WANTED: People that need to lose 50lbs.



  • deedeetris
    deedeetris Posts: 207 Member
    Hi there: I have about 50-70 pounds to lose. Once I get to the 50, then I'll see where I need to go. Please feel free to add me, too!! I teach, so I am on a lot in the summer--the fall, not so much, but hopefully, this will get me in the habit!! Good luck to all! Dee
  • Fallingsakura
    Fallingsakura Posts: 19 Member
    I'm keen to lose 60Lbs - just getting started. Count me in.
  • reallymyBEST
    reallymyBEST Posts: 242 Member
    Well, I had lost 50#, but have had an 8mo struggle with Plantar Fasciitis. Lots of rest and didn't replace my running w/ something else. I was lost without it! Just now getting back in the swing of things. Up 20#, so my new number to lose is 66#. Looking for new and inspiring friends, so feel free to add me!
  • chasingdreams18
    chasingdreams18 Posts: 110 Member
    51 left to go:wink: maybe more

    Anyone is welcome to add me.:flowerforyou:
  • djcangel
    djcangel Posts: 800 Member
    I am also seeking friends to help keep motivation alive, and encouragement on a regular basis is definitely my forte'. Please feel free to friend me also, as I am new to the site and do not have any friends yet.:flowerforyou:
  • peacheslcg
    peacheslcg Posts: 41 Member
    I have about 50-55lbs I want to lose. I am on here daily, add me!
  • onewarmmomma
    onewarmmomma Posts: 222 Member
    Awesome. Wants to add friends, then deactivates account :laugh:
  • lessismoreohio
    lessismoreohio Posts: 910 Member
    50 pounds to go. Trying to do this by year-end. good luck everyone....we can do this if we try.
  • christys03
    christys03 Posts: 22,784 Member
    50 pounds even to lose...add me!
  • 23anna24
    23anna24 Posts: 8 Member
    Let's do this! I am ready. I have 50+ lbs to lose and am motivated to do so.
  • lftilbury
    lftilbury Posts: 11 Member
    Have you heard of Project 10?
    I just started it. check it out
  • vetteldy98
    Yes, I am looking to lose about 70 myself. First 4 weeks went well 12 lbs lost, now stuck, must have to either increase exercise or increase calories, staying about 1000 a day or so. How do you keep yourself from being stuck...I hate that...:flowerforyou:
  • Bugz475
    Bugz475 Posts: 1
    I need to lose 50lbs as well! Keep up the good work everyone!
  • shrimpie75
    shrimpie75 Posts: 10
    Feel free to add me, I've over 50lb to loose ;0)
  • jmek926
    jmek926 Posts: 15 Member
    Add me!! I am trying to lose 30-50 lbs... and have not had very good success with consistency. I don't have a lot of outside support so I am turning to the internet health/fitness community this time. I need to stay motivated!!! Let's get health people!!
  • kel_vs_diabetez
    kel_vs_diabetez Posts: 10 Member
    Hello everyone. Feel free to add me. Im starting my journey to lose 50 pounds. I am quite ill due to bad habts but i hv found my motivation and goin balls to the wall. im too young to be sick and fighting is the only option. I am here to learn from all and help as well. thanks everybody. and good luck to us all!!!!!
  • MissEmmaStephen
    Hi!!! 1st post here but been lookin out and reading for ages! Very motivated to lose 50+ pounds and in desperate need of buddies/supportive friends! Please feel free to add me anyone and everyone :0) thank you so much xxx
  • lanthiriel
    lanthiriel Posts: 18
    Feel free to add me! I have 52 lbs to lose and could use some friends and motivation.
  • AceCC86
    AceCC86 Posts: 71
    I'm down 24 lbs. with 46 more to lose. Anyone feel free to add me!
  • dbray425
    dbray425 Posts: 5
    I would be thrilled to lose 50 lbs! Let's DO this!

    (Also, feel free to add me - the more, the merrier!)