LCHF/KETO - New WOE seeking friends to share food diary.



  • I have been doing low carb since Jan 6 and have lost 12.5lbs with 60+ to go. Feel free to add me.
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    Paleo/Primal, LCHF and dairy free. Would LOVE to have more friends on here that eat the way I do and could help keep me motivated with recipes or workout suggestions.
  • You are 100% right MapleFlavour. I would love to see these people in 5... 10 years. DIETS don't work. It's all about a lifestyle. When you severely limit/ eliminate certain foods you used to enjoy then that's when you eventually binge on them and gain the weight back. Might work for now, but I doubt it will be easy to maintain in the long run. Trust me, I've learned from years of experience.

    Actually no she isn't. There are lots of cases of people being in dietary ketosis for 10+ years. For me IT IS a lifestyle change. I loved breads, pastas, and sugary foods. lovED. Past tense. I have no cravings for them now. I really mean that. I easily turn them down. I don't think about them. I love the food that I make and eat now and I will never go back to a moderate to high carb diet.

    Here is a two year study:

    I certainly believe you, and I also believe you most likely are the exception, not the rule. Good for you though!!! You found what works (for you) and you've stuck by it.

    Guess I'm another exception......... I've lost weight and improved my health as verified by my Dr. and blood tests so......yeah. I too no longer crave carbs or sugars, the things I eat are amazing and delicious, I do not feel deprived and haven't from day one. I also eat out with ease (although I try and prepare my own meals whenever possible). A caesar salar with grilled chicken and no croutons is available at almost all restaurants and delicious. I have never turned down a night out because of my lifestyle, there is no need to.

    And I used to be a carb/sugar junkie so trust me when I say that the people doing LCHF properly (key word there) are successful and do improve their health and quality of life. When I was doing calories restriction (eat whatever you want as long as I am under x calories) I was ruled by food, always thinking about my next meal, always trying to find ways to not be hungry, etc. I would say I was borderline addicted to food. Food no longer controls me since eating this way.

    That being said, I do recognize it is not for everyone and I respect people's choices to take a different path, just don't slam mine because you don't personally agree with it. I would also bet most people slamming it have never given it a solid try.
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    Hi everyone :)
    I created mfp agess ago but havnt put it to use until now, ive decided to do keto diet as i have polycystic ovaries and am struggling to lose weight and have read low carb diets are best.. Been doing some reading and know the few basics, i used a calculator to work out how much fat,protien and carbs i should be having but realllllly could do with hearing from people rather than reading websites :)
    So anything u can tell me would be great!! Also cud do with some friends lol my news feed is lonely... K1eav
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    So anything u can tell me would be great!! Also cud do with some friends lol my news feed is lonely... K1eav

    Don't fear the fat !

    If you're restricting carbs you need to have lots of fats and oils in your diet. Eggs and cheese are about the right ratios.
  • hiya! I am 2 weeks into keto, and only doing a very small deficit. I am not in a hurry. I am prediabetic, and more than likely leptin resistant. I have tried keto before but just wasnt educated in it and didnt quite understand how it all worked. I am looking forward to seeing my insulin back to normal and normal blood sugars along with sorting out my metabolism. . :)
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    I've recently adjusted my macros to allow for more fat in my diet while still maintaining a moderate deficit as I was always so hungry maintaining the same calorie goal but with a higher carb allowance. Would love friends with open diaries for some meal inspiration!
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    I'm on LC WOE as well feel free to add me and anyone else as well, my diary is always open. I do eat whole grains and mix South Beach with Atkins. Good luck in your journey to a healthier you :-)
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    I have been a member since 2009. I have done low carb before and was successful to a point. Now, all the weight is back and I have finally faced the fact that low carb must be my lifestyle. I would really appreciate supportive friends and those who would share their lchf food diary.:smile:

    I really hate to sound snarky..... but if it didn't work before and you regained all the weight (which is crazy unhealthy) WHY in god's name are you trying it again? It's restrictive and unmanageable and absolutely NOT NECESSARY!! Just create a caloric deficit that isn't too large and you're good. All low carb does is create a deficit!! Please don't torture yourself needlessly. I guarantee you'll be back here in a years time or even less complaining of regain again.

    Yes, I agree, you're absolutely right. While we're giving unsolicited advice, my friend tried IIFYM last year and he failed in the long-term. Sadly, he's regained all the weight he lost (crazy unhealthy am I right?)??? Why in god's name would you ever try IIFYM since it's led to failure in the past. Why torture yourself? My other friend just simply counted calories and ate whatever she wanted to lose weight... but would you believe it, now she's even HEAVIER than she was before? Failure! Obviously calorie counting leads to failure since people have failed countless times counting calories in the past.

    Am I doing it right? :flowerforyou:

    No your friend wasn't doing it right. :flowerforyou:
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    I've been on LCHF for two months now and have lost 20lbs. It'd be good to have others to follow and see food diarys and generally have some support.
    I track my food and weight 5 or 6 days a week. (I'm slack on the weekends)

    Feel free to add me.
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    Been doing this for a while but trying to get more serious about it. Lost 20+ LBS 2 years ago but life with kids has added 10 back. Feel free to add me.
  • feel free to add me- I'm new at this also.... Kim
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    Hai everyone! *waves*

    I'm new to this Keto stuff, but have been trying to do my research, as it has been recommended to me by so many people. I was diagnosed with PCOS mid-last year & Keto/low carb is something that I've seen non-stop success stories from people who have also been diagnosed with this syndrome.. Anyone who is familiar with this knows that sugars/carbs are the devil for PCOS'ers & unfortunately, that's what I crave the most. I try to stay right at 40g net carbs as a beginner & will gladly take any advice/friend-requests from people who do this regularly!

    Happy shrinking! :flowerforyou:
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    Hi all - I'd like to follow this topic. Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

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    Hi, feel free to add me, my diary is open! I'm probably 20%carb/45% fat/35% protein. Love eating this way!
  • I don't log here, but just started a LCHF diet two days ago. I would love to interact with others for support. I am having a hard time getting my fat higher than my protein.
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    I don't log here, but just started a LCHF diet two days ago. I would love to interact with others for support. I am having a hard time getting my fat higher than my protein.

    Eggs and cheese automagically have higher fat than protein, as does cream. Some oily fish and things like 20% fat beef mince do too, otherwise you should consider adding butter, mayo, oil dressing etc to your veg / salads.

    Stay away from chicken, turkey and anything lean or light.
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    I'm also new and the more support and motivation the better so if you keep an open diary then feel free to add me too please! Thanks
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    I am also starting the LCHF diet tomorrow. I would love some friends following the same diet. Please include me. I have been on since January, following a low carb low calorie diet. Have lost some weight but seem to have stalled.
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    Good luck on your journey :)