Confessions: The "Fattest Thing" You've Ever Done



  • bluefish49
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    I've been reading these, and thinking "child's play". Many of these confessions used to be every day occurrences for me.

    How about a weekly visit to Golden Corral, 2 or 3 full plates of food, followed by 1.5 plates of desserts. I set new records for the definition of "ALL you can eat". I did, however, use Sweet & Low in my iced tea.
  • amusedmonkey
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    I went on a 20 minute walk, then ate a 1500+ calorie meal because "I worked out and needed the energy"
  • Mangopickle
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    I ate an entire large pizza by myself, just to see if I could.
    Just once?
    I used to do this weekly! Now when I confess that to people they ask how I did it. I said it takes an hour, half a bottle of Russian dressing and a liter of diet Pepsi. I picked up the dipping the pizza in Russian dressing from a college roommate. As if a 350 cal slice needs another 100 calories added to it!
    Sssooooooo glad I don't medicate with food anymore.
    I pulled a George Costanza once (Seinfeld- eclair episode) That started the whole " I have a major addiction problem". As humiliating as that was I consider it a blessing now and 10 yrs later I am only 1 lb overwt for height and no longer morbidly obese.
  • Hell_Flower
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    Ah, laughing at all the things I missed over the weekend.


    And remembering another husband and I were driving around Australia and took a trip to Nimbin (google it, it's the weirdest place ever) and bought some chuff and pot cookies. I don't get on with smoking, so chomped my way through 3 big pot cookies and a brownie, having never tried it before.

    Now, I don't know if they were weak/nothing in them or if pot cookies don't work on me but I felt absolutely nothing. NOTHING.

    But I consciously lied to my husband that I was high as a kite so that I could use it as an excuse to just eat all the things. I had two big danish pastrys, two 12inch pizzas (one veggie, one meat feast), a fish taco, half a big pecan pie, a whole packet of Tim Tams and two boxes of BBQ Shapes. I kept up the pretense for around 12 hours and literally just ate myself to death for 12 hours straight. I had no chemical compulsion to eat any of these things aside from sheer greed and the fact that I felt like I could use being high as an excuse.

    Pretending to be baked so I could get my excessive munch on. Quite ashamed of that now that I think about it.
  • joshua3179
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    Once ate 85 hooters wings and 19 beers
  • dedflwrs
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    A dozen Krispy Kremes, hot right out the assembly line. But that's when I was at my thinnest (100 lbs) and trying to gain weight... So that's my excuse :blushing:
  • 3Alice3
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    I ate an entire cheesecake once because everyone was too full after their dinner to have a piece. I started off with a little slice, and then I just dipped the spoon into the container and BAM it was gone in about five minutes. Never again (hopefully)!

    Also my partner and I ordered a gigantic chinese takeaway last weekend, which comes with a free set of spring rolls per person. When the guy delivered it, the bag had 'Spring rolls for 5' written on it, so we had to pretend the other people were in the other room! That was a huuuuge amount of food, consumed by both of us over the course of two days :D yum!

    I'm sure there's tonnes more things though!
  • strangek1
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    Got fat.
  • skinnyEmilijah
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    I have eaten 3/4-1 whole medium pizza by myself.

    ....more than once.
    MARUW Posts: 23 Member
    Brownies and coffee as a breakfast.
  • Blacklance36
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    My son and I watched football Sat. night and between us we drank two bottles of wine and four special coffees with kahlua, baileys and GM.

    Then we ordered in Chinese food for 4 and ate it all. The next morning we went out for eggs benedict.

    As per the calorie count I cant eat till Thursday now.
  • pinksafyre
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    LOL! (sorry) Your birthdays seem ...hazardous....:laugh:
  • jonlfischer
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    I have also ate two burgers from 5 guys...oh that was good.
  • JLHNU212
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    Me and my husband made a rule that we would not buy chips for a month, just to see if we could survive (he was doing it in complete support of me)... I didn't! There was a really good sale, 3 bags for $4, so I got three bags, thinking I could have one and the other 2 could be for my husband to have at work... ate almost an entire one on the way home from the grocery store and hid the other two to consume later... by myself! And they weren't even the snack size, luckily not the family size either! :)

    There are so many others, and some even include lying or hiding treats that I bought for my toddler, FROM my toddler... Parenting at its best!
  • tomomatic
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    Before I started counting calories, I used to insist on only going to restaurants that didn't charge for refills on drinks... especially with fast food. I would sit in the restaurant for hours reading a newspaper or hanging out with friends... drinking soda the entire time. I even switched to Powerade thinking that it was better for me. Maybe it was but it has the same amount of sugar.
  • jkwolly
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    Bump for more fun reading!
  • AmNestor
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    I ate a two-pound burger. With chilli fries. And two milk shakes. And that was just dinner that day. I also had cocoa puffs for breakfast. Donuts for lunch. And some snacks when I got home. Aaand I was about fourteen years old. I could never do that again.
  • Feistycat
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    So, I'm not the only one who does these things??
  • Spnneil06
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    Thank goodness I am no longer doing these things.