From 199 to 129. My journey.



  • Thanks again so much everyone. I plateaued this summer at 145 pounds for 4 months. I did hill intervals and cut portions, in one month I was at a dream 135 pounds. My body was very predictable, I ate less and moved more I lost weight. Portion control is critical as you approach last few pounds.
  • Wow. You look phenomenal. And may I just say, you have some sweet *kitten* legs.
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    I love your story and your common sense, patient way you went about losing the weight. You look SO great!! Congrats--thanks for sharing. I'm just beginning my journal and your story helped me....
  • Perseverance10910
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    Amazing! Thank You for sharing your story. It's these encouraging moments that help.
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    Amazing transformation!!! Congrats!!!
  • Wow, I love the realness in your story... It will help us to keep going no matter what.... and with Christ...mane, we can do all things!!! Thanks so much for sharing!:smile:
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    Thank you so much for posting this! You're an inspiration...
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    wow, what a journey!!, you gave me hope.Thanks for sharing your story
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    Thanks for posting. I am having a bad day and really want to eat chocolate. I also like to read all the success stories on the bad days. Your story is very inspiring. All the best!
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    How amazing and inspiring! You look so much younger with the weight off! Keep up the amazing work!!
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    Bravo, what a wonderful uplifting story of
    success. Thank you for sharing. :drinker:
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    He hears and answers.

    Awesome! This is exactly what I needed to read this day.
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    I absolutely love your story!! Thank you so much for sharing.
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    Totally amazing. Congrats!
  • Amazing job!!
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    Congrats, your story and dedication are inpirational! You look amazing!
  • Wow you are an inspiration congratulations on your journey to a healthy and happy life!!
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    wow! tats an amazing job! thanks for the inspiration! btw where do u those thingamjigs for measuring bmi?
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    You are such inspiration!!!!!! Knowing that you started off slow and your weight took a while to start coming off, helps me know I will get there too. It takes time and consistency. WTG!!! You are amazing!