anyone 5'4" 5'5" and 145 lbs and happy?



  • ash190489
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    I'm 5'5 and 130lbs. I am happy most of the time, but really would like to lose another 6-8lbs and I think then I'd be perfect for me. I have either plateaued or because of lots of writ training or the combination of both I seem to be stuck at 130lbs and have been for 12 months! But that's okay, my goal is more so to gain muscle and lose body fat %.
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    I'm 5'5" and 122 US size 3. I'm slightly displeased. I still fill jiggly and I'd like to get down to 115 and get back into a size 1. That was my high school size.
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    I am 5'5" and I weigh 145... I am very happy. But the world needs to stop worrying about the number that appears on the scale or in your pants. I am a state champion in powerlifting at 18 years old... and I have an amazing body. Not meaning to brag, but I am very healthy. I want girls to realize that the number on the scale doesn't matter. It's what you look like. The real trick is to build up some muscle to tone your body. I don't mean to start lifting heavy like I do, because not everybody is into that, but it has gotten me my great body. Most people think I weigh around 110, and then when I tell them I lift and I weigh 145, they are absolutely baffled. The only reason that my goal weight is 135 is because I would like to be a little lower in my 148 weight class so I don't have to worry as much when weigh ins come along. It also makes my pound-for-pound better. Don't worry about the number, worry about how you feel. Don't focus on how many calories you eat and how much running you do. Just eat HEALTHY things when you're hungry, and do a little strength training. Push ups, crunches, kickbacks. Whatever. But if you want AMAZING results just start lifting heavy. I'd also like to clarify that it's a lot more attractive to people when a girl isn't a complete stick like you see in the magazines. Just do what you need to make you happy, not the scale. Who cares about BMI? According to mine, I'm overweight, and that's bull.
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    It completely depends on your body composition!

    I'm 5'4" and I felt most energetic and fit when I was around 125-130, and I was muscular and lifting weights three times per week.

    When I was in the 140's I couldn't run as much as I wanted too because I was so "jiggly" ...But I think you have to make that decision for yourself when you get to that weight.

    My cousin is also 5'4" and she hovers around 115 and has her whole life. I could never, ever be 115 because I have a different body type and more muscle.

    Hope that helps :)
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    I am 5'4.5", medium build, and weigh 160 at the moment...a size 10 in pants or dresses. At 145 I was more like an 8 pants or 6 dresses. At 135 I was more like a 6. That's my goal to be more like 130-135. But everyone looks different at the same weight.
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    Well, I am not that size anymore but on my profile pic I was about 150 and 3 months pregnant, and very happy with my shape. This is my goal again (the 150, not the pregnancy! lol)
  • I'm 5'4, with a ultimate goal weight of 140lb. So in for the answers. :wink:
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    Hello - I am 5'4'' and 147lbs, Size 12 UK and not happy! My target weight is around 126lbs :)
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    I'm 5'4" and about 145-147 and I'm about 26% body fat... I'm happy but I still am trying to lose more body fat. I could stay the way I am forever and still be happy. I wear about a size 8 pants and a size 4 dress.
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    5'5" - I hit 145 - and did not feel good (yet) but once I dropped closer to the mid range of the BMI I felt better. It's all individual.
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    N/M. This post wasn't aimed at me. I can't read. lol
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    5'5 and 149 now and feel very happy. Size 6-8 and usually smalls. I'd like to get to 140 but if i dont i'm happy where i'm at!
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    First thing i would like to say is "WOW! This post is awful". Alot of us are women who hate our bodies. As much as we would like to able to predict the future of what we will physically look like, what our body fat % will be and how happy we will be with our progress it's really not possible to get a true answer. We are all different and really can't be compared.

    We are all ALWAYS works in progress. Sad, that most of us will probably never be satisfied with our appearance, but that's what drives this common goal we all share.

    Comparison is bad. I weigh 170/29% body fat. Some of you at 145ish i look thinner than. Some of you at 160+ you look significantly larger than me when i weigh more.

    I know this kind of comparison will not end here, but wow. Realizing i will probably always think i need to loose weight is really a sad reality check. My heart dropped reading through these pages because i am also 5'4 with a goal of 150 pounds.
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    I am 5'5" and my goal is 145. I lost 49 lbs about 2 years ago and got down to 151. I was wearing a size 6 -8 US. The last 4 months have been really stressful. (Like REALLY stressful) I got on the scale last week and nearly died when I saw that I had put on about 20 lbs. I am still wearing my size 8's, but they are a bit snugger. So, I am on a quest to lose that 20 and possibly 5 more. That will put me back into a size 6. My intention is to tone everything up, also. I prefer to look fit rather than skinny. Under 145 for me, would be skinny.

    Everyone is different and the ways we carry our weight is especially different. I have boobs and a butt. Always have, always will. I'm cool with it.

    My advice . . . find what is best for you. When I started this process, I was hoping to get into a size 10, which is what I was when I got married. Seventeen years and a set of twins later, I realized that was no longer ideal for me.

    Good luck to all!
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    I have to say this: Ultimately you won't be happy until you gain confidence. If you only need to lose weight and are generally at peace than that's all you need- but if you have been several different weights and are still unhappy then the issue is deeper. Unfortunately, what's inside is actually HARDER to fix- even a model with low self esteem is unattractive... you have to be someone people want to be around which means exuding an awesome energy.
    Anyways, the numbers don't have as serious of an effect as your BF percentage and measurements. 120 and 35% body fat is far from what your ideal may be....contrariwise, I'm 160 pounds, 5"5 and a size 6, my BF is around 25% and I can wear a bikini most days.
    It's all about how the weight is distributed on your body.
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    I am 5' and 137lbs and a size 5 w a 28 inch waist....its not about the pounds :-)
  • ebayaddict0127
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    I was never happy at 145, but I look back at photos of myself when I weighed 145 and realize I looked amazing!
  • Fivepts
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    I am 5'4, 145ish and I'd still like to drop some. I can build muscles easily so have been frustrated with the scale. Like some of you, most of my extra weight is in my middle, so that seems to be a factor in my happiness. It seems that ladies with an hour-glass figure can carry a little more weight at this height than those of use who aren't. Another factor seems to be that my body seems to settle at 140lbs (before 3 babies I leveled out at 130lbs). My body fat is around 35% and after 5 months of my ticker saying 9lbs lost (which I lost the first couple of weeks), I've decided that body fat and measurements are a better indication for me. Also I have some old jeans (before vanity sizing) that I'm hoping to get into soon. My last pic on my profile was at 141lbs.
  • Le_Joy
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    I'm 5'5" and my lowest weight was 150. I had six pack abs and wore a size six (and it wasn't tight). I don't know my BF%, but based on the amount of muscle I had I'm guessing it was decent. I think a lot of it depends on how you are built and what kind of exercises you do. Once I have my baby getting back down to 150s is my goal.
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    I'm 5'3 and aiming for 140. I agree that it's about composition much more than weight.