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    my boyfriend is 10 years older than I am. (27 & 37) Working good so far
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    Reading back on this, I had to chuckle. If the biggest age differences I've been with were in the same room together, there ages would have the same #s but reversed (27 and 72).

    Here's the question asked a different way, and see who thinks I am dirty old man after this...... What do you think about someone who is dating someone younger than their oldest child?

    my parents are in their late 40s and if either one of them dated someone my age or younger I would be very repulsed

    I get the impression you'd be repulsed by birds singing and babies laughing. :wink: Seriously, at some point you need to grow up and hope your parents are happy. If dating someone much younger makes them smile, maybe you could just be happy for someone you love.

    the thought of my parents dating someone my own age is very triggering to me

    for reasons that are none of your business

    Then maybe don't post about it on a public message board? Cause really, it had nothing to do with the OP's question other than you wanting to inject something you found revolting (which seems to be a pattern). If you didn't want to talk about it, maybe you shouldn't have. :wink: Just a thought Bambi .....
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    I never saw much issue with someone mom and dad are 11 years apart and started dating when she was 17 and he was 28. It sounds a LITTLE weird to me but now at 55 and 66, (and 27 years of marriage) it doesn't even make a difference.

    Why does 19 and 30 sound more acceptable...or 21 and 32, but not 17 and 28? It's still the same age difference.
    Because the govt. (in USA) is trying to get people under 18 to not have the hokey pokey, and if they do (even if same age), they're trying to make it a federal crime.

    Other than that, no reason why it should.


    I don't do the hokey pokey. I get all turned around. The chicken dance and the boot scoot boogie, on the other hand, are both winners.

    I'm at Virginia Tech... all we do around here is the Hokie Pokie. :p
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    I for one hope I never have to find that out again. I do think its all about compatibility , if you enjoy each other who cares about the age.
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    It doesn't matter as long as the younger person is at least a decently mature age. I'm 21 and my bf is 25. I dated a 24 yr old when I was 18 though and the maturity gap was HUGE, I was too much of a bby still lol.
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    If you had asked me a couple of months ago, I would have said 5 yrs either way would be the limit. HOWEVER, I met someone just a few weeks ago that (so far) seems to be compatible with me in every way, and there is a very strong physical attraction. This new "friend" of mine is 32 years older then me. So I would have to say now that age really doesn't matter.
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    Going out for fun, no age limits. Dating for something serious, probably closer to my age.
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    I find myself drawn to younger Men and Vice Versa. I think that we are attracted to those we are compatible with no matter what age we are! :)
  • I'm 25, so maybe max 10yrs older. Not sure about dating a younger guy unless I was truly in love
  • An awesome connection trumps anything, even age. So for me, anywhere between 20-55.
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    Ive always dated younger. Im single now.... and 34. I wouldn't go below 28 or over 40. But I guess you don't always choose who you end up falling for. Could be out of that box.
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    I'm nearly 25 so I probably wouldn't date over 30/31

    I'm funny on dating younger guys. I probably wouldn't date someone younger than 23/24

    In saying that though, I think when you meet the right person you won't give a *kitten* how old/young they are.
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    You're hot but way young for me :(
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    Age is nothing but a number :p never dated anyone younger than me tho. I would consider prob 2 years younger. But would have to be mature.
  • A good guideline for me has been 10 years in either direction anymore than that and the generational gap becomes an issue.
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    If they are not under age or dead. :) Is all to do with chemistry not age.
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    I am 35. Wouldn't date anyone younger than 21 or older than 50 ;)
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    If the connection is right I don't believe age comes into play.
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    I have massively crushed on guys as much as 14 years my junior, the attraction and the things we had in common were just too hard to avoid. We didn't date though, he is recovering addict and has a variety of issues in his life that make him somewhat uundateable. I admit to being freaked out by his age but not enough to totally discount him based on that alone. As for the upward limit, I think I would say about 10 years but I am in my middle forties and would be less picky if the older guy were fit and active.