Goal reached. Family horrified.



  • They just seem either jealous or scared/bummed out about their own progress or lack there of. You look amazing! Not too skinny at all. Strong and healthy lady! Keep it up
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    And for comparison, here is my face before:


    And after:


    You're pretty. Sodd them
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    You look fantastic. Some families hate it when you succeed at something they cannot. I know it doesn't take the hurt away but congratulations on your success. You have done an amazing job.
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    I think you look amazing...........
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    YOu look fantastic.
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    So about a month ago I reached my goal. I am no longer "overweight" but now am right in the middle of the "normal" bmi weight range. I weigh exactly what I did when I was 17, only I am in much better shape because I am eating healthy, and exercise 3 - 5 times a week, mainly weights but also some regular cardio.

    I was skyping my family the other night, and my Dad (an ex-OIympic and professional wrestler, and a former college and professional football player, who almost completed a Ph. D in Physical Education, so he knows a lot about fitness and diet), said to me, "We have all been talking about your weight. You look awful. You are too thin. Your sister in law Kim agrees, you look bad. We think you need to gain 15 lbs." And I said, "I have only lost 30 total - that would mean putting on half my weight back." And my sister, nurse with a Ph. D in nursing and long time Professor of nursing and medicine at various universities chimed in and said, "yah, you look awful - especially YOUR FACE! EW!"

    That being said, when I was this weight the last time, back in the 1990's, I was doing 4 hours of ballet a week plus cheerleading and marching band, was in great shape, and at that time these same people said, "you need to quit ballet - you are too fat. They don't take short fat girls in ballets. You need to join the football team or find a Sumo Wrestling club." AT THE SAME WEIGHT I AM NOW, where they are saying "your face - EW!"

    Frankly I think I am the healthiest and in the best shape I have ever been in. What should I make of what they said? I was sad, then mad, and now I realize that I obviously have some image issues, or what they say wouldn't hurt. Or would it? Would these things hurt other people's feelings too? What do y'all think - is my face so "EW"? Do I look worse than when I started? Here is a pic, me before on the left, last August, and me now on the right. And again, I am right in the middle of the "normal" bmi range, not on the low end at all.


    I can't see your before and after (it's my computer, not your posting), but I did look at your profile picture. You look fine, not too thin at all. Honestly, they don't seem to like supporting you. Telling you that you're too fat and at the same weight too thin in general. And saying "ew" really doesn't even begin to be a legitimate criticism, that doesn't help a problem if they honestly saw one. That being said, they need to look at themselves and figure out why they're not encouraging you and why they feel the need to so rudely insult you.
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    You look BEAUTIFUL! Ignore them. Seriously.
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    You look great. Own it.

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    Your family members are @ssholes, stupid, and probably just jealous that you are dedicated to something and could follow through, which reminds them of their own failures and shortcomings, so they put you down to make themselves feel better.
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    I'm sorry your family isn't being supportive. You look great. Stay strong
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    I can not believe that your family would say such a thing... how rude! It doesn't sound like they're ever happy so I'd prob not take them very seriously... but it still hurts. No matter what, cuz they are your family. I'm sorry for that, that they are so mean. I hope you realize how good you do look! You're doing the right thing! Don't look back... you did this for you anyway, not them.
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    You look great now that you are back to what you weighed when you were younger. Not sure what's up with your family's reaction, but they will adapt. It's nice they were concerned, but we all as adults quickly have to learn that family - love 'em as much as we do - are not all experts and all knowing as we thought they were growing up.

    Your lifestyle change with the exercise and keeping trim are worth the effort and again, judging from the pictures you now look normal. And you have become an excellent role model for your son, which is the most important "family" member for you to worry about right now.

    Just keep on, keeping on with what you are doing.
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    You are absolutely beautiful!!! At first I was thinking "well maybe the weightloss made her look older" (it did for my dad but he lost a TON of weight VERY quickly with surgery) but then I saw your pics and I'm baffled by what your family said! You look younger and SO healthy!!! I have no clue why your family would say that - maybe they just aren't used to seeing you so thin? But even then I would NEVER tell my sister "ew, your face!". Sounds like a hint of jealousy maybe?
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    You look Healthy and Amazing!!! I've seen some "horrifying" pictures on here and your NOT one of them.
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    The only thing "Ew" about this are your family's comments!!!

    You look normal and healthy to me. Very pretty, in your before AND after! Keep going on with your bad self :drinker:
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    Thanks for all the kind words everybody. I know I feel good, and I like that I can wear my old pretty clothes I used to wear, and now instead of being exhausted when I carry my son, I can walk for miles with him in my arms. It's so nice to hear supportive comments instead of insane family ones lol!

    Thanks again all. :)
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    I think you look wonderful, and your weight loss makes you look young, vibrant, and healthy. I'm sorry that your family is being mean to you. Ultimately, it's your body and you get to make decisions about it.
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    Taking notes for when my family come out with the same c*$p, although I never listened to them when I was overweight, so I don't know why I should when I'm not.

    You look great, clearly, they have issues. Nuff said.
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    I think you look absolutely great. Your family has no business to say that you are not healthy looking. I think they are jealous.
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    That last word that comes to mind when I see your photos is "awful." You look lovely and healthy, and I love your curls! :)