5'3-5'5 females can you show me your transformation?



  • cierrataylor92
    cierrataylor92 Posts: 8 Member
  • Tona917
    Tona917 Posts: 9 Member
  • sphkhn
    sphkhn Posts: 456 Member
    Everyone looks so amazing! I might just have to contribute when I hit the 25 pounds lost mark.
  • sparklenglitter
    sparklenglitter Posts: 52 Member
    Wow fantastic transformations I have lost 34 so far and really feel better. I will be posting soon. You can see in my galery a before in a red tee shirt and the one I have posted although it is sideways shows my latest results.

    SW. 237
    CW 204
    GW 140

    5' 4 "

    Started MFP Seriously April 27, 2014
  • smarieallen85
    smarieallen85 Posts: 535 Member


    This is my inspirational pic! You look fan-flippin-tastic.

    For real! I've had people tell me to stop losing weight, including my trainer. This makes me want to keep going.
  • HealthyStartsHere
    HealthyStartsHere Posts: 126 Member
    Still working on my progress. first pic is 2 years ago at my highest which is around 300 lbs. second pic is my current weight which is 265



    I am very happy with my progress thus far and I can't wait to lose more. The change in my face and belly makes me so happy!
  • merisaOct3
    merisaOct3 Posts: 197 Member

    5'4.5" SW 181, CW 154
  • cookieinbk82
    cookieinbk82 Posts: 320 Member
    June 27th 2014 (215)
    August 24th 2014 (183)
  • nomorebingesgirl2014
    nomorebingesgirl2014 Posts: 378 Member
  • snowboardRN
    snowboardRN Posts: 25 Member
    Before, May 2013


    After, August 2013

    I have since gained it all back from quitting smoking. So now I'm hoping to transform again!
  • eldersc
    eldersc Posts: 3
  • TRIX5884
    TRIX5884 Posts: 318 Member

    Still a work in progress - but this is where I'm at.

    ****edited to fix picture posting :)
  • determinedgirl1
    determinedgirl1 Posts: 128 Member
    WOW! I am going to remove my "skinny" picture on my refrigerator and I am replacing it with your picture. You look A-MAY-ZING! And I love your dress and shoes. You look so happy. You are my new hero. Thanks for sharing. Please tell me how you did it and how long it took you.
  • merisaOct3
    merisaOct3 Posts: 197 Member
    218 in the first and 120 in the second



    WOW! You are breathtaking and an inspiration!!!

    Yes! I second this! Congratulations.
  • BarbieFromHellx
    BarbieFromHellx Posts: 758 Member

    This one is already on my profile, but the left is me somewhere between 140-145lbs and the right is my current weight of 122lbs. I'm also 5'4"
  • Thanks for sharing.
  • I am 5'3.

    I was 240lbs. Oct. 2011

    today I am 145lbs

    still wanting to loose another 15 but that is becoming harder to get rid of.

    My profile pic shows my progress.
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  • ShaGetFit23
    ShaGetFit23 Posts: 31 Member
    look at my display pic. 221-165 same shirt smh eew I was so embarrassed but I'm proud of myself I started Jan/Feb of this yr I was five months post section of my second child at 221 and now I'm 163 maybe less will weigh in on Wed. I'm 5'3 3/4 26yrs old. My goal is to get to 125/130 depending on how I look and feel.Hopefully by end of year.
  • ShaGetFit23
    ShaGetFit23 Posts: 31 Member
    Wow u look great
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