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My story of sweet revenge (pics)



  • LoLo330ksuLoLo330ksu Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    Awesome story. Thanks for the motivation -LoLo
  • finnyfellafinnyfella Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    edited February 2015
  • flakypastry45flakypastry45 Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
    Great job! It's hard to start over and motivate yourself. Rock on! Be proud of yourself
  • louisedcrowhurstlouisedcrowhurst Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Fantastic,well done x
  • MrTomIIIMrTomIII Posts: 8Member Posts: 8Member
    Wow great job
  • ladymuaythailadymuaythai Posts: 1,320Member Member Posts: 1,320Member Member
    THATS AMAZING. your story is super inspirational and what I really like is how u point out that we all can find a million different excuses why not to eat healthy or work out but *kitten* when u want it bad enough U will find a dam way.
  • Kegbeth69Kegbeth69 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    Wow totally amazing results. Good for you girlfriend.
  • tnbraleytnbraley Posts: 3Member Posts: 3Member
    You go girl!!!
  • tbnewsasktbnewsask Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
    Fantastic results, thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  • new2canadanew2canada Posts: 121Member Member Posts: 121Member Member
    You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story!
  • alettepalettep Posts: 56Member Member Posts: 56Member Member
    You look awesome! Way to go!
  • ashleyeastlundashleyeastlund Posts: 5Member Posts: 5Member
    Anazing transformation, you look great! I love your story. I'm a stay at home mom I have NO excuses! Thanks for the motivation
  • hannahstjhannahstj Posts: 3Member Posts: 3Member
    Wow ... Great job
  • IllBeBack1DayIllBeBack1Day Posts: 982Member Member Posts: 982Member Member
    Super Super inspirational !!! You earned it
  • nicknewton12015nicknewton12015 Posts: 3Member Posts: 3Member
    Nice. You are definetly a babe
  • MzHornedOneMzHornedOne Posts: 71Member Member Posts: 71Member Member
    Way to go mama! You did it :)
  • carlositlinux2014carlositlinux2014 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    So did you send this pictures to your ex? I am wondering what he said about this...
  • LikichinaLikichina Posts: 50Member Member Posts: 50Member Member
    Hahaha this is seriously fantastic! Congratulations :)
  • trinitayyxxtrinitayyxx Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    This is so inspiring!
  • aliciamarieUFaliciamarieUF Posts: 226Member Member Posts: 226Member Member
    usmcmp wrote: »
    I lied, my story really isn't about revenge. But, it started out that way.

    In 2010 my life hit a very low point. I weighed 217 pounds and my husband wanted a divorce. The entire four year marriage had been rough, so divorce was a bit of a relief. The downside of that was having to move across the country and back into my parent's house with two children under the age of two. Being unemployed, a disabled vet, a newly single mom and being fat sucked.

    I decided to get revenge on my ex by losing weight and looking super hot. I failed.

    It wasn't until I just got tired of being fat that I started making the changes that made a difference. Eating well, working out and learning to just love myself. It was no longer about revenge, it was about taking care of me.

    Tomorrow marks a significant point in my life. It marks three years of being single and my first bodybuilding competition. In total I've lost 70 pounds. As a single parent with a full time job and my own little house to take care of I have found a way to get a degree and get in shape all at the same time. I have tons of legitimate excuses to why I can't or don't have the time to eat right and workout. If you want it bad enough you WILL find a way!


    **ETA: Workouts, I just lift heavy and do little cardio. Eating is TDEE-20% and IIFYM (with macros set correctly for my goals).

    Update as of October 2014- Since my original story I have competed in two bodybuilding competitions, placing second and first respectively, as well as two powerlifting competitions, one of which set a world record for deadlift for my weight class. I continue to workout and balance the fun things in life with maintaining fat loss.

    *For those of you who have been asking, I wrote a guide on how I lost the weight. You can find it here:

    Congratulations, I hope to be like you. I am actually in the process of a divorce from my Italian husband of 4 years and had to move back to the country and into my parents house. I'm in the same boat you were and am trying to lose some weight to bring up my self esteem and ease the depression a little bit. Sorry you had to go through it, I know what it feels like. But I'm glad you were able to turn your situation around.
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