Need to Lose 100 LBS -Robins Thread !



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    Checking out to see if the ticker will show up on the forum page.
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    The ticker changes are not working. It appears that you still need to go to the ticker page and copy the BBC code and past it into the reply.
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    @GrandmaKaye Ouch! I am sorry you fell, but sure glad it looks like you are okay.
    @Skinny Good too hear that your husband got a new job.
    all the talk of mice... I guess the little guys are getting cold and looking for new homes. My sister was a bit upset Saturday to find one too. I haven't seen one...yet??
    The scale showed a little progress this AM. I was thrilled, but then went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch with all that sodium and snacked my way through the Packer game so who knows what I did to the progress today. Back at it tomorrow.
    Gene fixed an old pedometer I had, so far today it recorded 18 steps! Somehow I think even I moved more than that. Perhaps a new one is in order!
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    Newer to MFP, have been solidly logging in for 11 days now. Yay! Have attempted before multiple times but then stop logging and never was consistent. Have 75-100 lbs to lose. Need to make this a habit.
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    @barbara--chinese food is so yummy but you are right about that sodium. It's a killer!

    @laurie--I got a lot of grading done, but still not finished. No gym today--after 3 hours at starbucks, I came home to eat dinner and finish laundry. May get a bit more grading done tonight--we'll see. Glad you got those tests done. I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving break. We get that Wednesday through Friday off, so it will give me a chance to catch my breath. There's no way I'll catch up with grading, but at least I'll make a big dent.

    @lori--I have a treadmill at home and almost never use it. I would much rather run outside or at the gym on the treadmill where I can also get in some other forms of exercise. I bought it about 15 years ago, and though it's nice to have in a pinch--like when we get snowed in from a big blizzard--I don't intend to replace it once it dies. I really don't like working out in my house in general, so if you like to work out at home, maybe it will be a good investment, but I would much rather pay for a gym membership where I have access to a variety of machines. Of course my "exercise ADD" is well documented. ;)

    @amanda--we got about a half inch last night with continued flurries throughout today, but no real accumulation. In my mind, it's way too early for this white stuff, so I'm a bit cranky about it. :(

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    AFM--As I mentioned to laurie, I spent 3 hours grading this afternoon, and got a bunch of laundry done. I think I may have to just stop assigning homework--it's truly getting ridiculous. Need to head in to school early tomorrow to get the remaining 28 journals done to hand back to my AP students. They have reflections and a whole new set of journals due next Monday, so they need their notebooks. Kind of feeling like a bad teacher for getting so behind.

    No gym, but I did walk gunner. I'm also getting the sniffles tonight which is NOT allowed. I have no time for nonsense like getting sick!

    November All-In:
    Under calorie goal: 13/16 days (goal is 27/30 days)
    Workout: 4/16 (goal is as much as possible)
    8k on Thanksgiving Day in 57 minutes

    Grading Goals:
    1. 38/66 AP journals
    2. 25/60 M1948 Vocab

    Exercise Goals:
    Sun--walk gunner DONE + gym NOT DONE
    Wed--walk gunner + gym
    Thurs--walk gunner + gym
    Fri--walk gunner
    Sat--walk gunner + gym
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    Not a bad day. We managed a 5 mile walk even though it was extremely cold out. I didn't fall either. Calories seem to be under control. I'm already feeling like it will be a long winter.
    Have a great week.
    Onward and downward. Kaye
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    @jrk1514 Welcome. This is really a nice group and very supportive. I too am relatively new here and feel truly welcome by everyone.
    @Lori: A treadmill at home only works if you get on it We have one too, but generally it collects dust, though sometimes it is very nice as Karen said in really bad weather. Somehow I think you would be a better candidate for that than I am...your devotion is amazing and inspiring.
    @Laurie So is your before and after picture amazing...though I can't seem to find it again. It is very motivating as you look so great.
    @Kaye I agree, winter is starting way too soon.
    ...and all of you teachers and all of that grading. You are truly devoted and pretty neat. I hope your students appreciate you enough for all the work you do.

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    So - Sunday about me, right?

    I have two little boys. I just relocated to North Dakota. Despite how harsh that sounds it has actually made my life substantially easier with a shorter commute to work and a bigger paycheck that allows me to have in home care for my boys. With that said, I've just finished up breastfeeding (nursing makes me INSANELY HUNGRY) with my youngest so I figured it was time I got around to making my way to SexyPantsLand.

    I'm not going to put a specific big number out there, but I could easily lose 100lbs and probably still not be at a healthy permanent weight. Right now I'm taking it 25lbs at a time.
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    edited November 2014
    Good morning everyone. I've been so bad about so many things lately and checking in here is one of them.

    @kaye - Thankful you weren't injured when you fell. And I agree with you. It seems like Winter came overnight, but I guess that means we had a nice, long Fall.

    @skinnyjeanz - No sniffles allowed! It's too close to Thanksgiving and you need to be able to taste the Pumpkin Pie.

    @hansea - LOL at your "winter" cardio routine. I love it!

    @laurie - Wow.... you got a lot done yesterday. Could you drop by my house?!?

    AFM - I know it's Monday and not Thursday, but I still need to come clean and fess up with my recent failures. I've been exercising faithfully so that's a plus, but my eating has been really, really bad. I also had been avoiding the scale. Funny how those things seem to go together. Saturday I got on the scale and was shocked and dismayed. Up 12 lbs in the last 2 months. Even worse, I now can't wear some of the pants in my closet which brings up very bad old feelings. I even had that stress dream on Saturday night where I was standing in my closet getting dressed for some event and could find nothing that fit! So, I sat down yesterday and thought out how I can get back on track. Here's what I came up with that, for me will help:

    1. Stop focusing on "I'm a person who needs to lose 150 lbs". I WAS that person, but the reality is that now I'm a person who needs to lose about 35 lbs. to be happy and healthy. I realized I was still thinking of myself as obese and I haven't been there in quite a while. Thinking of it that way, really lifts a huge burden off my shoulders. 35 lbs. is a pretty small number considering where I once was.

    2. WEIGH yourself EVERY day. I know some people don't like to do this, but for me it's a requirement and I've proven to myself recently that I have to do this. If I ignore the scale, I ignore what I'm putting in my mouth.

    3. Log everything. Yes, I know that's the way MFP is supposed to (and does) work, but it's really, really easy to fall into the "Oh, it was just a few more crackers, no need to get out my phone" mind set.

    4. Accept that there are some foods I should just avoid altogether. Like York Peppermint Patties. They go down so easy and since DH loves them and we belong to BJs, there's a giant box of them in the pantry. I wish he wouldn't buy them, but the reality is that I need to exercise control or if that's not possible, just avoid them.

    5. Be realistic with my goals. OK, this is a hard one for me. I started at 295 lbs. and 145 has always been my ultimate goal. While I don't doubt I could get there, I have to question if I should. At 181 (my lowest recent weight), I'm a size 12 in most pants although some brands are a bit snug. At 160, I would be a 10 in most things. I realize that is pretty fabulous FOR ME. At 5'8" and 56 years old, it's time for me to admit I am NEVER going to be a petite size 6. 145, while attainable, would be agony to maintain. So 160 is now my ultimate goal and I know that will be a good place for me to land.

    6. Use your support system. It's hard for me to reach out when I stumble and fall. I'm my own worst critic and I tend to withdraw when things are not going well. So, here I am reaching out to all of you. I need your support, wisdom and friendship to get to my goal.

    This is such a wonderful group of survivors. And I don't use that word lightly. People who have never had a weight problem do not get what an emotionally and physically crushing thing it really is. To look in the mirror every day and hate what you see is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Life is hard enough without that burden.

    So, that's it. My Thursday fess up a few days early. Hope everyone has a great day and be kind to yourself if it's not perfect!
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    @L2T That is a powerful post. I sure can identify with much of it. You are brave to admit all so openly. Good for you! As for me, I guess I would say "ditto" though it has been a long time since I have been thinner, I have succeeded in the past and it was the support and accountability that really did it.
    I guess the lesson is to never, never give up and to always pay attention. My nice thin future daughter in law obviously always monitors everything she eats; she doesn't say anything, but she sure is aware. It is good for me to see her in action.
    Make it a good day.
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    @Lori~That Cybex Arc Trainer is one of my favorite machines at the gym. :heart: I have an elliptical at home--I bought it at a time when I didn’t like working out in gyms. It’s by Sole Fitness—excellent brand for home use and affordable when they are on sale in January. It got a lot of use for a few years but I don’t use it much anymore—I tend to workout harder in a gym and I like working out with a variety of cardio equipment now.

    @Karen~Hooray for DHs new job! Oh, no on the sniffles—I sure hope you don’t end up coming down with something.

    @Kaye~If the last week is any indication, I think we’re in for a long winter too. We actually got snow last night—in Texas! :wtf: I’ll be glad when this cold snap is over—back in the 60s on Wednesday, thank goodness. Glad you’re okay from your fall.

    @L2T~I’m sorry about that gain, I know it can be scary—you’ve got a great plan for getting back into the swing of things. Great perspective for your ideal weight too, we’re all guilty of obsessing over what the weight charts say we should weigh—but it isn’t right for everyone, not everyone is built the same and we all have different genes. It’s about what keeps us happy and healthy, I think being honest with yourself about what makes you comfortable and what is easily mainintained long-term makes your goal so much more attainable. Kudos!

    AFM~Never did make it back yesterday. After church I got some chicken in the slow-cooker then immediately had to leave for a session with my trainer—when I got home I still had other cooking to do and laundry to finish. I don’t know where the time goes sometimes.

    November “ALL-IN” Goals:

    Calories: 14/30
    Exercise: 15/30

    Exercise Goals 11/16-11/22:

    Sunday~Trainer DONE!
    Monday~Active Rest Day (finish up housework)
    Wednesday~Rest Day (Chiro)
    Friday~Rest Day
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    @Hansea47' Yes, I live in the Fox Valley. I will look for Fleet Feet. thanks.
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    Good morning everyone on this Monday Check-in. It's snowing here in WNY ... the snow that has been gripping so much of our country has finally reached us. Actually, the very first snow I had in my neighborhood was on November 13 ... which will be easy to remember as it was the 21st wedding anniversary for my son and daughter-in-law.

    Today is a somber day for me, it would be 96th birthday for my dad, who passed away in 2003. I've always loved the numbers 11, 13 and 17. Well, 17 is my birthdate number. My dad's favorite numbers were 3 and 18 but he never said why.

    It's also a somber day for me today so it's a double check-in day for me. One for our weekly check-in, and one for my personal 4-week cycle that starts the next 4 weeks today.
    I made a mess of it this past 3 days and the scale showed it this morning. I know the weight gain is partly water weight, but I've consumed enough extra calories to account for 1 pound of the 4 that I'm up from the 13th of the month.

    So, like L2T, I have to get stricter with myself so that I can be back have a good check-in on next Monday. And I want to see that month-end check-in on 12/15 have me where I need to be to be on track of reaching my goal. My January doctors appointment has a 13 pound lower weight goal from the October visit. The past 16 days of November have wiped out a third of my goal. Yuck big time.
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    Hello everyone, thank you for the information on resetting my streak, but I missed last yesterday again so I'm going to leave it, but it’s always good to know!
    This last week has been pretty rubbish. My partners Nan has been in a bad state all week with Breast Cancer so there were are few late nights, and not fantastic food and then unfortunately she passed away on Saturday night so Sunday just went completely out of the window. It’s been a case of eating when he feels he has an appetite. Obviously if I got peckish I had an apple or a yogurt, but we only had one full meal yesterday. I've had to come to work today and I left him with his family. Hopefully they will be okay.
    I'm going to continue with my swims (bought myself a new costume and goggles on saturday) and be good during the day then just try my best at portion control in the evenings and bulk it out with veg. At this point in time I'm going for maintaining and loosing will be an added bonus.
    You know when something big finally ends you just feel like sleeping for days. I'm there. I went for my lunch-time swim, completely zoned out and swim 15 minutes more than I'm allowed, I think I ended up doing about 36 laps, the pool is 33m so I am pretty done. I don't think its possible to eat all those calories back even if I wanted to.
    Just wanted to share what happened, I don't have any friends to talk to and to get things off my chest so if you guys could play along that would be really appreciated. :smile:
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    Top of the morning to everyone.

    Happy Take a Hike Day
    When : Always November 17th
    Take a Hike Day is today.
    Walking, and hiking is an excellent way to get exercise, and get into shape. Hikes are distinguished from walks, in that they are taken in the woods, hills, mountains, or somewhere else in a nature setting. Hikes not only give you exercise, they also provide scenic sites and vistas, that are good for relaxation of the mind and soul.
    There is some reference to this as National Tell Your Boss to Take a Hike Day. We think it likely evolved out of Take a Hike Day. We have found no factual information whatsoever, on this derivation of Take a Hike Day. We also believe that telling your boss to "take a hike", may not be healthy to your employment situation.
    Some people have suggested that this day be used to tell someone to "take a hike". We leave this use of this interpretation up to the reader!
    Use this special day to take a hike, alone or with others. You'll be glad you did.

    “Attitude: It is our best friend or our worst enemy.” ~John C. Maxwell

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    Hi everyone! My weekend didn't go well for calories or hitting the gym but Its Monday and here I am! Weekends are always hard for me, during the week is sooooo much easier
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    Thank you, L2T, for your insightful post. Your are a smart lady. I need to print that and post it for a reminder! I really agree with setting realistic goals for our age.
    Lois, hugs for you. We are your friends and are always here. Emotions and food are often hard to deal with.
    I'm determined to make this a good week. It's going to be very cold, so exercise will take some creativity.
    Onward and downward. Kaye
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    To the newbies - Welcome and please feel free to share whatever you feel comfortable with. This group is the best thing on MFP!
    @Niki - We are all here for you, this is in no way easy to get through.
    @Lives2Travel - Today is the perfect day to start again.

    AFM Monday Check - In :s
    29 years ago I gave up drinking, realized I had a problem, went to treatment, never had another drink. This is sooooo much harder. After treatment I went to an AA meeting almost every day for the next year. I would love to be able to do that with food. This thread is the closest thing I have to a 12 step meeting. Thank you all for being a big part of my success. :D

    Stress does bad things to me. My body does not want to operate properly. I am having issues with asthma, IBS, dry skin, my hair is turning gray at an increasing rate.

    I am revising my plan mid month but my original was just to restrictive.
    110 gms carbs, 140 gms protein, 50 gms fat - Total 1400 calories
    Sunday - Spin and Body Pump - Total 120 minutes
    Monday - Spin and cardio - Total 90 minutes
    Tuesday - WO trainer and cardio - Total 90 minutes
    Wednesday - Total Body Fitness Class and cardio - Total 90 minutes
    Thursday - WO trainer and cardio - Total 90 minutes
    Friday - OFF
    Saturday - Resistance WO, 30 minute Core Class, cardio - Total 90 minutes

    Love to all <3
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    Hi Everyone....I lost the link to the thread. Skinny thanks for sending it to me. Emotionally I am getting better but I ate so much emotionally since back from vacation that I have gained about 6lbs. Now that the cold MN winter is upon us I am not sure how to get back down being gym doesn't seem feasible right now. School has me super stressed trying to keep up with the math and understand. I can't leave work for tutoring so I am get help from the teacher when he has night office hours. Just trying to stay grateful for what I have and the learning to love me no matter what I look like because the outside doesn't change the inside that god gave me.