rudest thing anyone has ever said about your weight?



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    Hurry up *kitten*! Oh, you said weight, thought you said wait.
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    Boss explaing how someone looked, and I quote, "she was big, I mean probally like your size".

    Took the knife out of my back where she put it last week and stuck it in my heart.

    That's freaking AWFUL :-(

    While I guess it wasn't *quite* as my old company one of the bosses was telling a bunch of us at lunch how enormous her sister in law had become, and a kind coworker made a comment like "Ah I'm sure she's not that big" which I believe was said because of me sitting there, she was clearly trying to downplay the topic. The boss said, "Oh no, she is, she is like 250 lb I don't just mean plus size". I weighed like 290-300 at the time. Granted, even the nurses at my doctor's office expressed surprise that I was at a higher weight than they would have thought...but I think pretty much anyone would have known I was at least 250. Ugh.
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    Well, I have a couple of incidents that someone could consider very rude if they weren't innocently stated from the absolute closest of family members. And on the end, helped motivate...

    It was last Christmas time, my two youngest children (7 and 9 yrs) patted my round stomach and compared me favorably to Santa Claus after watching one of those classic specials on TV. We all laughed, and I threw in some "Ho Ho Ho!" and such, but it did give me some "food for thought" regarding my waistline! They really thought they were complementing me, heh.

    Then a bit later, my 100 year old Italian grandmother kept trying to get me to eat more at a family meal, but also kept patting me on the belly every so often and saying, "Hey you have to get rid of this..." Keep in mind, she is very forgetful and did this a few times without noticing the contradictions. Again, it made me and my other family members chuckle.

    But I think these incidents kind of stayed in my mind and lead me to redouble my efforts once springtime hit this year. I had been exercising for a few years, but realized that I had to get a real idea as to how much I was eating for once instead of winging it. And thus, discovered MFP, which has proved invaluable to my making progress! It really makes things easy to control if you log accurately and honestly.
  • I am 5'4" 204 lbs. Just 3 weeks ago my fiancés uncle said to him "you look like you've put on a few pounds! Trying to catch up to her?" (While pointing at me, of course). My fiance is 5'11 & 180 lbs...he is a skinny guy! Yeah, he used to be like 170, so even skinnier. It hurt, but I fake laughed. Because he's old and apparently old people lose their thought-to-speech filter over time.
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    Just 2 days ago I had a guy I work with say to me, "I think you're a pretty woman, but your weight takes away from it" I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but couldn't get it out of my head. The next day I told him I needed to talk to him. I let him know that his words were hurtful, though I did believe he hadn't meant to hurt my feelings. He apologized and said he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, he was glad that I'm taking steps to get healthier. I didn't mention it to my husband until after I confronted him, my husband would have gone off on him! I'm 10 years older than my husband and the heaviest I've been in my life, but have never felt so loved! (Almost the heaviest, I've lost 6 lbs since starting MFP)
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    My childhood physician "You would be such a pretty girl if you lost weight"

    My dad after I stopped working out for a while in my mid 20's, literally poked me in my stomach, which I flipping hate (he's the reason I have oversensitive touch & space boundary issues) and said "I guess you stopped going to the gym huh."
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    When I was a kid - 'wide load' every time I got on the bus.
    When I was a teen - you have such a pretty face, if only you'd lose weight
    When I was an adult - "you're huge" when I was pregnant.
    Also 'you're a fat b*tch' when I wasn't

    Most encouraging thing is - my personal trainer now just is so sweet, she's encouraging plus I've forgiven the people listed above for the harm they did to me.
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    I was heavily pregnant (on top of being just plain ol' fat), and I went to a support group. While I was inside, someone slashed my tires. I come outside, and these scary lookin' dudes start getting real pushy about "helping" me. I drive to close by and slightly safer (read: public) location. While I'm waiting on AAA to show up, I was starving, and the only thing I had was a honey bun that my husband got me 'cause I'd been craving them. I was munching and this homeless dude comes up to me starts hassling me about buying him something to eat at Burger King (it was adjacent to where I was parked), and when I declined, he goes on a tirade, yelling at me, "Your fat a-- doesn't even need that honey bun and you know it, but I'm starving, you b----!!".

    Just rolled up the window and kept chewing. Jerk.

    I guess it's not that terrible, but it was a pretty nasty cherry on a pretty awful day.
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    Ok, this thread needs a serious BOOYAH! moment.

    My daughter was heavy all through middle school. She also had a serious crush on a cute boy. The boy was really nice to her, but dated only the thinner girls. My daughter is beautiful, with long thick blonde hair, big blue eyes, and even at her heaviest had a nice curvy body.

    Thank God this boy was never mean to her or I would have been required to kick is azz.

    He goes off to the private high school, DD goes to the public.

    Four years later we are standing by her car. She was very healthy size 3, white dress, tan little beach bunny, long blonde hair hanging down her back.

    She was leaning into the trunk for cap and gown when I saw this little Toyota, music blaring, drive by very slowly. Same car circles and comes back around. DD continues rummaging through the trunk.

    When he came around for the 3rd time, she stood up straight, swung her hair and beamed an awesome smile.

    I said "Oh babe, that guy is SO watching you!" she smiled and said "Yup, that is Alex" :happy:

    He tried so hard to talk to her before and after commencement and she completely ignored him. (sigh, those moments are wonderful):smokin:
  • "you look like you've gained weight in your face....but you wear it well!"
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    Some men in the grocery store called me a whale and burst out laughing. Keep in mind I am 5'4" and weighed 130 at the time (which is a bmi of not even close to overweight really). Our culture is f****** ridiculous these days in regards to the size people expect women to be. Somehow even healthy is not good enough.
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    I just thought of another one, worse than the other I posted. I was walking home from work several years back and a guy drove by in a truck and yelled out the window, "lay off the cheese burgers" I was devastated as I had been walking home from work for weeks (3 miles) and watching my food.
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    oh my gosh I feel so sorry for so many of you people on here! I can't believe how cruel some people are, I thought I'd been given crap in my life about my weight but what I've experienced barely even counts as an insult in comparison.
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    Lots of pregnancy assumption stories on this thread! I have told my husband sooooo many times you NEVER, EVER, NEVER ask a woman about being pregnant unless she has specifically told you she is! One of my worst comments is actually the opposite- I was working out at Curves, 7 months pregnant and chatting about baby things with some of the other ladies who were working out too when one commented, "Are you SURE you are pregnant? Like REALLY sure it's not just fat?" And she was totally serious, too. I laugh about it now, and maybe it was the preggo hormones but I was so hurt!!

    I hate to admit it but one time I made the mistake of assuming a woman was pregnant. I was working door at my exercise class, she came in as a new student, and I very politely said in your condition you probably don't want to do this certain exercise.

    She was skinny everywhere else except the front of her tummy. So honest mistakes can happen, with no ill will intent. After that very embarrassing episode I will never mention pregnancy until they tell me they're pregnant.
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    One of my husband’s friend and his girlfriend came to visit and I had not seen her in two years. We went to the beach together and while there she stood next to me and was looking at my midsection. The she goes “Wait is that?” Then proceeded to touch the muscle that runs on the side of the abs which was popping out because of the position I was in, then she wipes her hand as if I had dirtied it. I laughed out loud and walked away but it does sting when some people say I’m looking less and less feminine because of muscle.

    I heard comments growing up from people close to me about what I ate all the time even though I was never overweight. The minute I lost the fat and started gaining muscle all of the sudden I went to the extreme and will soon look like a man. Screw people! Most just want to put others down because of the insecurities they have about themselves.
  • A few months ago I moved out to live with my boyfriend and his family.

    A month ago I go visit my sister. She sees my belly and goes "I see they're feeding you well!" and points at me.

    I just brushed it off but when I got home I was obsessing over that comment and it made me so despressed.

    I know it wasn't incredibly rude, and it's not like she had cruel intentions (she is my sister after all), but it still hurt.

    The next day, I decided to change my diet and my exercise habits and here I am now. :happy:
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    When i was pregnant i was having my 12 week scan and it was done by a trainee who was being supervised. They put the probe on my belly and the supervisor told the trainee to turn the strength of the machine up because i was a lot larger than the average lady and with all my excess stomach fat they wouldn't get a good picture. They were talking like i wasn't even in the room. That really ruined the experience for me.
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    "No one will ever hire you because you're so big they'll be afraid you'll keel over from a heart attack."
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    My story isn't as bad as some in here, but at the time it hurt a lot.
    I was always very slim, was 49kgs (108lb) when I feel pregnant with our twins (am 5'2"). That pregnancy stretched me out so badly....throw in a c-section and my poor tummy was a saggy baggy mess. I gained a huge amount of weight (31.5kg, 69lb) but lost all but 10kg (22lb) of it straight away.
    After baby #3 was born I was in the same position weight wise but feeling pretty good about myself, after all my body had produced 3 good size babies in 21 months!!
    Until we visited the husbands grandparents when #3 was 6mths old. The very first thing his grandmother said to me was "are you pregnant again?":cry: No hello, good to see you.....just stared at my stomach and blurted that out.

    Turns out she is actually just a self-centered woman who has to be better than everyone else....and what better way to undermine a person than call them fat in an underhanded way!!
    She recently told my sister in law (who is the same height and current weight as me) that she (Nana) was much slimmer then her (SIL):grumble:
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    The rudest thing would have to be a toss up of when I was about 13 and starting to explore cropped tanks, I wasn't a fat kid, I didn't have a flat stomach but I was beautiful, and both my mother and my uncle made comments about how I needed to stop eating, which I did...hello eating disorders

    The other thing would be a doctor when I was about the same age jiggling my belly around (really I was not that big at all) and telling me that I was quite the chubby kid, after an operation on my stomach which they had filled my stomach with air to see better.

    I have had more than that when I actually got big, but those are some of the worse ones.