going to lunch at Wendy's what would you order and why?



  • njmark72
    njmark72 Posts: 99 Member
    Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Plain, nothing on it, just the chicken and the bun) and a Diet Coke....

    450 calories and tastes great... A little high in sodium so I am careful the rest of the day....

  • gromithere
    gromithere Posts: 172 Member
    Not a fan of their burgers at Wendy's so it is easy for me to stay healthy there for me. Grilled chicken go-wrap's without sauce are good.
  • jessiej99
    jessiej99 Posts: 28 Member
    Baked potatoe with chili and fully loaded...yummy
  • starrylioness
    starrylioness Posts: 543 Member
    I like their grilled chicken wrap (no sauce) in a kid's meal - and I get it with a side of sliced apples and diet soda.
  • AsaThorsWoman
    AsaThorsWoman Posts: 2,303 Member
    Pretzel burger was over-rated.

    I usually get a dollar menu burger and fries.
  • sweetpea03b
    sweetpea03b Posts: 1,124 Member
    I don't eat fast food very often... but when I do at Wendy's I get a grilled chicken go wrap and a baked potato. (About 580 calories... but I rarely eat the whole potato so its even lower than that.)
  • missiontofitness
    missiontofitness Posts: 4,074 Member
    Jr Cheeseburger and a small fry. And a small frosty if my cals for the day allow me to.
  • Luuvy
    Luuvy Posts: 602 Member
    I always get a full size Apple pecan chicken salad or the strawberry fields salad with only 1 dressing. They are awesome and both are low calorie and very filling.
  • enzosmama
    enzosmama Posts: 134 Member
    I get the chili and put it over a plain baked potato. So yummy and filling!
  • prettigirl01
    prettigirl01 Posts: 548 Member
    if youre going to wendys theres no point in trying to keep it healthy. I would order what I want, eat it then work it off the next couple of days.
  • Apple Pecan Chicken is amazing! Get the grilled chicken, not crispy. They dressing is actually not bad as far as calories and fat content, but I still only use one packet because I don't like my salad swimming in dressing. The pecans are the hard to resist part. They are a delicious little sweet treat, but are loaded with sugar, so they're high in calories. Skip them if you have the willpower. If you need more food than that, go for a side of chili without cheese or crackers.
  • woodworkingbymike
    woodworkingbymike Posts: 3 Member
    I am a assistant manager at Wendy's and have to eat every day there if they have the Gouda chicken there its a specialty sandwich only carried for limited time it is very good. I get it substituted the home style chicken for grill to save on calories. it has 37 grams of protein and with the grill chicken is only 470 calories. if you go with the home style chicken the protein drops to 32 and the calories raise to 600.
  • Cliffslosinit
    Cliffslosinit Posts: 5,048 Member
    Dave's Hot 'n Juicy 3/4 Lb. Triple - no tomato
    baked potato w/bacon and cheese

    Why? Because it's really good.
  • rueruechika
    rueruechika Posts: 86 Member
    Baked potato topped with chili.
  • pixelatedsun
    pixelatedsun Posts: 165 Member
    I've been loving their strawberry field salad this summer! Not sure what I'll do when it's gone - probably back to the ol' "chili and a baked potato" standby.
  • extra_medium
    extra_medium Posts: 1,525 Member
    Water. Because gross.

  • donnat238
    donnat238 Posts: 309 Member
    Small chili and a side salad
  • Great_Mazinga
    Great_Mazinga Posts: 214 Member
    The only things I ever liked at Wendy's were the baked potatoes and the chili. I especially liked the chili poured over the baked potato....

    ...but I've found a similar chili recipe online, so now I just make the same thing at home.

    +1. I don't eat Wendy's or fast food in general much anymore, but when I do the small chili over baked potato works for me. Their salad I have tried seemed a little skimpy, but that's been quite some time. I think they have new offerings. Naturally you still have to watch what's really in there and how much [dressing, croutons, cheeses, bacon, etc.]
  • levitateme
    levitateme Posts: 999 Member
    Either a small spicy chicken sandwich meal with diet coke or a pretzel burger with diet coke.

    If that fish filet is still rocking, maybe that.

    Why: I never go out to eat at lunch because I bring my food every day. If I went to Wendy's I for sure would get something good/filling
  • FitChickBritt
    FitChickBritt Posts: 161 Member
    Small Chili and a side salad with italian. Low in calories and high in protein.