Just for Today - month of February. Would you like to join me, as we take this one day at a time.



  • baldielove13
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    Just for (the rest of) today: February 6, I will:

    Not have any ice cream (saving it for date night tomorrow)
    Take a shower
    Massage my legs and feet
    Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  • mkbunny
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    I'm in what do I do next
  • mkbunny
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    mkbunny wrote: »
    I'm in what do I do next
    ruby70 wrote: »
    Nana_Anne wrote: »
    Just for today

    1. Log my food
    2. think before I make a meal so that it is healthy but also delicious and appealing.
    3. Just move some today
    ruby70 wrote: »
    Just for today 2/5/15
    1.) walk at lunch and get in over 10,000 steps today
    2.) have a light supper since I am having a subway sandwich for lunch today
    3.) be strong and positive for those around me

    Thank you Ruby. Number 3 just really touched me this morning.

    Thanks nana-anne, we can do this together. I love hearing everyone goals and the strong positive group we have here. I learn something new all the time from you all:)

    Thank You
  • mkbunny
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    mkbunny wrote: »
    I'm in what do I do next
    mkbunny wrote: »
    I'm in what do I do next

    2/6 Sat I will do my core exercise including 10 dead bugs.
    Log food
  • angelred4kids
    angelred4kids Posts: 13 Member
    Just for today Saturday Feb 7th

    1. keep my snacks under control
    2. do not eat after 8 pm

    I'm staying with this goal. It really helped me last night to think about having to say on here whether I was successful or not (accountability). I was!!!!! It was hard yesterday because my stomach was growling, it was Friday night TV night but I had already had all my calories and nutrition for the day so I did NOT snack. :Do:) So I can say yesterday's goal - SUCCESS!
  • jglovicz
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    Just for today
    1) drink 10 glasses of water
    2) take the dog for a 4 mile run
    3) 1 hour vinyasa yoga
    3) just 1 small "sweet item" after lunch and 1 after dinner!! Then I will sip water or herbal tea.
  • MrCoolGrim
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    1. 30 minutes of cardio
    2. Shovel the snow
    3. Sleep
  • lindsmayf
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    lindsmayf wrote: »
    I am new to the group! Trying to get back to MFP and exercise regularly for the first time in my life, really.

    Just for today, February 6:
    -No eating after 8pm :)
    -No more than two drinks with friends (didn't end up going out with friends, so I guess this was a win!)

    Just for today, Saturday:
    -Take Cash to the dog park
    -Go to Zumba
    -No more than 2 drinks with friends
  • mytime6630
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    Just for today, 1/7
    1. Get in my walking
    2. NO eating after 8pm
  • SarahR2309
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    I'm new to this thread and the MFP community boards. I have been stuck for awhile. I lose 5, gain 5 etc. I'm hoping to stick with this to have a loss this week.
    My goals today
    1. log all food
    2. keep under calorie goal
    3. exercise 30-45 minutes
  • kegofstout
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    edited February 2015
    I made my goal yesterday! Just for today I will exercise for 30 minutes and stay within my calorie goal
  • jazzyjez
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    azitarahim wrote: »
    Staying under my calorie goal! Dinner at Mom's - now that's going to be a challenge considering I have under 500 calories left....water water water!

    My mom is the best cook! I know exactly what you mean with this post...

    How did you manage?

    I am so grateful to my mom. She has made serious changes to her cooking to accommodate me, and then she started losing weight too and has kept it off better than me! She cooks dinner for our family once a week. I am super proud of her. It took me about a year to bring her around though, and she was very cranky about me not eating her food! LOL

  • jazzyjez
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    jazzyjez wrote: »
    jazzyjez wrote: »
    - Don't eat any more girl scout cookies! :)

    I did it! No sugar yesterday! Little did I know, until 9 pm, that GS Cookies weren't even an option... the boys had eaten them all!

    So some things have become habit for me already this year - I don't need to write a daily goal for them and that makes me so happy... logging all my calories almost every day, avoiding sugar, staying close to my macronutrient goals (protein, carbs and fat).

    My daily goal will be something that is not a habit, and will be a bit of a challenge.

    - Get to gym with ipod and spend some time on a cardio machine.
  • azulvioleta6
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    1. Spend most of the day resting--need a mental and physical break.
    2. Swim a mile
    3. Do leg stretches, foam roll
  • L2BHealthy_2015
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    I'm starting late, but I'm in. What do I do?
  • mytime6630
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    KayleeILow wrote: »
    I'm starting late, but I'm in. What do I do?

    You can just post your goals, and the next day, post how you did, and goal for another day, one day at a time!
  • mytime6630
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    I have been so out of control this past week, but finally feel like I am getting back focused. Met all my goals, but having major computer problems. So I'm posting from my iPad, so if typos, that why,
  • carrie1829
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    Yesterday was not a good day for me. I guess we all need to cheat once in a while.

    Just for today
    1. I will eat only my calories and log everything that goes in my mouth.
    2. I will get out and walk today.
    3. I will drink plenty of water. I have been shooting for 4 water bottles full. A total of 96 oz.
  • angelred4kids
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    Yesterday's goals were successful! I had good snacks that were nutritious and fit in my allotment for the day and I did not eat after 8pm.

    Just for today - Sunday Feb 8th...
    - No donuts at church!!!!
    - Snacks under control
    - Dinner will be late so it may be after 8pm but eat as early as possible!

    I love the accountability and encouragement this thread has brought. o:)
  • jglovicz
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    Just for today
    1) go on 20 mile bike ride with hubby
    2) get my 10,000 steps for the day
    3) clean and organize work space