For me, *this* is why WEIGHTS over CARDIO is KEY!



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    On the left-hand side is me, after 25+ YEARS as a cardio-gym rat.

    Yes, I still do SOME cardio, but my exercise-focus is on lifting heavy free weights.
    Same experience here. Even my first two months of barbell training did far more than years and years of cardio ever did.
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    You have a killer body!!! I'm glad I woke up to the benefits of weight lifting early onto my weightloss journey. It's the best way to shape up :)
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    Thanks, all - you are very kind.

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    Bump! This is some great info....
    Thanks! :flowerforyou:
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    Here is my year-over-year (from end-of-January, 2013 to end-of-January, 2014).

    NOTE: my scale weight didn't change much. My measurements didn't change much. But, to me, you can clearly see that my BODYSHAPE is different. I think, but am unclear, that this demonstrates "recomp". :happy:



    AND HERE, is what I look like when "dressed" in FINE FABRICS (this is a Vera Wang sample - size 8! - photo taken January 31, 2014 on my way to a formal gala)....I don't intend to do "bikini" shots, anymore. I NEVER wear bikinis and so, it seems MORE appropriate, to me, to take photos in outfits that hi-light my GOOD features and downplay my NOT-SO-GOOD features....

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    I am 5'9" tall....but with THOSE (FABULOUS! PURPLE!) heels, in the above picture I'm grazing about 6'2"....
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    WOW!!!!!!!!! You look amazing - Well done!!!

    Just goes to show its all about lifting and not so much cardio!!!!!!!
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    You look amazing!!! Can you please share what your routine was for the lower body?? I would love to incorporate that into my routine!
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    Thanks for sharing. I think that all women should work out with heavy weights but it is especially important as you get older (I'm 51). Cardio is important for stamina and heart health but if you want to get your *kitten* off the back of thighs and continue to wear sleeveless clothes (no batwings) weights are the way to go. You look great and are inspiring me to work out harder!
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    Thanks, ladies!

    claudie08 - if you read through this thread, the work-outs (always full-body, I don't do any splits!) that I did are all listed!

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    I am currently doing a full repeat of Venus Advanced Strength Series, Modules 1 thru 4.....each module is four weeks worth of workouts.
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    Congrats! I have never lifted weights!
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    Sunshine2plus ~ I hope you add some resistance-training into your fitness regimen! It really HELPS!

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    Inspiring... Thank you for the post. You look great!
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    You look amazing. My fiance is always trying to get me to lift with him but I preferred cardio because I thought it would help me loose faster. After seeing your results I think I'm going to take him up on that offer!
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    You look amazing! Love the visual proof that lifting is key!
  • You look fantastic!

    I just started lifting weights ~ 5 weeks ago and am excited to see how I progress. I took pics and measurements and will hopefully have a post like this in due time...

    Best wishes in your future goals :drinker:
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    This keeps me motivated to keep on lifting. Sometimes I have to remind myself that lifting will pay off in the long run. You look great!
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    You look amazing! Excellent dedication! I totally see a difference between the 2 shots.

    Love your dress! You look very elegant. :)