What's the worst thing you ever ate regularly pre-mfp?



  • jofjltncb6
    jofjltncb6 Posts: 34,415 Member
    Not just ONE, but TWO McDoubles from McDonald's.

    Seems like only yesterday.

    Oh, wait...that wasn't yesterday...that was today for lunch...

    (...and maybe a couple of other times in the weeks before.)
  • Captain_Wobbles
    Captain_Wobbles Posts: 240 Member
    at least 3 times a week were my bro dates to Wendys
    Asiago chicken ranch club large combo 1490 calories
    2 jr bacon cheese burgers 780 calories
    4 pc spicy nuggets 170 calories
    grand total............................................. 2440 calories for lunch

    sometimes I really miss my redheaded boo
  • jd5351
    jd5351 Posts: 116 Member
    Rice Crispy Treats covered in Cool Whip frosting. It's delicious.lol
  • GetSoda
    GetSoda Posts: 1,267 Member
    Anything with Soy in it. Thanks to my bros on MFP, I know better now.
  • yungibear
    yungibear Posts: 138 Member
    I wouldn't eat "badly" as in whole pizzas or entire family orders of KFC, but I did eat a TON of rice. I wouldn't eat until I came home from school at around 9pm, so I'd cook up a huge pot of rice, a big frying pan full of the "whatever" stuff in the fridge and eat it all while watching cartoons to unwind from the day. I overate all the time because of my bad habit of eating once per day.
  • Oi_Sunshine
    Oi_Sunshine Posts: 819 Member
    My foot.

    Still happens more than I'd care to admit... :embarassed:
  • RainRedfield
    RainRedfield Posts: 597 Member
    Late night $5 Doritos Locos box from Taco Bell (nearly every night).
  • ghouliejulie85
    ghouliejulie85 Posts: 44 Member
    Oh my goodness, let's see...

    -2 sandwiches for lunch with half a bag of chips
    -frozen pizza for dinner or 2-3 plates of home made dinner. (sometimes would even eat another sandwich with chips hours after dinner)
    -I would also consume an entire Party Pail ice cream within a week by myself
    and I would still make another frozen pizza around 1am. I wasn't even hungry, just would eat for the hell of it.

    I would also bake cupcakes and eat them within a day or two
  • Ianultrarunner
    Ianultrarunner Posts: 184 Member
    Cheese Fries at Outback with Cheddar Cheese, Bacon and Sour Cream.
    Just for starters.
    Then Rack of Lamb with Loaded Baked Potato then likely dessert all washed down with a beer or two.
    Don't want to even think of the calories. Easily over 3000.
  • UCCrista
    UCCrista Posts: 26 Member
    Before I joined in 2012, I would eat at least one Burger King TenderCrisp Chicken Sandwich combo per week. Now, I know how awful a choice that was. Back in 2006, I probably had two (2) of those most days! If I must eat at Burger King now, I usually have a Whopper Jr. No fries, period.
  • AllyCatXandi
    AllyCatXandi Posts: 329 Member
    Family-sized (500g) bags of Nestle Chocolate Smarties. I'd buy them on my way home from work/school/whatever and then have dinner afterwards.

    2,300 calories in one sitting from the candy alone. And this was a very regular ordeal.
  • wilmnoca
    wilmnoca Posts: 416 Member
    A whopper "heavy all" and finished off with an M&M blizzard from DQ. So freaking good and sooooo freaking bad! ????
  • ndwildbill
    ndwildbill Posts: 74 Member
    Large papa John's meat lovers pizza, large order of breadsticks ... On top of half a large jar of peanut butter eaten with a spoon while waiting for the pizza delivery. Also lots of McDonald's, burger King, Wendy's, taco bell, taco Johns, etc etc. Still eat some pizza and an occasional whopper junior!
  • jhellwig828
    jhellwig828 Posts: 109 Member
    I work somewhere where my choice of lunch is readily available. My go-to when I couldn't decide what I wanted was fried chicken and mashed potatoes. No veggie, no fruit and always a dessert. Once in a while is fine but we are talking 3 lunches a week.
  • zombieman72
    zombieman72 Posts: 15 Member
    normally on nights i watched tv show which was like 3 days a week i would eat an entire thing of 8 chicken pieces from the walmart deli section while eating a full bag of nacho cheese chps and a container of highland french onion dip and drink 2 2 liters of diet soda.. prolly why at my highest weight i was at over 400 pounds
  • amwbox
    amwbox Posts: 576 Member
    You know you've got a problem when you start cooking for one using a sheet pan.

    Massive nachos. Frozen fries and ranch. Cheap frozen burritos and taquitos. Chicken nuggets. All that crap.
  • cavia
    cavia Posts: 457 Member
    A dozen cannolis at a sitting.
    A giant fruit and nut Lindt bar at one sitting several times per week.
    Half a 2L tub to a whole tub of ice cream at one sitting.
    6 slices of an 8 slice pizza. I would only stop because I wanted the remaining 2 slices for breakfast the next day.

    While it's obvious now, at the time I seriously didn't know why I was closing in on 200lbs.
  • seehowyousoar
    seehowyousoar Posts: 60 Member
    Does coca-cola count? haha
  • dawnreid2012
    dawnreid2012 Posts: 108 Member
    Blue Bird Apple Pies (Green wrapper) not sure about the calories but I would eat 3-4 a day.. CRAZY!!
  • fuzilojak
    fuzilojak Posts: 269 Member
    Before I went on my diet last year I decided to try some really bad stuff. First up was the Vortext Burger at Metro Diner in Jacksonville Beach.

    Not sure the calories but it was a quarter pound burger between two grilled cheese, ham & tomatoes sandwiches with all the toppings, plus fries.


    Second sandwich was the Fat Sandy at Munchies 420 Cafe in Gainesville.

    The Fat Sandy is a foot long sub with two cheeseburgers, mac-n-cheese, chicken fingers, onion hoops, spuds & mozzarella stix