What do you do for a living?



  • die2fat4love
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    AVP of Operations for a Bank...sitting at a desk all damn day
  • DoctorMcCoy10
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    Work in the office for a demolition company. Pretty boring but not stressful or the normal "catty" environment. So I guess it doesn't hurt any of my goals. Plus I get free time to sit and creep the forums on MFP. :laugh:
  • RozayJones
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    Financial field = desk job.

    ETA - for typo which means I must leave my computer/desk now!
  • RozayJones
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    I'm an Assistant District Attorney prosecuting mostly felony level drug and gun arrests. I will be trying my first homicide in a few weeks so that's pretty exciting. I am constantly running back and forth from court all day, so I am rarely sitting for long periods of time, but my schedule is so crazy that I often don't have time during the day to sneak in a workout or to eat a decent lunch.

    Sounds awesome - if only I knew what I wanted to be back when I had time for school! Good luck on your up coming case!
  • I'm an energy worker! Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher. I love what I do!!
  • KimberlyinMN
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    I'm a technical writer for a software company. I write user manuals and online help.
  • DLo_122
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    I'm a wife, mother of 3 and an Accountant by day :)
  • Flight medic - USAF

    Nice! I was a flight mechanic on C-9s back in the day!! Loved medevac until I became a patient on one.

    I have a daughter who is a medic (4N0) at Hurlburt Field.

    I work at Eglin
  • JennetteMac
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    I am a primary school teacher (UK) by day,
    and logistics officer/driving instructor/taxi-driver/chef for 3 kids by night.

    Both of which wear me out.
    But are not conducive to gym time.
    Maybe when they leave home? :laugh:
  • TexasOFT76
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    This sums it up
  • Nkestes
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    Corporate attorney. Definitely not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, but the company has a good gym and free fitness classes where I spend my lunch hour. I'm also a mom and get a lot of exercise on our small family farm.
    MOMMYofAISLYNNE Posts: 12 Member
    Graphic Designer/Web Developer ... So if I move from my desk, it's intentional, lol. I recently began trying to get in at least an hour or so on the treadmill during the day. Usually, that means grabbing my laptop and working through the workout--- but, at least I get one of my two workouts in during the afternoon!
  • lorigem
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    im a mexican chef, doesnt help when i need to taste the food, especially with all the calories of some of the stuff lol

    Nice!!! :drinker:
  • 4aces61
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    I work for one of the nations largest public transit authorities. I work on trains!
  • 47Jacqueline
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    i'm retired. i have been going to the gym a lot and i just met a new guy who's really nice. ;-)
  • I am a chef by profession. It is both condusive and not to being healthy. I am surrounded by lots of things I should not eat and some things I should. It is all about making the choice to eat right. I am lucky to be high enough up the ladder that I can get away with making my own meals with in reason. Lots of turklry burgers and salads with grilled chicken.

    The down side is I work a lot so it is hard to make time to exercise.
  • frangrann
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    Physical Therapist, and mom to 3 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats!
  • debrag12
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    I'm a nursing and rehab assistant, student and wannabe nurse/police officer
  • sanderdejonge
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    Doing sports, drinking beer, play about with girls. Oh and studying, I'm a student, graduating next year and planning on studying for several more years after that.
    And I'm head of the board candidate of my swimming and water polo association, which means I'll be head of the board next year.
  • _cdngirl71_
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    I am a Maintenance Admin Clerk.