What has MFP taught you



  • tmauck4472
    tmauck4472 Posts: 1,783 Member
    That some people consider vacuuming a workout and log it...

    well it is if you have your stats set as "lazy" as I do, but I don't log it so it's all good.
  • TravelDog14
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    What has MFP taught you:

    That there is a ton of misinformation on the MFP boards about nutrition and exercise.
    That there are people willing to try the most bizarre diets in an effort to "jump start" their weight loss.
    That there are a lot of posters who spend way too much time posting on the repetitive threads in the chit-chat forum.

    That said, I like MFP for the ability it's given me to stay honest about my eating habits and it's been a huge part of my weight loss and getting healthy.
  • Aello11
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    To never give up!
  • wjstoj
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    That nobody wants to date me...well nobody except crans :tongue:
  • BrainyBurro
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    To never give up!

    never surrender!

  • hazeljordan1974
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    That I can do this...
    That one bad week will not make all the weight come back on...
    That I am strong, fit and able...
    The barcode scanner thingy is awesome in stopping me make really poor choices...
    I am learning every day...
    I love the gym! I love to run! And I am getting there with weights (give it another month!)...
  • bacitracin
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    That most people aren't worth even the time it takes to scroll down.
  • shellma00
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    MFP has taught me... "Opinions are like *kitten*. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks"
  • PolkaDot_Princess
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    that it should really be called My Freaky Pals :-)
  • markiend
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    To never go A2M.

    :) made me chuckle
  • BigSnicka
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    I've learned that most of the foods that I enjoyed were so high in cholesterol and that my eating habits were counter productive to the medications I was taking. This was a huge finding for me and the reason why I am now off all of my medications.

    I've also learned that there are a lot of good people on this site willing to lend good sound advice and motivation during those "weak" moments!
  • sunnshhiine
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    that bacon is always the answer.

  • ThePlight
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    that it should really be called My Freaky Pals :-)

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  • seltzermint555
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    For me, it's taught me that there is a "magic number" of calories that will help me lose weight. The math of it is what keeps me here!

    On my own, I simply did not know how many calories to consume.

    I thought 2,000+ was a lot and 1,500 or below was "good" for dieting for everyone. I knew 600 calories would be a bad idea but I actually just thought a typical "dieter" ate under 1,000. I never really thought about shooting for a specific number and starting at almost 1,700 sounded high to me but makes more sense than just aiming for the least possible calories. Now I see why previous attempts failed.

    Having a number calculated and following it (with progressively smaller numbers as I lose more weight) is the whole reason I am here, and the reason I have lost 53 lb since March that is all weight that I thought I might never lose (I lost 45 lb before joining).
  • claudiakendall98
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    I have learned that I can have a dessert without worry as long as it is part of my caloric budget. I do not offer advice unless it is positive but love to read all that others put out there.I have learned a lot from all you peeps and have done a lot of research because of all the things I have learned here. I appreciate all that you have thought me .My sincerest thanks to all.Happy Thanksgiving
  • coretemp
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    to think if something full of empty calories is really worth it that day esp. if I have no plans to exercise.
  • msf74
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    That the correct response to even a minor issue in a marriage is divorce.
  • silvergurl518
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    That everyone is an expert


    ^hey! it's bill from freaks and geeks :)
  • Sovictorrious
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    I have questionable morals and I don't like almonds