So what is your 4th of July food strategy?



  • kmorgan221
    kmorgan221 Posts: 206 Member
    I'm sure we'll be doing a Hero WOD, but then my plan is to eat all the foodz.
  • PRMinx
    PRMinx Posts: 4,585 Member
    I'll probably drink more than I eat.

    I like you.
  • Serah87
    Serah87 Posts: 5,481 Member
    Going to the Daytona races on the 4th, will enjoy myself!!! :bigsmile:
  • Branstin
    Branstin Posts: 2,320 Member
    Eat whatever I want and stick to my weekly deficit!!! It works :)


    Sounds good to me.
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,003 Member
    Definitely this on a grill

  • angf0679
    angf0679 Posts: 1,120 Member
    Well I'm Canadian so my celebration is July 1. As of right now I have no plans, just to sleep in.
  • brower47
    brower47 Posts: 16,356 Member
    Definitely this on a grill


    Is that a hot dog wrapped in burger, wrapped in bacon? A hotburcon?

    10/10 would bang.

    I've done the dog wrapped in bacon but never had I added burger. Well played. Well played.
  • ShannonMpls
    ShannonMpls Posts: 1,936 Member
    Stick to my routine beforehand. Eat and drink what I want on the holiday. Return to my routine the next day.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,879 Member
    Yeah...I love the "oh noes, a holiday is coming" threads...

    Srsly....holidays are occasions...nobody became fat because of an's an get fat when you treat every day like an occasion.

    Personally, I'm going to eat whatever the hell I want and drink all the beer and ya know what? It's gonna be fine...because it's an occasion, not an everyday occurrence.
  • MG_Fit
    MG_Fit Posts: 1,143 Member
    Definitely this on a grill


    You got it!
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,003 Member
    Is that a hot dog wrapped in burger, wrapped in bacon? A hotburcon?

    10/10 would bang.

    I've done the dog wrapped in bacon but never had I added burger. Well played. Well played.

    Oh yeah... I also chopped up some onions and mixed it in there because you know veggies and stuffs. :bigsmile:
  • pinkshiningstar
    pinkshiningstar Posts: 140 Member
    I'll be out of town at the "Cabin" for 4 days over the 4th. My plan? I'm going to cook up some food the night before I leave and do a little meal prep for my breakfasts/lunches. Dinners I'll probably join in with what the others are having, but stay mindful and track what I have. On the 4th itself I'll hopefully be out on the boat, enjoying a drink or two, and just enjoying the day. If I go "over", that's fine. I'll live and move on. :smile:
  • EddieHaskell97
    EddieHaskell97 Posts: 2,227 Member
    Skydiving at 8am (weather permitting)

    Then host a small get together at my house:

    Smoke up about ten lbs of ribs on El Cheapo Brinkmann (that really is my cheap *kitten* smoker)




    Destroy Alderaan!
  • Julzanne72
    Julzanne72 Posts: 467 Member
    Enjoy it, be aware of what I am eating, but not stress. It's one day and it's not going to derail my months of hard work :smile:
  • Achrya
    Achrya Posts: 16,913 Member
    If I run a half marathon I'm gonna eat whatever the hell I want.

    ....I actually do that anyway. But especially if I run a half.
  • kaseyr1505
    kaseyr1505 Posts: 624 Member
    I might be working, so there's that.

    If not, I'm gonna eat the foods, drink a couple drinks and apply sunscreen like my life depended on it. Holidays didn't make me fat.
  • sadiebea25
    sadiebea25 Posts: 72
    I like you guys! I of course have to work :( But then, to my Mom's for dinner where I will eat what ever is around! Then head home and have some beers and watch the fireworks. But skydiving, hotdog bacon burgers, saving the world, and ribs sound much more exciting! And someone mentioned potato salad? Yes!
  • freakhazerd2424
    freakhazerd2424 Posts: 611 Member
    My strategy? Eat all the food! It's one day. Life's too short to eat carrots and bunless burgers at a July 4th cook out.

    Me and you will be in the corner at the end of the day holding our stomachs and crying in pain but a little joy lol
  • Lizzy622
    Lizzy622 Posts: 3,705 Member
    Going to a party at SIL so will probably bring some healthy stuff to share. Stuffed tomatoes probably. She has been on MFP and lost some weight so she will probably have some healthy options available.

    ETA - also has swimming pool so I will bring pool noodles for a good workout.
  • pdank311
    pdank311 Posts: 137 Member
    1. Grab an adult beverage
    2. Load up a plate with whatever looks amazing
    3 Shove that down my gullet
    4. Hop in the pool

    Rinse, repeat, and deal with it on Monday. :) enjoy your holiday, friends, and family. Life is short.