Official "Get Friends" Thread



  • jwat90
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    You can add me!
  • Grenon
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    Could always do with a few new active friends!
  • prettyface55
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    Add me????
  • Dena_2016
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    I'm looking for friends to stay motivated, and maybe share best practices. I'm looking to lose 50 lbs. I'm a mom and have three children. I work full time and my junk us no longer in my's all over the place. Feel free to add me because I have no idea how to do it ...yet! Good luck all, I wish you success! Xoxo
  • veezybell
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    Hey everyone, feel free to add me, I'm trying to be a more active member on this site
  • Atrocity108
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    Anyone can add me as well. I am in WV and trying to lose another 68-72 lbs.
  • kvansanity
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    Hey I'm Katie! I'm 22 years old and am just trying to get in better shape. I'm down about 15 pounds, and want to lose 5 more.
  • ang1977
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    Looking for some motivation!!! Not new to dieting or exercise but i'm looking to finally stick with it and hoping Myfitnesspal will help! I enjoy exercising but I enjoy food more which is the biggest problem!! Never been much for tracking calories or exercise, will do it for a few days then quit. Time to change all that nonsense!!!
  • Princess71117
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    I'd love to make some new friends as well! Started out here in December and lost 20lbs, the life got in the way. I started back up a week ago, and realized that I'd love more motivation and people to encourage as well :) Feel free to add me!!
  • candykay0605
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    I love having friends also feel free to add
  • shanahz
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    I love adding new friends! Feel free to add me I'm very active on MFP!
  • Hello, my name is Ashley and I'm from TN. I have gained quite a bit of weight since I graduated from high school a few years ago. I'm trying to lose fifty pounds over all, but I may not stop there. Feel free to add me; I'm looking for some friends on here!
  • Leggylass
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    go on then.. add me if you want :tongue:
  • Hi! I am Devon, 19 years old and a college student at Salisbury University. I used to be a distance runner at Salisbury University and had to quit for injury reasons... Now I am working out a lot doing classes such as Tabata, Boot Camp, Brazilian Butt and Abs class and lifting heavy... My goal is to get back down to 125 pounds by the end of summer! I do not want to be skinny, I want to be strong! My diary is not private so add me because I am in need of some motivation!!
  • twisty_
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    Hi. I'm in Hertfordshire. I'm 34 years old & work full time.
    This isn't the first time I've lost weight, however will be the first time I've kept it off!! This time is different....
    Getting married next year & want to look stunning, doing this for myself mainly as want to feel a million dollars!
    I've been using this app since February 2014 & so far to June I've hit my goal of losing 2 stone!
    I've now added another stone that I want to lose & need to find the motivation to do it. I'm determined :)
  • Hey everyone! So I'm 18 and I want to lose about 50lbs within the next couple of years. I really am trying to practice healthy habits so I actually keep the weight off for the rest of my life. I would really love if you guys could send me messages with tips that have helped you guys with losing the weight and keeping it off. I've been reading all of your stories and you guys are all a huge inspiration for me! You guys are amazing and keep doing as well as you're doing!!! :)
  • Bambi707
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    I am from Hertfordshire. I am 28 years old

    I have always been happy with my weight but I have always wanted to tone my thighs. I always found myself doing it for two weeks then as soon as I saw results I would stop.

    3 and a half years ago I met my lovely partner who is a chef... danger danger.:sad: Anyway here I am now trying to loose the weight and tone my thighs. I started this journey at 149 lbs in March this year . I am now at 127 lbs. Woop woop! I haven't got a goal because it's more about how I look. I ideally want to be a size 10 on my bottom, like I was before. I am currently a size 8 on top (pear shape)

    Being on here, reading different post has really helped motivate me so I wanted to say hello to everyone. Well done to everyone who has started this journey or already on the journey.

    Add me, my diary is open so we could motivate eachother. :smile:
  • SomberG
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    Hi everyone. Feel free to add me. I accept anyone. I want us all to succeed.
  • brentbarrie
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    Add if you want...I just ask that you are active on your feed.

    Thanks :)
  • PinkyFett
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    I'd like some friends who are active and comment often. I'm on here a lot. No plans to quit :flowerforyou: