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    :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Greetings from the North Olympic Peninsula of Washington not too far south of the Paradise of Victoria,BC..:bigsmile: We had another beautiful peaceful day here filled with dog walking, yard work, grilled corn, and household chores....

    :heart: Barbie
    24,000 steps today and all the laundry done:bigsmile:
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    Did an hour of training games on the Wii. This is my "active recovery" day. Tomorrow I'm planning to do more of my "10 Minute Tummy Toner" DVD, hold my plank, and then go to the extreme pump class.

    Welcome to everyone new!

    After exercising and having breakfast, I made salmon that I had marinating in the refrigerator since last night. Then I made salsbury steaks for us for later in the week. Afterwards we went outside and I guess you can't guess what we did??? Afterwards, I went in the pool, cleaned the spa, and came in for dinner.

    Kim - you must be kidding -- me come there to riverrock :) We figure we'll be done rocking under the deck next week -- but don't despair, we still have outside the fence to do and alongside the garage and fill in places where the rock settled over the winter, so we'll be at it for a while longer. I totally agree with you, we have our own little paradise. Congrats on those jeans -- love the pullups!

    Viv - my back was hurting but then I used the foam roller. Boy did that make such a difference. Like my own personal massage only cheaper....lol I can feel my back hurting a bit today so I'm going to use the foam roller. I know what it is and why I didn't feel this way last year. Last year we got a mix of stones, some smaller some larger all mixed together. This year we ordered the same thing only the delivery guy made a mistake. He thought we wanted two separate deliveries -- one of each size stone. When he looked at his paperwork, he realized that he did make a mistake so he had to go back to the landscape place and get the smaller stones. So I have to constantly bend down and get the larger ones. And some of them are buried under the smaller stones. Do you have any idea how heavy the smaller stones can be when you're trying to get one of the larger ones underneath it? To be honest, I think Vince is a bit miffed that Lynette asks me to bake. More than once he's asked "does Ken know you're doing this?" I suspect that if it wasn't me, she'd be asking her mother to make something for her to take

    Just finished making some apple bran muffins to take to Jess when she goes away. I made her brownies, too as I doubt she'll eat the apple bran muffins.

    CynthiaT60 - I'm with you, I wish all the days were longer. It is sad that yesterday was the longest day and now they're going to get shorter.

    Heather - you'd make an awesome first responder. You're so caring and thoughtful . I do hope you go for it. The world needs people like you

    Tomorrow we'll concentrate on taking the mulch that's under the deck right now up by the house. We're almost at the end of the rocking under the deck. Then Tuesday we need to cut the grass since it's growing and we'll be gone. We don't want it to look really bad. Wednesday is bowling and then Thursday we leave for VA until Sunday.

    Phyllis - I agree, you have to find what works for you. So many people will say, and this is true for some people just not me, that a calorie is a calorie and it doesn't matter when you eat it. Now for me, if I eat late at night I can be guaranteed of a gain the next day. However, and I learned this from -- of all places -- the Wii. I try to have some silken tofu with cocoa in it. That seems to fill me up and I don't gain the next day.

    Cindy 781 - happy birthday to your hubby. The recipe said to marinate the salmon for an hour, but I was so tired after making those muffins last night that I left it marinating overnight. I don't think it'll hurt it. I tend to make my food for the week and either freeze it or just have it refrigerated so that all I need to do is heat it up. I don't think I would find the time to cook every night, and so I'd wind up "hamburger helper"ing it or ordering take out (yikes!). So I marinated the salmon last night then broiled it this morning. I'll freeze most of it but leave just a little for dinner later this week. Did I make myself confusing enough for you???? lol Love your pill!!!!

    katla - Vince is a bit OCD and to be honest, if we were to hire someone to finish the riverrocking, they probably wouldn't do it right (at least not to his way of thinking). But in some senses his being OCD is a good thing. Like when they were installing the pool, he was out there each and every day, not making a pain of himself and telling them how to do their job, but looking and asking questions. He made a few suggestions that they finally did and things worked out. When they were building the retaining wall, it's very fortunate that he was there because he had them move the wall a bit back so that he could get behind the equipment. Had he not been there they would have just built it close to the equipment pad. When they put in the fence, he looked and saw that the posts weren't straight. He actually took a level to each and every post (we have about 40 or more) and documented how far off each one was! There was one that was so far off he had them replace the post. The weren't happy about that because it was more expensive for them, but he wouldn't have it any other way. I honestly think that it would get done much faster him doing it himself (with me). He has to put the landscape fabric down a certain way so that the rainwater flows down and doesn't get caught. He puts in landscape border to divert the rainwater from the house. It's little things like that. Hope everything goes well for your son.

    Vince went out by the pool so I'm going to go out now and just sit there and relax. Be back soon

    Margaret - when you had to add the layer of rock, did you have landscape fabric down first, then the first layer, then the second? You say you vacuumed? Tell me more about that. Because we have one area where we put rock down last year, a week or so ago it rained REAL hard and some of the mulch that was under the deck went down on the rock. Now we're thinking that we'll have to remove the mulch by hand, but you say you vacuumed? Maybe that'd be an easier way to get the mulch out from between the rocks.

    Have my carrots all cut up for tomorrow. I just leave them on the counter and when I come in to go to the bathroom or something, I just take a few and munch on them. Also, I have some instead of a lunch (so I can go in the pool)

    Brenda from MD - (((HUG))))

    Joyce - I totally understand about how you feel not going to church and being afraid of falling into the habit of not going. I don't think you will, to be honest. You're too much of a fighter

    Carol in Monroe - good for you being sad but not overindulging! So sorry for your loss

    Nancy - what is the EFT to not eat?

    lisabinco - sounds like you have a full day there

    Michele in NC
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    Michelle, I guess I don't get it- your question. EFT is a technique used to retrain your brain to quit sending negative messages to yourself. I WISH it worked to not eat at all, but maybe so-? LOL

    EFT or "tapping", is tapping with your fingertips on energy pathways of the body, or meridians. While doing this, you say positive affirmations, about changing your thoughts. Google it, and there's lots of info out there. Mercola.com has some, including a video on Youtube. I'm trying it. It's simple and it's free.

    Nancy from Arizona
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    Today I went to a Zumba class that was supposed to be scheduled for 3PM, but when I got there there was no notice that it was supposed to be there, so I went shopping. ;-) Then I went home and did an hour of practicing the basic moves for the underlying dance routines in the Zumba program I am learning (made up for the missed class). I'm licenced in Basic Zumba and Zumba Gold and am planning on specializing in Zumba Gold. My trainer from the licensing class offered to let me sub for her after going to a number of classes she teaches at for a couple of weeks. It's at a nursing home and class is Zumba in Chairs. very interesting and my first step into the field. The manager of the place said he would hire me if I could teach a yoga class, so I spent today researching Yoga in chairs for seniors and found a couple of Youtube routines that I could combine. I talked to my yoga teacher at my gym and she agreed that I probably didn't have to be licensed in yoga to teach this sort of class.

    I'm very excited about these opportunities.

    Hope everyone is well. I'm not doing too well at getting to know people on this thread.
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    Seasonsofjoy – welcome back, you can do this! Log, move and visit often!

    Joyce – when is your next Dr. appointment, can it be tomorrow?:smile: You need to figure this out. And we’ll help encourage you, I know you enjoy church and find peace and strength there- I’ll encourage you. :smile:

    Rori – learning to like microbrews – always have been a wine girl as beer was bud… and don’t care for bud. :drinker:

    Carol in Monroe – I agree with you stuffing those feelings will not help; you need to process those feelings, maybe even express your feelings, to us is great sometimes in a letter that is never sent… Eventually it will be a smaller part of your everyday, and that day will come…. (((hugs)))

    Michele – of course I was kidding,:laugh: but if you had said sure I would not have turned you down….:flowerforyou:

    Jacqueline - all the Zumba is impressive- I have watched one of those classes and it was way to crazy for me! But looks like good exercise…. I’m a bit tone deaf- music based things don’t work for me, I don’t hear beat. Glad you are doing so well, it is exciting that you can sub.

    Took Levi for his after dinner walk and almost home met a huge pit bull – off lead, no owner anywhere to be seen, and I know all the dogs on my street – he doesn’t live here. The pit did not seem aggressive, but Levi was having a fit! Barking, growling and determined to get off the leash, I just went in to my neighbor’s back yard – she did not mind and hung out there for 30 min. I know there are nice pits in this world, but any large off lead/ unattended dog is to be careful of….:smile:

    So ladies I bought a pedometer.. I wanted to wait until I could afford a fitbit, but knew I would eat more goodies:laugh: next week and would walk more so needed a way to measure the walking…:smile: This one counts steps, miles, and calculates calories, it asked for gender, weight and height… I am sure the calorie gig is a guess but so is MFP… How would you log this? Just quick add calories burned?

    Kim in N. California
    PS I am expecting to be more mia than anything next week, with all that is going on. So have a great week!
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    Marking my spot. Good evening, everyone. :flowerforyou:

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon
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    Jacqueline, your picture reminds me of a mischevious little kid peeking around the window at me! It's so cute.

    Yes, I think Sylvia and I need to get these dr appointments made. Wish we could meet and go together. I'm not really sure if I need to be seen in family doctors office right away but I do want more than just adjusting dosages. In a uneducated opinion I think I need a tilt table test. I think I have had one done in the past or maybe the one I remember is one that a patient of mine had and she had to be monitored by an RN while she was off the unit so I had to go with her. I remember one time when I was on my high dose IV cortisone during one of my MS episodes, my neurologist did kind of an informal tilt table in which she had me lat down for 15 minutes, timed by her nurse, take my B/P before and after, then sit up on the table for 15 minutes, again taking B/P before and after and then finally standing for 15 minutes taking B/P before and after. I couldn't make it the full 15 minutes standing. But the high dose cortisone is an extremely high dose and can really do weird things to your bodies internal systems. I'm glad I haven't had to go through that for several years! It's not fun for your sleeping, your body or your veins.

    To whoever was wanting to be 'first responder' I think that is wonderful. It doesn't take a degree or anything. Lay people can learn an awful lot if they desire. Defibrilators are made a lot different than they used to be. they have them in many public places, even high school students are trained in the use. As nurses we teach family members to do some things they never ever thought they could learn how to do. I remember this one patient that after his open heart surgery his sternum wouldn't heal. So as he breathed his sternum would open and close. So while he was in the hospital we would have to pack this special medicated gauze into that open wound, had to be real fast though because as you breathed in the sternum, or breast bone would close and your dear fingers would get caught in it. OUCH. Well his wife had to learn how to do that. My Mom thought she would never learn how to do her over the phone pacemaker check and always had me do it. I didn't mind doing it at all. Sometimes I think she invented excuses for my sister and I to go over there. But I made sure she at least knew how to do it just in case there was a problem and I wasn't available. Nurses and doctors are just trained people with a piece of paper saying we spent a lot o money to learn how. Lay people are the same people. They just don't have that piece of paper.

    Speaking of nursing school, how much did you all spend going to college??? My nursing school was a 3 year diploma program. They don't have those anymore. They are based out of hospitals. I graduated in 1971 and paid $700/year!!! Yep, I went o college for $2100. this included room, books, we ate free in the hospital cafeteria, our linens were taken care of for us. We just had to make our beds. but the hospital laundry did them for us. I got grants for $150/year and then they had a program that if you worked for certain hospitals for 5 years your payment was cancelled. Well I worked there for 29 years:laugh: So my college was paid for

    Going to bed early tonight. Hopefully I will get up at a decent time tomorrow and maybe get some decent sleep tonight. haven't had a decent nights sleep in months.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    When someone says "this is you?" You can reply "it was, but now I'm just a shadow." Congratulations on your success.
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    Hello to everybody. I am Dora and I live in Athens/Greece, you know this small country in Mediterranean Sea. I would like to be part of women ages 50+. Thank you in advance.
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    Hello all,
    My first posting on MFP: It's so nice to be on a forum with other ladies (and guys too if you're here) and we're all in this together so to speak! I'm very new here, just started 4 days ago to AGAIN try to lose weight. I haven't even weighed myself to see if anything is happening, since it's kinda early. Just added a ticker but haven't used it yet.

    Oh gosh...what to say? I know quite a bit about food, cooking, health and nutrition - but all of this hasn't helped me stop this weight gain since my mid-40's to now, where I'm about 60 lbs overweight depending on how you figure that (I was 109 lbs when we got married 35+ yrs ago) It's been a slow thing...health getting worse & worse (CFS/FM, some heart disease and now a bad back) and now, most days, I don't really feel like I'm "living" at all.

    But I'm trying! I realized that I really don't know & haven't been TRULY counting calories nor have I really measured my food -- I've got the measuring spoons/cups out and may buy a scale, too. It's a real change for me to do this. I've juiced (think Joe Cross), done Medifast, Nutrisystem, 30-40-40, Atkins, South Beach, protein shake replacement plans. I have a very hard time sticking to anything! I tend to give up or get bored quickly and am terrible with routines, structure & schedules.

    Anyway, nice to meet you here and give this a go. I really MUST make this work -- my body isn't happy being this heavy and I'd rather not die before my grandchildren are old enough to even know me! And my hubby...he needs a 'better model' wife.

    Barb ~~
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    :flowerforyou: Hi Vickil57 if you go to your profile on Fitbit you will see Device Settings at the top, if you click on that you will see a list on the left hand side - one of them is applications if you click that tab you can connect to other devices from there. I think that's how I did it. Now any food I log into MFP registers in Fitbit and the steps I gain on the Fitbit get logged into MFP as exercise.

    Isn't technology marvellous. :drinker:

    :drinker: :drinker: :flowerforyou: One week to my holiday and counting! :flowerforyou: :drinker: :drinker:

    Happy Monday everone :heart:

    Viv (York UK)
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    Good morning everyone!

    Heather: orange drizzle cake sounds delicious.
    Yanniejannie: your sudden back problem rings a bell. I’ve had something similar the last couple of weeks. I turned to walk into an elevator and got a terrible muscle spasm in my lower back, on one side. Went to my PT, who said my sacroiliac joint had kind of gotten stuck in the wrong position, which means the surrounding muscles try to preserve stability by working really hard. He mobilized it again and showed me things I could do at home. Maybe it’s worth checking something like this out.
    Vicki: being in bed while it’s raining is the best. Chicken toothpaste: that was the toothpaste for the dog. :bigsmile:
    Alison: hope you get a little R&R there.
    Kim: thanks for your good wishes! Have you checked out a B&B in the Seattle area? Off lead dog: you did the right thing. In dog parks etc. it’s often a good idea to let your own dog loose as well, since he/she is on the defense if leashed. But avoiding the situation altogether is good. Which pedometer did you buy?
    Joyce: sure hope you get help soon for your dizziness. :flowerforyou:
    Jane: sorry you have to move again. Is there any renter’s protection if the house is sold?
    Nancy: I have used EFT in the past, off and on, to help deal with strong feelings. It seemed to help some. There are also EFT apps if you have a smartphone.
    Barbie: peaceful days; love them. Seems like I love them more as I get a bit older.
    Michele: ah, apple bran muffins, lovely. Once in a while I make the ones from Laurel’s Kitchen (one of my favorite cookbooks). I don’t know exactly that Nancy was “prescribed” as far as the EFT goes, but for me it was a way to (1) identify (very important) and (2) deal with emotions that would make me eat or not take care of myself.

    Kind of a busy day today; have to figure out when to do what. Watching soccer this evening. Tomorrow morning I get my bike stress test. We will probably bike to the hospital as well, so I can warm up my joints well and go for it during the test.
    Enjoying sunny weather these days.

    Wishing everyone a good day!
    Cynthia :flowerforyou:
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    Good Morning All, Here it is, Monday again.
    I went to my line dancing lesson Saturday, it was fun. The instructor says to practice at home but I get the dances mixed up.
    Tonight I am taking my DGD's to the movies. I don't see them near as much as I use to as they are 13 in July and have social lives now. I miss the time with them.

    Michele, NC, You sure stay busy!

    Nancy, Arizona, EFT sounds interesting, I’d like to check it out.

    Kim N Cal, I’d be freaked if I saw an unleashed pit bull, those are scary dogs.

    Time to get to work, wishibg health and happiness today to all.

    Patty, Cincinnati OH
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    morning ladies~
    I slept 10 hrs:noway: got caught up..now for the next 4 days I am going to stress to the hilt until the girls get here and we get going on vacation
    I know things wont be perfect,but want to have a nice time..
    My dad and brother are going back up to Hampton, to work on the cottage.. they have quite a bit of work... there are certain triggers that set my DB on drinking, and my dad is one of them, opinionated and thinks his way is the only way at almost 86 ,physically he is doing alright,but he is getting much more opinionated , he couldn't fathom why Sean had to take me up to the lake to show me how to open it up,DSIL dad was an engineer and there are a few quirky things about the place...I did fine,but was glad that I saw what to do, my father thinks if you just write things down I would figure it out.. thought the whole trip was stupid,, that kind of opinion not needed...
    So with my DB not able to drive and have to listen to dad drone on and on all the way up,should be interesting.. my DSIL and her mom want to help moneywise to fix the place up for future generations.. but my father is proud so Sean will have a chat with him about that on the way up there.. well off to get ready for work.. I asked if I could work from open to close so I could at least get my 30 hrs in, and the other girl who works in the office is on vacation,so I would be able to help the office manager out, she said no your hrs stay the same.. just because she is ticked that I have a life and go on vacations,her family doesnt.. my DB and DSIL call her the troll...:wink:
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    Good morning, all!! Computer is acting up.........all slow, freezing, and cutting out on me, well, it is about 7yrs. old, guess it's feeling its age.

    Thanks for the recovery wishes and suggesstions. DD has scabs everywhere and is planning a very short run today (on the sand) to see how the ankle holds up. My back is the worst when I try to get up, mostly first thing in the am, and seems to feel better as the day wears on; but I guess that could be the drugs (!??). Been back on the couch at night (but sleeping surprisingly well!!) since DD is in the spare bedroom and I can't stand the idea of DH jostling me about as he tosses and turns in bed at night. The couch is probably too soft but other than the floor it's my only option; maybe I'll try the bed tonight. Last night I had DD go over my back with this roller thing she has for leg cramps---Michele and Rori.......she knows what those foam rollers are and suggested stretching over the big ball or a yoga mat rolled up might be an option. On the day I started hurting we had done a lot of "superman" type stuff in yoga, in fact, it was the first I was able reach back to grab both my feet while on my front.........maybe the back bend was just too extreme. Don't think I'm going to make line dance tonight and have already missed gym today............maybe some walking later on.........

    47Jacqueline.................Congrats on the new job opportunities; they will love having you, I'm sure!

    Carol in Monroe.........I still feel loses in my life from years ago.........parents and friends---just hits like a wave sometimes and you have to let it. I don't believe it's healthy to just deny what you are feeling.

    Vicki.............Ahhh.........your poor apple tree..........what kind was it? It is hard when friends leave; are they going far?

    Kim........Thinking of you and hoping your cooking classes are going well. Pull-ups???? LOL!! Sorry, I'm on the wrong coast for you to bunk here..........and other than this board, I don't think I even know anyone in that area except through a friend----her DD (who I've never met) lives on some island out there........Mercer, or something like that, I think she said.

    Renny............Enjoy that week with your DD and that beautiful baby; I'm sure your help is more than welcome! Wonderful that you get to "visit" with your mom daily.

    drkatiebug and Katla.............I also did exercises on my knuckles of my fists for about a year.............simply could not put my hand flat after a fall; and that was just with "soft tissue damage"in the wrist........nothing broken.

    BJ.............Yes, my peonies came and went in a blink this year too!!!

    Viv..............YAY for your upcoming holiday
    countdown is on!!

    Brenda..........((((HUGS)))) Countdown on for you too, hang in there!

    Heather...........New pic? She is so adorable, loving watching her grow!!!!

    Well, I've rambled long enough, need to get this posted before the computer acts up again.

    Welcome, newbies.............share your ups and downs with us, let us know where you are from, and comment on what strikes your fancy!

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    Been a bit lazy lately due to a back injury and piled on 2 1/2 stone, so back on it. Anyone else find it harder when 50+ and menopausal?
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    Good morning all! It is Monday and a new week. I made it through the first week of my recommit successfully, under my calories every single day, no diet soda and no sweets other than fruit and a couple of fruit Popsicles. The scale continues to move. I am feeling empowered today!

    To answer someone's question: yes, I hope to regain full range of motion in my wrist. It will probably take a year to 18 months, but I do expect it to happen. It would happen faster if I was more diligent with the physical therapy, but I do what I can at my pace. I still have considerable swelling in my hand and fingers. The doctor said it could take a year for that to,completely heal. I definitely did a number on my wrist.
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    Good morning everyone,

    Today is strength training for arms and legs, then treadmill. I made it through brunch and did not bust the calories yesterday. Thank you again to everyone for the complements on my drawing. I will share more in the future. Mostly only Hubby and I get to see them.

    Michele, you are so busy. I will try marinating my salmon longer.

    Joyce, please see a dr soon.

    Kim, congrats on the pedometer.

    Jane, best wishes on the house search.

    Yanniejannie, I sure the more you move the more the muscle loosens. Some yoga stretches can injure..been there. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Welcome all new ladies.

    I've got to start my workouts, then housework. Hopefully back to my drawing this afternoon.

    Best wishes to those I missed today.

    Cindy in OK
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    Michele we have pine trees and big trees in our yard and surrounding homes so we get lots of junk in our rock. We did put fabric down in one area but it only helped a year or two. For us it is s not worth the extra time and expense. What I use is a leaf blower with a vacuum bag attachment. In the fall the leaf blower does help keep some of the big leaves out of the rock. Once maybe twice a year I get in with the vacuum especially under the pine tree. I do wear ear and eye protection, a mask for dust, good old shoes with support, and old clothes because it is a messy job.The bag is cloth so I do have to do some mending on it occasionally. I did replace it once too Vacuuming the rock s not one of my favorite jobs to do but it is easier and cheaper than replacing or adding more rock. It also helps cut down on the weeds. The few weeds we do get I hand pick or use a weed be gone product on the areas with no trees or other plants. If your mulch is the shredded kind the vacuum should pick it up. If it the larger chunky stuff it might have work as well. I still prefer rock over mulch because I like the look. Also with mulch you get more bugs which is not good right up against your home. Mulch can get pricey too depending on how much you put down. Hope this helps.

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    Good morning everyone!

    I got up at 7am, leaving hubby and the dogs still sleeping, and went for a 3 mile walk. It was beautiful out there. We have a paved road that makes a loop around the lake and it's the perfect place for a long walk. Funny I never noticed that before. Of course, today I didn't do the whole loop, which is about 10 miles, but maybe someday I will. This morning I saw several bunnies, a deer, two scissor-tails, a pileated woodpecker and a bald eagle. Nice way to start the day.

    Last night we walked the dogs across the dam at about 8:45. It was beautiful, and all the weekend boaters had gone so it was peaceful. I even jogged part of the way, and thought, hey this isn't so hard! Molly isn't too good at jogging though. She has two speeds. Stop or 35 mph. When I started jogging she thought, oh boy, it's time to run! I don't think my fitbit gave me full credit for the jog though, because my arms weren't swinging the way they do when walking.

    Joyce, your BP is even worse than mine! I hope you feel better soon. I'll let you know what I find out from the cardiologist tomorrow. With me it seems like when my bottom number is in the 60's, I feel pretty good. When it's in the 50's, I'm light headed and can't feel my feet, when it's in the 40's I can't stand up safely. But other than a few days, I've still managed to do my walking. It really fluctuates though, throughout the day. Higher one minute and lower the next. Good luck getting an appointment. It seems like I've been waiting a month for an audience with the pope! He'd better be good!

    KatieMC, yes. It's harder but it can be done. Stick with it, and keep checking in here and let us know how it's going.

    Cindy in OK, your drawing is very good! I can't wait to see more.

    Barb, I measure food with measuring cups, but still have not bought a diet scale.

    Dora, I can't wait to hear more about your life in Athens! I lived there from 1978-1980 and I'm sure it's very different now. I really miss the beautiful fruit and melons I bought at Tuesday Markets (peaches the size of grapefruit) and the fresh bread from the bakery in our neighborhood. Yum! I also miss pulling up the shutters in the mornings and seeing the beautiful blue water. We don't get that in Kansas!

    Gotta go for now. Have a great day everybody!