Sports Bra at the gym - appropriate or not?



  • I think its ashame that people think that you need to have abs and what not to wear just a sports bra in the gym.

    Are you not all there to do the same thing, workout?
    Surely a bigger women will sweat just like a slimmer women, and need the skin to breath just as much.
    Your all there to either get fit, stay fit zo each one of your goals are basicly the same.

    So if you want to wear a sports bra at the gym go ahead.

    Least your doing something or at least trying to.
    If tgey are bigger than you and dont have a sports body just yet.... they are at tge gym trying to gain one
    Through hard work, sweat and heat!
  • Vex3521
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    Depending on the gym rules.... and then past that, honestly, type and fit play a lot into this for me. No one wants to see someone squeezed into something a la sausage casing style, yes, dude in spandex this means you too!

    I've never had the "black eye" issue but I like good support so the flimsy sort, totally under clothing. I got used to working out in "approved" pt gear only on active duty so it's hard to break that habit and took me a long while to get out of the t-shirt & shorts routine. Usually I'd do a tank and be fine but some cardio or spin classes..... if it can come off, yep, it would!

    I'm not in a gym right now so the home routine is wearing whatever the heck I feel like, usually a little more coverage with the kids around but when they're not, I am sweating like all get out so the less drenched clothing the better!
  • marybeethin
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    Take it off! :glasses:
  • lucan07
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    No sorry not for me, I look silly in a bra!
  • beckizzle
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    So long as she is wearing more underwear than a thong and isn't doing sprints on the spin bike in front of me.... that's all kinds of eeewwww
  • beckizzle
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    I wear a light t-shirt over my sports bra. When I see women in just the bra, I think they're trying to attract attention.

    Being honest here, I have to agree.

    I totally agree. Nike, Reebok and Danskin make great workout tanks that help draw away the sweat and keep you cool while working out. In my opinion, sports bras are still bras and belong under your workout clothes. It doesn't seem appropriate and will attract too much attention. I don't go the gym to be anyone's show. Its bad enough my workout clothes are tight but at least they are clothes and don't resemble underclothes. My mom always taught me to keep it classy and not assy. Just saying.

    All this
  • Myhaloslipped
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    It is definitely appropriate, but some of the older men at my gym have a serious staring problem even when women have a shirt on, so I always wear a t-shirt. They even had to put up signs about how it's inappropriate to stare at other members because it makes them uncomfortable.
  • kelly_e_montana
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    I have never seen anyone do this at my gym so it would be pretty shocking.
  • kitticus15
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    I see a young girl do this at the gym I use, nobody bats an eyelid, I look at her and think that is what I am aiming for, I would workout in sports bra and shorts if I looked that good too, unfortunately I look more like a whale and cover up to prevent offence :)
  • If I had the body to do so I would. Though I have quite a ways to go I make sure im in spandex and a tshirt with cut off sleeves. Whats comfortable to me.
  • rgugs13
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    I don't see how it is any different than guys who workout at the gym without a shirt on. I'd love to have the body and confidence to do that some day, but I'm generally more comfortable in a loose tank top or tshirt with sleeves cut off. I do think it is a bit more sanitary to wear a shirt if you will be lying down on benches, etc. You never know who forgot to clean the bench/mat off before you, and a sweaty shirt is a better barrier than nothing!
  • kelly_e_montana
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    I only wore my sports bra pole dancing a couple of times. I wore a tank top the rest of the time. So did everyone else. Either it's colder where I live or people don't show as much skin. I can't even fathom seeing someone in a sports bra in public.
  • Inkratlet
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    I really would, as the aircon in our gym is rubbish in the summer. I have super supportive sports bras that are meant to be worn as tank tops as well as under garments. However, I have far too much flab to feel confident doing that, so it isn't going to happen, for now.

    I think it's fine :)
  • cakebatter07
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    Totally fine. You also don't have to be super fit to wear one either. Anyone can.

    I don't wear one, because I'm not confident with just being in a sports bra at the gym, but once I get my goal body, heck yeah I would!
  • lindustum
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    Absolutely not. Same goes for shirtless guys. You are here to work out, not to show off. It's distracting. Yes, I get you are proud- I am too. But there are plenty of clothes that will actually cover you and still show how much work you have put into your body.

    It's inappropriate to wear a bra in public. A gym is public. Ergo = bra is inappropriate. If you want to workout naked, get your own equipment.
  • jazzie_red
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    A bikini shows more than a sports bar. It's so weird that people get freaked out about "underwear"....
  • stumblinthrulife
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    On a practical note, I find a good wicking shirt keeps me cooler than no shirt. Even as a guy for whom the option is open, I don't run shirtless even in the hottest weather.

    While I don't have a problem with it per se, I do think wearing just a sports bra at the gym is unnecessary, just as I think it's unnecessary for a guy to go topless at the gym.