtic mythology and Arthurian legend.
    2) Tons of races and classes whereby each realm had its own unique races and classes.
    3) The best large-scale RvR featuring keep sieges.
    4) My favorite representation of what shield-spec Tank classes should be like (protecting group members more frequently via blocking)
    5) Skill-based combat which required thought and players to play in accordance with their class proficiencies (ie. mages couldn't just stand still and take melee damage; thus needed to keep at range).
  • loriepaulin
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    World of Warcraft gamer here!
  • loriepaulin
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    Played WoW (through Cata) and, of course, Diablo I - III. Lately I've been playing Rift and Path of Exile.

    Feel free to add. :smile:

    I still play WoW....but you just reminded me I need to get back at Rift again now that it is free to play. I don't have any friends that play Rift though....
  • Buhbee
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    World of Warcraft girlie here!
  • MysteriousMerlin
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    We're here!

    My nose is buried in the PS4, becoming one of the most feared pirates in the AC universe. :drinker:

    :indifferent: I am totally jelly man. Like...totally jelly. :love:
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    Who has a ringtone of Alistair saying "Maker's breath you're beautiful"? Memememememe!

    Ohhh Alistair, you make me swoon. I love the Dragon Age series and can't wait for more! It's almost as satisfying as playing Mass Effect. :heart:

    I'm always playing a game--I feel incomplete otherwise! In addition to Dragon Age and Mass Effect, I'm a huge fan of Borderlands, the Final Fantasy series, Zelda series, and WoW (I'm currently relapsing on my addiction but I swear I can stop whenever I want).

    I'm looking for more nerd friends who want to level up their health and fitness so feel free to add me!
  • Spartan_1_1_7
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    Listing series here
    Assassin's Creed
    Gears of War
    God of War

    I love gaming :D
  • beckerkra
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    Huge gamer here, started gaming on the atari and regular nintendo from as far back as I can remember. Been heavily into MMOs since the original EQ in 1999.

    Current active games I'm playing right now (or within the last couple months) are, EQ, Diablo 3, WoW, GW2, Final Fantasy 7, dungeon defenders, SWTOR, PoE, DAOC. recently got into the Elder Scrolls Online beta (HUGE dissapointment btw ugh! >.<). I'm about as geeky as they come hehe!

    Anyone feel free to add me! Diary and profile is open for reading if any of you are curious before adding.
  • Listing series here
    Assassin's Creed
    Gears of War
    God of War

    I love gaming :D
    Yes! God of War puts so much hair on my chest... and I'm a girl. Haha!
  • wheird
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    *Looks around at his underlings*
  • cccoursey
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    I am a huge RPG fan. So when MMORPGs came out I was devoured. I have played many and download free ones all the time. The games bring me in. The community and family of a good guild, clan, fellowship or linkshell makes it fun to play.

    The first MMO I played was Asheron's Call. I loved the fact there were no classes or restrictions. Just build what you liked and play.

    MMOs I played > 2yr:
    AC, Harvestgain, Shu Fellowship, Chirurgeon - CrossbowTankBA
    FFXI, Midgardsormr, Valor Linkshell, Parish - Hume Paladin
    WoW, Khadgar, Requiescence Guild, Karisura - Orc Warrior
    ESO, >please hurry<
    played < than: EQ, EQ2, GW, GW2, SWTOR, LOTR, Tabula Rasa, Silk Road, *Aeria Games, *Perfect World, many many more yes even FlyFF

    First PC games that hooked me. M.U.L.E and Mechwarrior
    First one to make me drool at the graphics. MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

    Others games I have enjoyed: Fable*, Mass Effect*, Dynasty Warriors*, Ninety-Nine Nights(still), Gears, Halo, Rumble Roses(shut-up yes), Crackdown(original), Saints Row 3(Prof. Genki rules), L4D*, Supreme Commander*, Farcry 3, Skyrim, Diablo*
    >RYSE: Son of Rome (Played on co-workers XBONE)

    I am a member of MFP Gamers, Anime, and Stronglifts community. Feel free to add me. I hope to see you all in game sometime!

    Live: Sirkah
    Steam: Sirkah
  • dutchk
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    59 year old gamer here. Did em all going all the way back to the original 'Adventure' on a mainframe. Mass Effect, after the Elder Scrolls games, became my favorite but also liked the Fallout series. Skyrim....was a big downer for me. I mean, become the Arch Mage in six easy steps? Come on!! Then I discovered Demon Souls and Dark Souls. Nothing else comes remotely close. Can't wait for DSII.

    Oh, and I'm down over a 100 lbs since joining MFP. Just ran a marathon. FR me if you like.
  • LaserOctopus
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    Another older, long-time gamer, checking in!

    Not a lot of time right now, I'm re-careering and it's coming up on finals, but I love RPGS and strategy most of all, shooters the least (I get bored with them). Mostly on Steam or Xbox.

    Some of my all-time favorites (aka the things that have stolen the most of my time):
    Baldur's Gate 2
    Alpha Centauri
    Age of Empires 2
    Dragon Age: Origins
    TES: Morrowind (Skyrim was prettier, but not nearly as twisty and fun)
    Rollercoaster Tycoon 2
    Fallout 2 (to a lesser extent, New Vegas)
    The Witcher (and The Witcher 2)
    Just Cause 2
    Saints Row 3 (and 2 a bit, not played 4 yet, waiting for Steam sale).

    OK that's enough, otherwise we'll be here all day.

    I'm also a huge nerd, bookworm, browncoat, et cetera. :)
    Also math and grammar jokes, don't tell anyone.

    I'm here because I got fat in my 30s (not a unique story, I know). I'm just over 40, and have lost 41 pounds so far. I'm usually pretty active, though there are slumps (real life and stuff).
  • summerroxygoodin
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    Skyrim, GTA 5, Harvest moon series, Pokemon X, hmmm...Animal Crossing. :D More of nintendo, I do have a STEAM account.
  • TpocketT60
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    Gamer here! Currently I pretty much exclusively play Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and Diablo 3. Before I got into PC gaming at all I was mostly into old school RPGs, like SNES and some playstation era: Final Fantasy 2/3, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire Series, Suikoden Series, Final Fantasy Tactics (omg best game of all time), etc.

    Feel free to add me fellow gamers!
  • juniperfox
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    Final Fantasy Tactics (omg best game of all time)

    A girl after my own heart.
  • I love video games! Especially the Silent Hill,Resident Evil and Fatal Frame series. I love survival-horror. :)
  • CharlzO
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    Had a couple people bug me to restart my WoW up, maybe next week, who knows...

    Schedule sucks these days...
  • kriskrossness
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    I'm super obsessed with Skyrim right now.
    Other than that... It's usually one of these::
    Final Fantasy Vii, X, X-2, and Xiii
    Silly games like Okage, Dark Cloud, Chulip
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Dragons Dogma

    :D Yea, you might say I'm a gamer xD
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    Eve! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!