Friday NSV - Post yours below



  • I'm wearing a pair of jeans that were tight. even last week, but are comfortable now.

    I got a wonderful compliment from my son's teacher at Back to School night last night.

    I am finally getting better from my chest cold and think I can start running again! (I never thought I'd be one to say I can't wait to start running!)
  • dlemond1128
    dlemond1128 Posts: 25 Member
    I am wearing a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear in over 4 years. They are not in my goal size, but it means I am getting closer.
  • I haven't had time to do laundry this week and all my dress pants are dirty. I pulled a pair out of my closet that I haven't been able to wear in a very long time, and not only do they fit, they look great!
  • Happymelz
    Happymelz Posts: 536 Member
    These are great! :)
    Congrats everyone!
  • knoelledi
    knoelledi Posts: 91 Member
    Put on a pair of shorts that I haven't worn in a few weeks and they're falling down! Fortunately it was just to run out to get a pedi and now back home I'm going to either have to find a belt or change before heading out for errands
  • Tried on a pair of jeans from high school just for fun… and they fit!!!!! Which is weird because I'm 20 pounds heavier now than I was in high school? But I have added muscle, and those jeans were my "fat day" jeans in high school, so maybe that makes sense?
  • daynation
    daynation Posts: 32 Member
    Mine is getting to the gym three days in row, even though a bit sore.

    Have not run in a bit and really enjoying it again.
  • seltzermint555
    seltzermint555 Posts: 10,742 Member
    I recently ordered some super inexpensive trendy shirts online from one of those Asian sellers where all of the reviews are negative saying "it runs way too small" - I decided for a couple bucks I'd take a chance, and the large stuff I ordered fits me pretty well, even though I wear a large in American sizes. That was my latest NSV!
  • bradsbaby1996
    bradsbaby1996 Posts: 154 Member
    I can wear a 27 in Miss Me Jeans but my daughter in law had gave me a pair of 27 Buckle Jeans a while back and I couldn't get them over my hips.. while cleaning my closet today I tried them on and they fit now!! (A year ago I was a plus size 20!)

    I am now running a less than 12 minute mile from never running and my first one was 19:10..
  • DistantJ
    DistantJ Posts: 155 Member
    I haven't kicked anyone in the head today.
  • Flyers1010
    Flyers1010 Posts: 71 Member
    Congratulations to all of you! Inspiring thread!

    For me, I'm thrilled to not spend every minute pulling at my clinging tops because they show every mid-section lump. My tops don't cling any more and I feel great!

    Also, I have not completely given up my summer morning exercise/healthy living routine, which I was afraid would happen when I went on vacation and then the academic year began. Beating old bad habits and replacing them with a healthy me!

  • kaseyr1505
    kaseyr1505 Posts: 624 Member
    I ran my first under 10 minute mile this week, and I've been able to keep my time fairly consistent every run since.
  • I made it through my first week of Insanity....haven't missed a workout so that's my weekly NSV.
    My Friday NSV is that I'm actually looking forward to my workouts tonight and over the weekend. I've already pre-planned when I'm working out to make sure I don't run out of time :)

    Great NSV's everyone!
  • Happymelz
    Happymelz Posts: 536 Member
    Nearly lost my trousers running to my car yesterday! These are the trousers I borrowed from my mum when I started this job because I was too fat for the trousers I owned.... I guess she can have them back now! :laugh:

    Woo hoo! That is great!
  • allanakern
    allanakern Posts: 245 Member
    I did 2 pull ups last night ---- was never able to do a pull up before :)
  • MarlaVSings
    MarlaVSings Posts: 66 Member
    Worked on my treadmill desk for 3 full days this week :)
  • KBP1025
    KBP1025 Posts: 18 Member
    Went through my closet, going to donate all of my summer clothes. ALL of my summer clothes that I bought this past May no longer fit (I'm about 2 sizes smaller).
  • 0505jen
    0505jen Posts: 147 Member
    Wearing skinny jeans tucked in my tall boots, last year the boots would hardly zip up without jeans:glasses:
  • Kate7294
    Kate7294 Posts: 783 Member
    1# I actually tried this thing at the gym called an Atlantis Knee Raises ( you hold bodyweight up while doing knee raises). I was sure I wouldn't be able to do them and ended up doing 3 sets of 10. You really feel them later in your abs. LOL
    2# I did manage to start across some monkey bars at the park though still didn't make it very far.
    3# I did try the Jacob's Ladder machine in the corner of the gym yesterday. LOL. I only made it 2 minutes but at least I tried.

    4# Regular towels fit around me now instead of the bath sheets.
    5# My 12's are getting lose so back to belts ( don't like this one) LOL
  • dispatcher939
    dispatcher939 Posts: 75 Member
    Just picked up my Race Packet for my 1st 5K since surgery and I can't wait!
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