What to put on popcorn



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    I don't put anything on my popcorn, but I did try for the first time the "Biggest Loser approved" sea salt and olive oil popcorn; one serving is 3 1/2 cups, and it was quite yummy! Even my Hubby liked it, and he's a bit of a popcorn snob...
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    This might sound weird, and I'm not sure how "healthy" it would be, but it is amazingly delicious:

    Salt and icing sugar. Pure sweet and salty loveliness :heart:
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    One of my friends just turned me on to this concoction... Take the lower calorie white cheddar popcorn, then toss cayenne pepper on it.... YUMMY and ADDICTING! For REAL!
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    Cinnamon or Coconut sugar :)
  • I love popcorn too! One of my favorite snacks. Some of my fav's are: Truffle salt
    coconut butter
    hot sauce w/a squeeze of lime
    Or.......sometimes I just eat it w/sea salt.
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    My husband is the nuttered popcorn addict at my house. We pop it in an oil popper, usually in olive oil.

    I sprinkle mine with garlic powder or whatever spice jumps out at me.

    I figure butter or olive oil are still better than the chemical medley of microwave shelf stable pop corn. It's all about portion control!
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  • A friend of mine gave me a cool popcorn device many years ago, the one with the crank on the top.
    It is used on the stove top. one day after corn started popping I grabbed a hershey
    miniature....just plain.....and opened the little flapper lid on the popcorn device and heaved it in there real quick.
    The result was the chocolate got popped into all of the kernels ......it is my fave of all faves!
    Unfortunately, we no longer have that little device any more.....though they still sell them.

    Just kick back and enjoy chocolate popcorn....works with kisses and stuff.....and remember a little is a lot
    when it coats the exploding kernel!

    Coconut oil alone or with a touch of butter/oliveoil is predominantly what we now use with a Cuisinart electric popper with the stirrer......but only adding to the finished product.

    I found this site today, because I googled healthy stuff to put on popcorn!

    Thanks for so many ideas.
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    I spritz mine really briefly with cooking spray and sprinkle nutritional yeast on it (then fluff it and do it again)
  • This is not low calorie, but it beats store-bought caramel corn. While the air popper's working, I nuke about 2 T butter (for a huge bowl of popped corn), about 2 or 3 T Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, and a t. or so of sugar-free syrup. Torani Brown Sugar and Cinnamon is best, but English Toffee, Almond Roca, and others are great also. Sometimes I add the salt into this mixture. I let it bubble for at least ten seconds, then stir well into the popcorn. OMG. Good.

    The syrup does wet the popcorn, but I don't care.
    I always think about tossing in some nuts, but by the time I've loaded in the butter and Splenda Blend, I feel nuts would be superfluous.
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    You have alot of responses but ill still add my 2 cents.

    I use 1tablespoon of redenbachers butter oil and sea salt and jalapeno powder. this is by far my absolute favorite way ive tried air popped popcorn
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    Nutritional yeast ~ buttery, cheesy and salty ~ with 8g of protein per serving

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    We pop with olive oil or coconut oil with flavacol added.
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    Tabasco and Lemon Juice :)
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    I put a tbsp. of Tabasco in the oil. ( Coconut Oil )
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    right, i actually drizzle with the tinest bit of olive oil. and then grate some parmasean on it!
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    I buy popcorn kernels in a jar. I put them into a paper bag, seal it with tape and pop it in the microwave. I give a quick spray with my olive oil mister and sprinkle cinnamon and 1 packet of truvia.
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    i eat popcorn several times a week

    AIR POPPED always

    different variations I have done

    Mist with Grapeseed Oil
    then sprinkle with dill

    Mist with Vinegar
    then sprinkle with salt

    Mist with Olive oil
    then sprinkle with Italian Seasoning

    Mist with water
    Sprinkle with Cinnamon, all spice

    I havent gone real sweet with it yet. but I will give it a shot next time I want sweet!!

    Oh! great ideas :)