What is your newest food obsession?



  • uchube
    uchube Posts: 44
    tesco living cottage cheese with pomegranate or raspberries for breakfast!
    fage total 0% with banana and cinnamon added. . . 500g tub at a time, easy.
    mixed pepper, spinach, snap pea and mushroom stir fries with sriracha, lots of cayenne and crabmeat.
  • keepongoingnmw
    keepongoingnmw Posts: 371 Member
    I bought sunbutter becuase of a friends kid has a severe nut allergy and OMG it is soooo crazy good! I also got some trader Joe's raspberry preserves that is to die for. I want some butter cookies to scoop it up with.
  • GiggleFitGriddle
    GiggleFitGriddle Posts: 24 Member
    Sweet potatoes:love:
  • keepmovinstrong
    keepmovinstrong Posts: 101 Member
    Believe it or not Chick Fil A Garden Market Salad!!! :smile:
  • Sperm after one consumes Chinese...:drinker:
  • graysquirrel
    graysquirrel Posts: 7 Member
    0% plain greek yogurt with a splash of honey and sliced almonds. Yummy!
  • creamy carbonara
  • Kale chips. Salty and amazing!
  • Quivo
    Quivo Posts: 44 Member
    kale chips...yummy!!!
  • ColeCake292012
    ColeCake292012 Posts: 247 Member
  • mattbarnett2000
    mattbarnett2000 Posts: 13 Member
    greek yogurt and crofters organic jam.
  • Fruit smoothies. Not the kind with yogurt though. I already had one today but I want more!
  • AubrieJo328
    AubrieJo328 Posts: 35 Member
    cottage cheese with sriracha
  • 1tiamat
    1tiamat Posts: 138 Member

    When I first tried it I really didn't like it, but since my wife has been buying it more often Its really grown on me. I think I eat more than her now. Just a great thing to eat for breakfast with a kick. I usually eat it with about a half cup of jasmine rice and an egg. I don't feel hungry most of the day because of that little meal.
  • Guns_N_Buns
    Guns_N_Buns Posts: 1,899 Member
    Chicken and waffles.
  • chooichu
    chooichu Posts: 1
    mine are sweet potatos , boiled for 30 minutes with a glass of buttermilk . YUM :)
  • maryjay52
    maryjay52 Posts: 557 Member
    fresh fruit especially the berries -- blueberries and blackberries. i have a bad habit to eat while im driving so i find when i have the berries i eat them and do not stop to buy chips or at a fast food drive thru

    soup is another one . just craving homemade soups these days
  • zenalasca
    zenalasca Posts: 563 Member
    Lately, caremello eggs, I've been having one every day, sometimes two
  • amwbox
    amwbox Posts: 577 Member
    Stuffing chicken breasts with...pretty much whatever.
  • psych101
    psych101 Posts: 1,843 Member
    Coconut Greek yogurt mmmmm yum!