Do you need friends?? Post up!



  • mommyhof3
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    I need friends!

    I am a mom of 3. I am a P90X and a P90X3 grad. I would like friends who do not starve themselves. It really upsets me to see people starving themselves.

    I am 5'5"

    SW 225
    CW 199
    GW #1 170
    GW #2 150
  • Hi my names Jaiden I'm new to this app and I'm on my weight loss journey I've lost 3 pounds already I need as much support as I can get. Add me as a friend! :) 67 more pounds to go.
  • Hello everyone I have been on my journey on and off for two years in bewtween pregnancys and fell off for a little while but I am trying to get back to where I was a year ago meaning motivation wise so I need people that are positive and motivating as I am, I still have 40 pounds to go to get to my goal would love to hear others stories and hear about what works for yal :-)
  • Hey everyone! My name's Nikki. I have been a member for quite awhile but never actually got serious about losing weight and getting healthy until now.. I'm hoping to meet some great people on what will no doubt be a very long journey! I have a long way to go, over 200 pounds to lose and am hoping that I can finally make it happen!!
  • Hi, I'm Lucy
    I would love lots of friends. Pleaseee add me :)
  • Mattyfit2014
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    I've added and looking for new friends to motivate each other to :-) feel free to add me.
  • Hey, I always look for new supportive friends :smile: I log everyday!
  • luiggigun
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    Would love to have more friends in this app. I'm extremely disciplined and I wish to add those who won't be weird or do i? :blushing: seriously though I just want friends who use this app since most of my friends and my wife are lazy to log lol take care and God bless.

    Don't let my pretty face scare you :huh: I'm really a nice guy
  • xxXcaraXxx
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    Hey looking for supportive friends have another three stone to loose 2 stone 4 gone thanks
  • keeep them Adds coming!! :bigsmile: we can motivate each other
  • Yup I'm new to this!
  • luiggigun
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    Waaaazzzaaaa MFP warriaz
  • MyChocolateDiet
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  • AcidWords21
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    Feel free to add. I need new friends actually.
  • joanneutting
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    Hi.. would really like more friends to help each other along the way ☺
  • FormerMarine1
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    Friend me
  • Anyone wanting to chat and talk about weight loss and motivation add me!!
  • DefiningMyHealth
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    More friends = more accountability! :) I am game for more friends always!
  • Dylllie
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    College student looking to drop the last 5 lbs!
  • electrickazoo
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    Friend me, please! Trying to stay motivated and stick to my plan :)