55-65 year old women's success?



  • lilianhill
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    I'm 57 and hoping to be post-menopausal soon (just a few more months without a period and I'll be there). I joined MFP in January 2014 and lost 20 pounds by May. I have regained a few through laziness. My goal for 2015 is1) to get back to where I was (145 lbs.) and perhaps go a little further (140 lbs.), and 2) increase my exercise. While I enjoy viewing before and after photos from all age groups, it is more meaningful and motivational to talk to women who share similar concerns.
  • PianoRun
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    sodakat wrote: »
    I'm not much of a cheerleader so probably not the best "friend" to have on MFP, but I definitely wish everyone well!

    I have never posted in the message pages before, and I thrilled that so many women (who I can identify with) have responded. To reply to everyone individually, it would take up too much space and more time than I have.

    Ladies, your reading about your success -- and where you've had trouble --inspires me to keep on going. Thank you.

  • sodakat
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    edited January 2015
    Maybe we can just keep this thread going, instead of worrying about a group. I know there are several threads that continue from month to month on MFP. I joined an age specific group last year and it wasn't long before it fizzled out. I think it was because the membership was limited and quite a few people lost their drive to lose weight so stopped posting.

    @middlehaitch - thanks for the great inspiration!!!
  • middlehaitch
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    Sodakat, I am all for keeping the thread going.
    Heck, I have been on MFP since 2010 and only just discovered the forums this past September, I just used it for food and fitness tracking, so have no idea how groups work.
    Just wondering, do any of us 'well experienced women' lift heavy?
    I play with the idea a lot, not sure if that is just how this forum pushes it, but just can't see myself with a barbell balanced on my shoulders - the bar itself is almost half my weight so how would I ever start!
    I do do body weight, hand weights, and gym machines, but barbells- just can't get there.

    Cheers, h.
    Ps. It is my before pic that inspires me- I don't ever want to look like that again, and am willing to work on it.
  • zebszee
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    Hello ladies, I have just turned sixty, passing through menopause in my mid fifties. I lost 12kg during 2013 with the aid of a trainer and MFP, have put 10kg back on through 2014 due to injuries, laziness and apathy. Weighing currently 72kg, my aim is to get back to 62kg....lovely to meet you all
  • bonnieh1638
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    Hi PianoRun (I'm guessing you play piano :) I'm female, 56 and post menopausal. Last year I lost 30 lbs between January and September. I tried to be faithful to log my caloric intake on MFP and workout out on my eliptical trainer while watching a show on Netflix - approximately 45 minutes. (A distraction is a MUST!) I'm 5'1" and have to stay at or below 1200 calories to lose. It's hard, but it can be done! I gained back 20 between mid September and the end of December ... how is that possible!!!???? So....gotta keep at it or it does return AND IN A HURRY! I had gotten lazy and wasn't logging. I've taken off 5 of that already, and plan to get the rest off and not gain it back AGAIN....UGH! Hangeth thou in there! You can do it...just takes discipline and the realization that its just the way it is at this stage of life. Stinks huh? Be thankful for the wisdom we have now, but miss the bodies and metabolism we once had. The tradeoff I guess!

    Your story could be identical to mine. I'll be 55 this month and I am 5'1" - at least that's what my drivers' license shows. From August 2013 to November 2013 I lost 17lbs by just walking each day for 45 minutes and cutting out snacks and eating healthier foods. Then came the holidays. I gained 11lbs of the 17 back and the innertube around my belly so now I am on MFP to make myself more accountable and see if I can make positive changes and stick to them!
  • luluinca
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    I've bookmarked this page so I can keep coming back here and read or participate. It's interesting so many of us have the same issues.

    @ middlehaitch, I'm almost ready to begin with barbells. I've increased my squats and DL with either dumbells or Kettlebells to the point that the only thing left is the barbell. I learned bench presses the other day with just the 45 lb bar and no added weight but will probably be adding weight this coming week already as long as I have the technique down. I've been progressing slowly with strength training for quite awhile and have a trainer who's challenging me but not pushing me to do something I'm ready to do yet. We'll see how it goes.

    I had a hip flexor injury last year that slowed my progression down but it's resolved now and I'm ready to go.

    I weigh more than you and might be taller at 5'7" so I'm not really too worried about the bar.............YET!
  • middlehaitch
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    Congratulations in reaching onederland SbetaK!
    Slips and indulgences are what make it a lifestyle, plan for them if you can; if not, move past it (like you have).
    Shopping must have been a great experience.

    Cheers, h.
  • luciboring
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    46Phil wrote: »
    I'm 56 and have 100lbs to lose. I am inspired by all these posts. Please feel free to add me as a friend--just let me know that you saw me in this thread.

  • softblondechick
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    I think women our age need to really focus on fitness aspect, yoga is particularly important to keep tone and flexibility.

    As for food, I realize now how quickly I can gain weight. I really need constant vigilance on my eating. I was doing MFP and slacked off and gained 20 pounds. ..

    Back on track.
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