From Obese to a size 4- 61 lbs down with PCOS!



  • ElizaB84
    ElizaB84 Posts: 105 Member
    Congrats you look great. I was finally diagnosed pcos after I had my 1st kid in my 20s. Its a pain in the butt.
  • Dominique14614
    Dominique14614 Posts: 45 Member
    Wow you're gorgeous and such an inspiration! Great job!
  • dosa101010
    dosa101010 Posts: 7 Member
    Congratulations!!! You look absolutely amazing and gorgeous!!! You deserve it for the dedication and hard work you have put in!!
  • tedrickp
    tedrickp Posts: 1,229 Member
    Amazing job! Totally beautiful!
  • JazmineYoli
    JazmineYoli Posts: 547 Member
    Amazing job. I'm pretty sure you worked hard to get to your goals. Keep up the good work.
  • quellybelly
    quellybelly Posts: 827 Member
    You look absolutely STUNNING! Fantastic work, keep it up!
  • Luv2Smile55
    Luv2Smile55 Posts: 133 Member
    Fabulous! Oh ... and by the way. You were beautiful before and you are beautiful now! :smile: :flowerforyou:
  • sammyantics
    sammyantics Posts: 191 Member
    girl you are stunning in every one of those photos. congrats on your accomplishments!
  • sarabethclark1
    From one Cyster to another - thanks for sharing! It is good when it finally clicks in your brain and your heart that there is a reason behind doing this - it's for me first, and for my family to enjoy their time with me as a healthy person,second!
    Good luck on the rest of your journey!
  • kill3rtofu
    kill3rtofu Posts: 169 Member
    wow! you look great! congrats on your success!
  • DMicheleC
    DMicheleC Posts: 171 Member
    Congratulations, you look amazing, so all the hard work was worth it, I will keep telling myself that on days when things get tough. Thanks for sharing.
  • perrinjoshua
    perrinjoshua Posts: 286 Member
    An incredible loss and a wonderful story. You look beautiful and so healthy! Congratulations. As others have mentioned, there are a lot of people on this site that also have PCOS and are struggling while trying to find the right mix of carbs/calories that will work best with their condition. Do you have a general recommendation that you could send either to me or to a post as a separate topic so that others will be able to benefit from your success? It really is an incredible one. God bless.
  • roniredd
  • joesimtre
    joesimtre Posts: 48 Member
    Another success story ... This is awesome. Great job.
  • zaan83
    zaan83 Posts: 35
    Wow... my hat goes off to you - well done!

    I've had this app for a while, but never really had the motivation or energy to stick to it.

    However I have stopped smoking (8 months now) and can actually breathe again! I feel better and it’s time for me to lose the weight now as well.

    I’m a 30yr old female with PCOS.

    Currently at a shameful 85kgs and wanting to lose about 20kgs

    My goal is to bring down the numbers on the scale – however my ultimate goal is to be happy with how I look and feel.

    Also, my husband and I are hoping to start a family. Having PCOS have made this quite hard. Hopefully it will help to shed the weight.
  • mallaw67
    Awesome Job!!!!:happy:
  • sherisse69
    sherisse69 Posts: 795 Member
    Wow!!!! You are STUNNING!!!! Ps you were gorgeous before too :) But what a weight loss! Congrats!!!!!
  • ChrissieHatton
    Great job! You look great!
  • BekaBooluvsu
    BekaBooluvsu Posts: 470 Member
    Wow! You are a totally new person!
  • scarrletti_girl
    scarrletti_girl Posts: 479 Member
    great job! very pretty
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