Unexpected results of weight loss



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    I have been cold - I didn't connect it to the weight loss until I read the other posts about being cold. Also, my shoes are bigger too - not such a great result - I have a lot of shoes I really liked to wear. Ideas on how I can still make them fit?

    I wear my gym socks under my dress socks so that my shoes will fit. LOL
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    I use to have an agonizing low back pain by my tail bone. It's vanished!!!!!!
  • bijouchocolat
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    One more! When I wax my underarms, I miss hair now because I have an actual curve when I'm prepping the wax.

    The birthmark on my inner thigh has moved at least 4 inches and an old scar that I got as a young child is not as noticeable as before.
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    I love the thighs not rubbing although for me just a little lol, I love the slimmer cloths. I love exercising and hope to begin weights toning up building some muscle.
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    I have so enjoyed this thread. I can relate to so much of what is posted. Love all the stories.....so inspirational. I'll be back to read more soon and maybe post as well.
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    AllTheNoms wrote: »
    Love this thread! I've noticed several changes.. could argue that some of them should have been anticipated, but really the feeling of it happening is so much different (better!) than what I thought going in.

    1) Discovered I have dimples (they were just hiding under fat all this time!)

    2) I actually *like* yoga pants and running crops, some of which I now have to hold up when I run

    3) My dating standards have gone up, and now I have a lot more to talk to guys about since I am so much more active

    4) I can actually run instead of whatever shuffle I was doing before that I thought was running (a power walker probably could have passed me)

    5) Catch myself checking me out in every mirror that I pass by (still can't get used to the idea that it is me!)

    6) Getting used to seeing/feeling bones that I have never seen or felt before (helloooo hip bones!)

    YES! And I've always liked bigger guys, but now I definitely want guys who can be/are interested in being active. If someone's main topics of conversation always seem to go back to food, their motorcycle and television shows... we're not a match.
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    Ishii19 wrote: »
    I noticed I spend more time caring for and decorating my body - caring for it in the gym and the kitchen inspires me to spend extra time rubbing on lotions, grooming, wearing makeup, adorning with jewelry - I'm not yet near my goal weight but happily I love my body again and want to treat it well all the time :)

    I do the same. I've slowly started wearing more jewelry and I also wear make up more often. In fact, I feel weird without it on now, lol. Paint my nails more, too. :)

    Me too!
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    Being cold. I find the more weight I lose the easier I am to get cold. I'm digging the collar bone now.
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    My feet shrank half a size and I had to get rid of most of my shoes.

    Being able to wrap my arms around my knees.