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    Hey Everyone...I am such a slacker, no honestly I just can't seem to find time to be on the computer.. But today I have decided that I am going to start tracking.. I feel horrible, bloated, gassy and just icky.. Sore... I know its cuz I'm fat.. I do know that.. Even though I have made a lot of changes I still have to find time to just do this....

    I'm surprised that I haven't been hit with that slipper yet.. Where is my support team?? Deb, Cyndi, Sheila, Kelly??? LOL kidding, if I can't do it on my own then I just can't do it...

    Have a wonderful weekend you guys..
  • Most of you know I am skipping this week's weigh in to give my mind a rest. I have not weighed since last saturday and I don't plan on weighing till next friday. I did do a couple measurements on thursday though, down an inch in my thighs, almost an inch at my belly button waste, and nearly an inch and a half above the belt button at my narrowest point. I was relieved to see progress no matter what the scale was saying before. Things should continue if I keep up my efforts. Circuits are kicking into higher gear next week, chubby zones, you better watch out!
    You guys are all doing great. Congrats on your efforts! :)
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    Nice inches lost there Shanally!! I haven't done the inches thing yet but I have gotten into pants that didn't fit before.

    Anita..I talked to you on facebook and tried to get you on track...I can't come through the screen and beat you into submission!!! You have to make time on your own.. I don't want to be toooo pushy and piss you off then you won't come.

    egam. I am sure I am doing something wrong. I just have 15 minute breaks and I wear different shoes to work every day so I just took off in the shoes I had on. Maybe I can keep a pair of tennis shoes at my work just to walk in.

    Vicki good going on the pound loss!!

    I forgot to weigh. Mike was here. I wasn't sure he would really come. He has a way of backing out at the last minute. I didn't believe in him until he got here Thursday afternoon at my lunch time. He had shoulder surgery on Monday and before our breakup I was supposed to go with him and then bring him to my house and take care of him for a few days. We didn't get back together until 3 days before the surgery so I didn't take him but he wanted to come here to be with me for a few days.I called in sick at work on Friday so I could be with him. We had a really nice day and I made a wonderful crock pot stew. I also made a pineapple upside down cake. I ended forgetting to log yesterday and I ate more than I should have of the stew. I am sure I went over on calories yesterday. I took him home today about 2pm. He has to sing at church tomorrow and has Cable coming on Monday to get internet at his dad's house where he has been staying since he split with his wife. Tuesday he has a doctors appt to get his stitches out. He is planning on coming back on Wednesday for a few days again. He lives 45 miles from me that is why he is going back and forth. So far things are going pretty well and I hope it all works. Vicki I am sure you want some details...and I need to keep it G-rated here, but lets just say...that surgery didn't keep him down LOL.

    I think I will wait and weigh this next time, unless I step on the scales tomorrow and see a miracle.

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    Howdy Gals,

    I had one of those restless days. I got up with vim and vinegar ready to blaze the trail bloody (I mean get lots done, and get in a good walk outside...it was a lovely sunny day...which also means this time of year very very cold.) But, it was so cold and icy the walk didn't happen and I just couldn't decide WHAT to do productive around the house...so I just putzed. I hate spending my weekends "doing chores". I like doing "projects" and I just couldn't decide what project to do!

    Had a nice chat with DH about my dieting. (Oh groan, here she goes again) but he was pretty supportive (after all I don't give him a bad time about all the times he says he's going to quit smoking). He likes it when I'm watching what I eat, he said I'm a good cook and can make "diet food" taste good! I talked about a few changes we're going to have to make in the future...one of them exercising, and like a man he didn't get the WE part (see, Cindi, it IS a man thing). Oh well, I'll keep working on it, but I won't expect much.

    GREAT loss in the inches department Shan! How much time between measurements?

    So nice to see you again Nita! I'm too new to know anything about any slipper but will a gentle slap to the back of the head work? They way you're feeling is MY motivation. I'm tired of being tired all the time.

    Emma, keep up with the Willpower Workout! That's awesome you shaved off a pound without really trying. I hear ya on the Friday weigh in, but I'm making it work for me. I think consistency is more the point.

    So Deb, that was a rated PG response...you lucky gal!

    Well, better check in my FB friends before hitting the hay...see ya tomorrow.

    Happy Losing....Vicki.....Ü
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    Hey Vicki, wanna be facebook friends? I am Debbie Ballew Mickel on facebook
  • Thanks vik! I think I last measured 3 weeks ago. So not bad.i think. Found like a busy weekend! Keep up the determination! :)
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    Howdy Gals,

    Ah a day of football, and if you would look at my menu for the day...you'd LYAO! Still under calories. We were invited to a friends "shop" with a wood burning stove and a 52" flat panel LED TV AND his kids and grand kids. Had a great time.

    I hope everyone else is having a good weekend. I may not be eating purrrrrfect...but keeping it under calories (snicker snicker).

    Thanks for the FB invite....my request is weighting for your okay.

    Happy Losing....Vicki....*Ü*
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    Vicki I accepted the friend invite. Thanks. It will be nice to chat with you while online if you don't mind. I think it would be fun to get to know one another.

    I looked at your diary. You didn't eat one bit of good food today girl! But you stayed under calories. I didn't eat well either. We had brunch to celebrate the January birthdays in my family. That is the only meal I had...breakfast for lunch. But I ate 2 kinds of cake and that ate up 500 calories. I still had about 300 calories left but I didn't have dinner just in case I didn't estimate well on what I had or if I forgot something. I didn't log my food the minute I ate it so I am hoping I didn't forget anything. I won't have dinner and I should be good to go.

    I didn't log at all yesterday. I had taken Mike home and I was sad and I forgot to log and I probably went over calories. So now I have to start a new streak of logging. I had made it to 20 days logging and then blew it Friday and Saturday. So today starts over.

    The weather is supposed to be a bit better this week so hopefully I will get some walks in on my break. It's dark when I come home so I don't walk at night after work. I am enjoying the morning walk for 15 minutes. Wish I could walk longer but that is all the break I get. Maybe I can walk on my lunch break. I have an hour then. I can eat and then walk and go back to work. We will see.

    Hope everyone has a successful week. If you aren't having one get on here and ask us for help!!

    Vicki in 2009 we had a gal on here who would threaten to use her slipper on us when we didn't post or when we didn't come here for help when we were struggling. So that is why we talk about using the slipper to get us on track. She was so funny and we had so much fun with her.

    Looks like we are going to have to get the slipper out and get a few gals back here talking to us. Have a great week.

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  • CrazybeeRX
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    I just got out the slipper and posted notes on my friends that have come in here asking them to come and support us and comfort us and hopefully we can support them and comfort them. Hope they come and see us!!
  • Hello ladies! I see you are all surviving the weekend! That makes me happy!
    I went to a good friend's babyshower today and guess what... I had HALF a cupcake and only 6 chips with my salsa and veggies. Half a cupcake! Woot Woot! lol I felt good about that choice.

    Vik, I just might take a look at your diary :-D Just to see if it really will make me laugh. hehe

    So I have been IN LOVE with my juicer and I have been drinking raw green juice after my workouts and one some days just making a yummy juice just cuz. Well, Jeremy and I made juice together tonight and now he is researching an even better juicer. Man, US and our dreams haha. I told him, "hmmm Maybe for my birthday?" ;) the one I want is like 225 bucks. PIPE DREAMS

    Tomorrow is kind of a crazy up in the air day... not sure if I am subbing or not and then I tutor in the evening so hopefully I can squeeze in my circuit training... If not Day 1 of week 3 will have to begin tuesday!

    Have ya taken another Zumba class? I used to LOVE zumba and we have a few amazing zumba instructors out here who are also Personal Trainers so it is well worth it! :-D The Y that I used to go to has a ZUMBA toning class which is ZUMBA with light weight high rep strength training... using 1-3 lb weights and squats and lunges all with the sume crazy music and still funky dancing. AMAZING workout! I would burn like 1000 calories in an hour! It was NUT! I do miss that class. We are members at Gold's now and i have yet to take any classes there. I was thinking about taking their RPM spin class though. We shall see.

    I hope the start to everyone's week is well and that you all STICK TO IT! :-D Have fun with it, try a new food or recipe this week! Put yourself up to a new challenge! ENJOY!
  • Anyone who wants to add me on face book please feel free to.
    Kelly Gausman make sure you put MFP in the message area please :)
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    I am so close to over on my calories today! although I did drink my eight glasses of water to day so that is a good thing. Off to do some yoga to make up for those cookies....darn cookies....
  • egam
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    opps double post!
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    Howdy Gals,

    WHERE IS EVERYONE!!!! At least it's an easy task keeping up with everyone...

    I forgot when one exercises one gets to eat more calories! Ah darn, I guess that means I'll have to have some geletto (a kind of ice cream, I think) BIG boo boo not having any breakfast. Moandays are my usual day off and I spent today planing for my lunches at work, made some muffins to have with breakfast, and sorted out the freezer for meats for dinner. Put together a stew in the pressure cooker to cook while at Yoga class. Doesn't seem like much, but I kept pretty busy. ANYTHING to avoid brushing the cat.

    Shan, I bit the bullet and bought an emulsifier a few months back. I toss in whole fruits and veggies with water and it chops it up to delicious drinks and smoothies. I've made some really interesting soups, too. Although the soups are mostly veggie, I'm having a hard time finding tasty veggie drinks. If you have any favorite veggie drinks pass them on...I'll be most appreciative. I LOVE grossing out my co-workers with some of my concoctions.

    The emulsifier isn't cheap, but I knew I would be using it all the time. So far, money well spent (and it was on time pay).

    Okay Kelly, I look for ya...I'm Vicki Wheeler Hallowell if anyone wants to look for me. I'm something of a newby on FB, so I don't really know all the ins and outs...but I sure love finding old friends, and chatting with new ones.

    Happy Losing...Vicki...*Ü*
  • It sounds like you have been really productive! :-D
    Yeah an emulsifier is not cheap... we have a really nice Kitchenaide blender and it will make anything into a pulp... ;) But I use my juicer for juicing then if i want to make it into a smoothie with a banana or yogurt I toss it in the blender and go from there.

    So my veggie juice secret is to add one apple and a half lime. :-D It hides the flavor of ANY potent greens.

    Here is a link to some really great recipes. :-D I use Kale, chard, spinach, carrots, celery or beets and lots of FUN things with ONE apple and half a lime and it is YUMMY! :-D You could also use a pear or an orange or grapes! I do 90% veggie and a fruit or 2. Sometimes i will do primarily fruits with a grapefruit and apples or oranges, YUM! Pineapple too! ;)


    Have fun! :-D
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    Howdy all!

    Sorry didnt post much over the weekend. Saturday was grandmas memorial service and it went good. Saw several of her old friends and people I grew up around but dont see very much. Otherwise the weather was perfect and sunny so hubby and I went to bike night with our motorcycle group and I fudged on my meal plan and had pizza. I immediately regretted it as my system got used to eating good and the greasy pizza just bogged me down. Even hubby said he felt sluggish afterwards.

    The weather held out for us on Sunday and we decided to take a nice group ride with 8 other riders. We rode about 50 miles of back roads with twistys, stopping for lunch in the middle so it was a good hour and a half of solid riding. Oddly enough, Im not sore at all. My back was a little stiff this morning but it was stiff before we left, so I cant really attribute that to the riding. Anyway.... gorgeous weather over the next few days so I plan to take advantage of it as much as possible via the bike.

    Following my menu plan religiously for the week. My jeans this morning felt looser, so I weighed in again and saw a 2.2lb drop so I was pretty excited by that. Im at 221.2 now so just 21.2 more pounds to go until goal, then I'll evaluate if I want to maintain or if I want to lose more. :0)

    Hope everyone else had a good monday!!
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    Hi All,

    I've been lurking through the posts lately. I dunno whats wrong with me, i seem so tired lately. It seems like all of you are doing a good job!

    So, i bought an Heart Rate Monitor and i really like it. Its nice to see accuracy with how many calories your burning and also its a big blow to see your not burning as much as you thought you did. The HRM has a nice feature where you can tell it you want to lose weight and it tells you how much to work out and how many cals to burn. Mine said to workout 5hr 30min a week in Zone 1-2 and burn 2700 cals.

    Well, i did 6hr and 30min and it said i burned 2500, and the damn HRM has the nerve to tell me that i should lay off being in Zone 3, i'm like "what the heck, i didnt even burn 2700 cals and i was only able to get that high because i pushed myself to get my heart rate up to zone 3." Sooo yeah... that was kind annoying. lol.

    So, i had to vent about it :)

    Ok, time to prepare food for tommorrow.
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    Cyndi, I finally found the new link again I am here just been really sick as you know. I will be checking in with the team though.

    Misty :)
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    Vik~ I sent ya a request on Facebook too :0)

    Today was good day. Got my exercise cleaning all floors in the house. Worked up a good sweat doing it too so that was good for about 2 hours of total work. Im glad its done tho. Was the last thing on my list to do in terms of household chores and tomorrow its supposed to be clear and sunny! Ya know what that means right???

    Vrooooooooooooom Vroooooooooooom!!! :0) yeeehaw!

    Eating today was great. I ate so much good stuff! I made garlic pork & broccoli stir fry for dinner from my biggest loser 30 day jump start recipe book.... its a good one and VERY filling.

    Vik~ I sent ya a request on Facebook too :0) Cyndi Schricker