24 hour water fast/detox... Yes?



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    You are so welcome. There really is a lot of misinformation 'out there" and some of it by people who just don't or didn't know better, but mean well. It's hard to weed through the crap to decipher the real info. However, if a product is ever tied to your "research" just click the x and walk away :smile: You will also notice as you read posts or post yourself, that there are truly a good strong handful of people who know what they are talking about in these forums, like I said Sidesteel and Sarauk2ft are 2 that really KNOW their shiz, for reals. There are more, I just can't think of their call names right now and I apologize to them, but you will start to see which one's who post giving advice you should follow vs. the one's you should just ignore. Also, one more little tidbit, a lot of sarcasm gets thrown around on here, (it's personally what I live for when reading these forums), don't take it personally, but a lot of these "regular" posters know their stuff and they see the same thing over and over and over and over, well you get the picture, and sarcasm is the end result. I personally love it because it makes me giggle, but it offends some posters. You were very gracious, but I do know that there were quite a few posters trying to give you "advice" or "facts" on why it is totally unnecessary to do and therefore save you from being hungry all day, but you just wanted to keep calling their info opinions, they weren't opinions, they were factual. I think deep down you know what you need to do because you did it before to lose the weight. I gained about 4 lbs the last half of Dec, I want those back off right this minute, but if I really look at it, it took me a good week or more to gain it, it'll take me a good week or so to drop it back off. Totally my fault, I ate like a pig. :drinker:
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    Haha yea those holidays get you!

    I do know how to lose weight.. Eat right and exercise. And I frown upon pills and powders personally. But to each their own.

    But yes, I simply was curious about the cleanse as I did read very many good things on it. I don't post a lot in these forums. Hence why I responded to almost every poster! I am fairly new to this portion. And I lack knowledge on health... Just know the basics. Which are the most essential. Food and exercise.

    My curiosity and strong will to not believe comments fully, rather take them as friendly advice upset some people. Oops! I did try and be polite about it. Didn't work!

    I so appreciate you! Made me feel so much better about this. Thank you!!
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    Great question! Since I do not have the money time or resources to go and get a 100% answer.. I will just have to rely on me. My feel on the water cleanse.. That would be the final say. Me.

    Exactly. You don't care what science or logic say. You just wanna do it so you're gonna do it. This whole thread was a big waste of time.

    People have different ways of losing weight. Not one thing works for everyone. Respect that and go away
  • yes! and also add a stimulant to maximize weight loss & appetite suppressing effects
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    yes! and also add a stimulant to maximize weight loss & appetite suppressing effects


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    yes! and also add a stimulant to maximize weight loss & appetite suppressing effects

    Strong first post.