3 Ingredient Cookies that are good for you.....YES!!!



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    Can't wait to try it. You asked for other healthy ideas. Don't forget banana ice cream! 1 ingredient. Freeze bananas, put them in a bullet or ninja blender and blend. Add some milk if you want it to me more of a shake. We add a bit of chocolate syrup too. Nom Nom.
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    Have you ever considered 'Weight Watchers - Smoked Flavor String Cheese' ??
    Just picked up a bag from Walmart today & they are delicious, Calories 50 Protein 6 gm.
    I was grabbing a pack of 'Austin Toasty Crackers w/Peanut Butter' , Calories190, Protein 4gm., from Walmart.
    Sure beats the Calories & Protein....
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  • I am going to try them this weekend. :smile:
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  • I just made these last night and they were amazing!
    Thanks for the idea!
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    If you use flavored instant oatmeal, the cookies will taste like that flavor (ex. I used cinnamon oatmeal so I didn't need to add cinnamon or you could get chocolate chip oatmeal :D )
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    I tried these the other day, and they're absolutely delicious. I added a spoonful of peanut butter and some chocolate chips.
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    I tried another variation last night blending 1 x banana, 30gm oats and 1/2 cup strawberries (frozen-defrosted) until smooth. They were a little runnier and therefore flatter than my banana/apple version, but still yummy as!
    They are defo more cake than cookie texture so I might try them as mini muffins next :)
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    Oh yeah, I'm going to try these.

    I make protein balls with:

    30gr protein powder
    30gr flaxseed meal
    140gr peanut butter
    1 tablespoon honey
    25gr dark choc chips (optional)

    Just mix it all together and roll into 14 balls. You can also roll them in coconut but the PB I used (freshly made at the healthfood shop, nothing but peanuts) doesn't make the mix wet enough for the coconut to stick.

    These sound yumm!! What's the calories ? :) x
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    Thats a yummy breakfst cookie!!! Thanks for sharing! !
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  • Well I've been sitting here trying to think of something to do :) Thanks!
    *Goes off and makes these*

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    making these tonight!