7 months & 121 pounds lost (with pics)!



  • BlindHog25
    BlindHog25 Posts: 14 Member
    I can only echo what has already been said....you certainly look so amazing now! The side by side picture with the purple hair you look utterly exhausted and then completely beautiful in the picture next to it. Good for you!!! Keep the positivity flowing, you certainly have earned it.
  • Mcmilligen
    Mcmilligen Posts: 332 Member
    I am deeply moved by your story. Everything you have overcome is truly amazing, most people in your position would find more reason to dwell in the past. I am so proud of you for moving forward and pushing on! You are undoubtedly improving not only your own life, but others around you because of it. I wish you the best of luck and success :)

    Congratulations on your journey so far! You look like a completely different person.
  • Very impressive. Congratulations!
  • bcc112986
    bcc112986 Posts: 362 Member
    Thank you for sharing your story. I thank God for my health and ask forgiveness for ever taking for granted my perfect health. Good job, girl! You are awesome!
  • blewthru
    blewthru Posts: 1 Member
    Wow! Amazing job!
  • WickedZoey
    WickedZoey Posts: 401 Member
    Amazing success - inspiration to all!
  • wow! amazing job
  • zebszee
    zebszee Posts: 31 Member
    An amazing courageous story................ you rock...........you look fantastic..........keep on going!:wink:
  • LovelyVegetarian
    LovelyVegetarian Posts: 117 Member
    Great post. What a story. You are very strong! And also brave. I applaud you.
  • I can only echo what has already been said....you certainly look so amazing now! The side by side picture with the purple hair you look utterly exhausted and then completely beautiful in the picture next to it. Good for you!!! Keep the positivity flowing, you certainly have earned it.

    Ya'll are making me cry (happy tears)!

    I was utterly exhausted and very sick with the tumor. I went out for drinks with my friends that night, and they pulled me out onto the dance floor (dancing is something I've always LOVED no matter my size). All of that moving around of my abdominal area did not agree with my tumor. It was one of the worst nights. I had to go to the bathroom to vomit and then ended up sitting on the sidelines crying the entire night because I was tired of not knowing what was wrong with me -- and I most definitely knew something was very wrong. Especially when I was unable to do one of my most favorite things in the world -- dancing.

    But I dance all the time now! Every day. It feels like a waste not to. Dancing is the way I celebrate my life.
  • ohaston
    ohaston Posts: 218 Member
    How amazing to have endured soooo much and still be able to "keep your head up" ... You are truly a walking miracle. (It may not seem like that but truly why else would you be left to tell the story) ... There is a calling on your life! Too many times, you nearly missed death not to mention death was all around you ... OMG, it must seem a little scary.

    I have a similar story that I will tell one day and it sure seems scary to me, (to try to process it all at one) is almost unbearable. So I only re live it when I tell my story ... (never on a day to day basis) ... Its wayyy to much ! lol ... Nothing physical, I wasn't raped or abused as a child .. but similar to your ... So many ppl close to be were being plucked away.

    NOW, on to the weight loss ... WHAT an amazing story as well. I am totally re-encouraged. Thank you SOOO much for sharing your story WITH ME ... Because I feel like it was "Just for me"!
  • randomgyrl
    randomgyrl Posts: 111 Member
    Your story is amazing, you're amazing!
  • Just thought I would post some updated pictures of my progress! Despite the holiday season, I am still at it!


  • Bearface115
    Bearface115 Posts: 574 Member
    your story got to me in a way i cannot describe! thank you for sharing that part of your life. i could only imagine how difficult everything was to go through in your situation. God bless you! you look amazing and i am so glad your bettering yourself. you are probably one of the most inspirational people i have ever met. Congrats... on everything you worked so hard for :flowerforyou:
  • JBcat123
    JBcat123 Posts: 211 Member
    your story made me realize that my problems , are not really problems. and I shouldn't mope on them....wow just wow. you really are inspiring!
  • JBcat123
    JBcat123 Posts: 211 Member
    PS- you look stunning!
  • jbladecki
    jbladecki Posts: 15 Member
    WOW! I'm so glad everything is working out for you now. You look amazing! Keep up the good work and keep fighting!
  • So sorry to hear about your losses. I work with cancer patients and it is heartbreaking. They are the best patients to work with, other than children, because they really fight hard and have such an inspiring desire to live. Congrats on your weight loss. You look Amazing! I am sure your loved ones are so proud of you. Live your life to the fullest!
  • currlee
    currlee Posts: 395 Member
    Congratulations on finding your strength and coming through all that. You've made amazing progress....best of luck to you!!
  • Deltafliers
    Deltafliers Posts: 201 Member
    Amazing Story! I am glad you were able to sweeten your life as opposed to allowing yourself to get bitter. I have my own trials (including hormonal imbalances) right now, and lost a lot of the work I put into myself previously. I'm slowly starting to come around again, yet as I am sure you can understand, fighting the resulting lower self esteem and lowered self confidence is always a challenge. Your trials, tribulations, success, and success to came at a great time for me to read. Thank you for sharing your short biography and your pictures!
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