What frustrates you most right now?



  • I am frustrated with this plateau around 170 pounds. I have gone up and down for the past year (Weight Watchers) and cannot seem to get under this weight and stay under. I feel I have my eating plan down pretty darn well. It is the exercise that I need and struggle with. I have health issues and cannot push too hard, but I also am not consistently on my walking program, which I CAN do! I am frustrated that I am not more consistent.
  • krawhitham
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    This will sound quite vain: My thighs. I'm losing inches everywhere, but my thighs never get smaller. Hopefully after the two month mark I'll see some improvement. But I know that just as it came on (in different places first, then others) It will come off the same way... thighs last. *sigh* ARGH.
  • MarlaVSings
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    That there are so many "experts" saying such contradictory things, confusing the heck out of me. I've decided to ignore them all for the sake of my own sanity and just keep things simple.. eat less, move more.

    ^^^^^^Smart plan!^^^^^^
  • dangerousdumpling
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    I took a break from working out due to an injury in October. Not coincidentally I also took a break from logging my food. I gained 4 lbs and some inches between Oct-Dec. I got back on track Dec 31st and I am just now back where I was in Sept/Oct. I'm frustrated with myself for not continuing to move forward. I needed a mental break but I let it go on too long. I wonder how much closer I would be to my goal right now if I would have stayed committed.
  • cebreisch
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    I was doing great - I had lost 115 pounds last January. I had skin removal surgery, and had a really rough recovery that completely derailed me. Here I am, 1 year later, and I'm at 88 pounds. Ugh!!
  • 1pandabear
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    Exactly, jl, sugar craving is the worst!
  • PolacaFL
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    Memorizing phoneme vowels
  • ebayaddict0127
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    I am frustrated that I can't drink more wine. Honestly. Everything else is going great; I feel good, I'm losing weight, getting stronger... But that 4 oz. serving looks ridiculous in my big wine glass.

    Cheers to that!

  • karen19711
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  • Shynique37
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    I am frustrated that I can't drink more wine. Honestly. Everything else is going great; I feel good, I'm losing weight, getting stronger... But that 4 oz. serving looks ridiculous in my big wine glass.

    Agree!!! I went 32 days without a glass. Honestly it wasn't that bad.
  • chezjuan
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    Days I plan to work out but can't because work turns into a 13 hour day...
  • Nissi51
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    That I am not as tight and hard as I'd like to be and that it is so challenging to maintain the look I want
  • MarlaVSings
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    My "too small pants" are starting to fit much better on me :happy:

    Once my "too small pants" do fit, I get to start over with another pair of "too small-er pants" :grumble:
  • gunshowgreg
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    I think for myself it's dealing with the lack of good food. I love to cook and since I start watching what I eat I find it hard to actually cook. I think my problem is that the food I normally cook is very calorie dense. ( stuffed pork chops meat ball subs, deep fried Cornish hens, fried chicken stuff like that). Guess I need to research some lower calorie recipes.
  • LRoslin
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    My stupid posterior tibial tendon. I have a gorilloid navicular bone, which stretches the tendon and it's injured right now, even with my stupid orthotics I wear religiously. It hurts when I walk barefoot, but not when I have my shoes on, but I really need to exercise--it helps with stress and mood and weight loss. I hate my feet sometimes.
  • gunshowgreg
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    Im a Cabernet drinker myself. I feel your pain
  • Sweetie_darling
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    I am so unbearably frustrating! Got down to within 4 kgs of my goal weight and have since been on a 6 month binge- resulting in now being 20kgs over gw....

    I will get control of emotional eating once and for all....
  • jlshea
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    Not enough sleep last night now I'm craving sugary junk. I'd give my right arm for a Snickers or a Cinnabon.
  • SephiraRose
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    Slow weight loss, especially when my daily log shows deficits. Bummer
  • That after a year and a half working out 5days a week at the gym I am still one of the largest females in the gym at my hour. .I've made a lot of progress that I am very proud of but its very discouraging some days. I feel so much smaller than I truely am and I bust my butt during my workout but when I look in the mirror it doesn't reflect what I want it to. I'm starting to think I may never be as small as the woman that surround me on a daily basis. ;( That frustrates the heck out of me!!