POP Question



  • Alluminati
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    Also, Pop? Just no.

  • Tea_Mistress
    Tea_Mistress Posts: 105 Member
    -Rockstar zero
    -Monster Zero (I like energy drinks <.<)
    -pepsi max
  • 4homer
    4homer Posts: 457 Member
    The pop I drink is...
    1.cherry coke zero
    2.diet doctor pepper
    3.Pepsi max/diet cherry Pepsi
    4.diet root beer
    OCTOBERLISA Posts: 38 Member
    Dr Pepper 10
    Sunkist 10
    Diet Sierra Mist
    Diet Mello Yello or Diet Dew
  • amandarunning
    amandarunning Posts: 306 Member
    Over here Soda is fizzy water and mixed with Lime Cordial is a great "soft drink"...I guess soft drink is the most popular term in the UK for fizzy stuff!

    My favourite is Pepsi Max, then Diet Pepsi, then Cherry Pepsi Max and if not available then Coke Zero. For me Pepsi tastes much sweeter.
  • sardelsa
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    I don't drink pop very often but when I do:

    1. Italian bitter soda in the tiny bottles: Stappj or Crodino
    2. Chinotto (San Pellegrino, then Brio)
    3. Canada Dry Ginger Ale
    4. Coke
    5. Sprite
  • kandeye
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    My favorite soda is China Cola, such a treat! As for any other soda it just depends on my mood really, I go through phases :p But if someone asked me to describe the taste of poison I would say diet soda (aspartame more specifically). Blaaaaaah
  • hesn92
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    Dr pepper
  • ErinK09
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    edited January 2015
    Pop is crap, alcohol is better. But water is good enough for me.
  • JennaAdrian
    My preferences:
    1. Diet cherry 7-up
    2. Diet Mt Dew
    3. Diet Coke

    I prefer diet--it's what I grew up with--but will drink a Zero/Max if I don't like the diet selections.

    ETA: Pepsi or Coke is fine with me.

    Agreed to the preferring diet - I'm a Coke gal, & diet coke has 0 calories! ;-) yeay!!
  • thenewkayla
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    If I do drink pop ..which I rarely do now it's coke