Really large arms before and afters??? Please post pics.



  • sweetpea129
    sweetpea129 Posts: 755 Member
    Thank you :flowerforyou:
  • QuietBloom
    QuietBloom Posts: 5,413 Member
    Our skin has an amazing ability to adapt. However, this will decrease with age. Everyone's mileage may vary. Good luck OP!
  • Wow you ladies are majorly inspirational! My arms are not my problem area, they're actually fairly small but still big if that makes sense. Anyway I was worried they'd be the place where I won't lose anything!
  • SailorSarah311
    SailorSarah311 Posts: 172 Member
    Bump....these pics are very motivational.
  • Makoce
    Makoce Posts: 938 Member

    Oh my goodness. You look amazing. Please share what you did to get your nice toned arms.

    Lots of pushups! Haha.
    Other than that, nothing special.
    I was just lucky for it to come off there early.
  • FindingMyself24
    FindingMyself24 Posts: 613 Member
    LOVE LOVE this thread!!!My arms are one of my main issues....they just look weird on my arms look huge compared to my body....i always try to hide them...i cant wait till im an after!!
  • susanrechter
    susanrechter Posts: 386 Member
    keep losing pounds and working weights and you'll get thunder and lightning! beautiful arms.
  • pseudomuffin
    pseudomuffin Posts: 1,058 Member
    BUMP! This thread is really inspirational!
  • byrnet18
    byrnet18 Posts: 230 Member
    I had lost 83 pounds over 2 years. I have stretch marks on my inner arms and my stomach. Sadly, once the skin is stretched out it doesn't bounce back. It will a little, but you will still have sagging skin. I think the only solution is getting the skin removed, but then you're left with a huge scar. I can't decide which is worse.
    These before and after photos are incredible. Well done, all of you!! My arms are the one part of my body I struggle with in regards to having self confidence. The rest of my body being the size it is can be frustrating, but I never feel self-conscious over it to the same extent. My arms have always been a bit on the bigger side, even when I was healthy, but as I've gained weight they only became worse. I know over time they will shrink back (along with the rest of me), but I worry that I will have saggy arms when I reach my goal weight. I'll definitely add more weights to my routine seeing how it's helped others so much!

    For you MFPers who have lost inches in your arms, do any of you have stretch marks? Specifically on your inner arms? From basically my armpit to about 4-5" From elbow I have them. Most are faded now, but I am concerned about the skin becoming wrinkly. I have some major stretch marks on my belly from pregnancy and when I'm thinner I have loose wrinkly skin there. However, less people are going to see my belly than my arms!
  • ElizabethFuller
    ElizabethFuller Posts: 352 Member
    I am loving these arm before and afters!
    Even when I was very slim in my teens and 20s my upper arms were out of proportion to the rest of me, I have always hated my upper arms. I have often had to buy a bigger shirt or jacket to fit them in.
    Now I have some hope that, with exercise (I do dumbell flies for my arms, pecs amd shoulders) they might end up as toned and lovely as some of these. Thanks for the photos :flowerforyou:
  • CactusF1ower
    CactusF1ower Posts: 174 Member
    Bump. Hope to have before /after pics this year
  • I don't have any pics but my arms have been a source of embarrassment for me since I was 13, when I saw a photo of myself in a tank top. I hadn't worn a tanktop, or even a bathing suit, in public since then (and I am now 39, AND I live in South Florida!)... until last weekend! I wore a tank to Walgreen's and no one even looked twice at me and I didn't cringe when I saw myself in the big wall mirror. This is HUGE for me.

    I've been eating at a deficit and kayaking (at least twice a week) for 6 months and lifting for almost 2 months and I am really seeing a difference. And after 26 years of hiding those big ole sausages, this pleases me greatly :bigsmile:
  • WhoHa42
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  • kayveebee7
    kayveebee7 Posts: 127 Member
    First photo was 250 lbs on the top left, top right about 220, bottom is most recent.


    LOL, you just gave me life, hope, faith, a future, all of that, lol. Thanks for posting this!! Such nice arms!
  • pattycakes1978
    pattycakes1978 Posts: 40 Member
    Great job to everyone who posted pictures. Thanks for posting it definitely gives me inspiration and hope for my arms. That has always been a problem area for me.
  • dschassie
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    This was about 2 months ago, 90 pound difference. Only did weight training 2-3 times per week and not aggressivley, focused more on cardio. I shifted focus to heavy weights about 5-6 weeks ago and do heavy lifting 6 times a week and reduced cardio to twice a week. See my profile pic for updated arm definition. I know I am only 5 weeks into lifting but the progress has been tremendous and the lose skin is improving!

  • ripzone13
    ripzone13 Posts: 83 Member
    Thank you for posting this! I too am terrified my arms will never be smaller!
  • shaynepoole
    shaynepoole Posts: 493 Member
    Sigh, I have chicken wings - but I am in my 40's and lost 1/2 of my starting weight - everyone's pics look great and I guess for me, there are sleeves and then after a year or so of maintenance, I can decide if I need to do anything there...
  • FitBritt333
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    Great thread!
  • MellMo1971
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