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  • Eava57Eava57 Member Posts: 1,375 Member Member Posts: 1,375 Member
    I met my exercise goal today and stayed on track with calories. I too hope to maintain my "overweight weight" throughout the holidays. My sympathies to all those who have lost loved ones and are feeling the losses. The one great thing is you are expressing your thoughts and emotions instead of eating.:flowerforyou:
    I had to laugh:laugh: about the clothes in the closet. I could open a mini-mart with my different sizes. I started putting clothes in bins and mark a date to try them on. If they don't fit (too small or too big) I donate them to the Cancer Society. I can't wait to buy 14's!
  • l_mahloyl_mahloy Member Posts: 118 Member Posts: 118
    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Birdie I will keep you and your family in my prayers as well. You all are such a source of strength for me.:heart::heart:

    Kathy back when my mom was so sick I gained 10 pounds:explode: back and did not change my ticker and am proud to say I have now lost that weight.:bigsmile: Sometimes when things are tough we slip back to old habits.:blushing: The good news is this is a great group that will encourage you and be there for you in those times. I know you can get the weight of just take it one day at a time and logging in is key for me then I can see if I worked out enough to counteract any bad choices I may have made.

    Rosemary will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.:heart:

    Congrats Terri I agree you did great.:flowerforyou:

    Good night everyone talk with you later,

  • weaklink109weaklink109 Member Posts: 2,831 Member Member Posts: 2,831 Member
    :flowerforyou: Becky,

    Sorry you are surrounded by temptation in your house. Can you have another family lock up the temptations, or do some kitchen purging? I guess that is one advantage to living alone. If there is something in the house I am not supposed to eat, I have no one to blame but me.:bigsmile: These days no matter what is in the house, I have to make sure it is safely stored or else I come home and find Bradley the Yorkie eating machine licking his chops in front of an empty container of whatever!!:laugh:

    :flowerforyou: Barbie

    Silk long underwear is not something I am familiar with. Are they as warm as thermals, or is this the first time you have tried them?

    :flowerforyou: Brady,

    Sounds like you are getting some of the same weather we are--but more extreme. According to the weather news tonight, on Wednesday, it could get down to 10 degrees. I think that will be a "three dog night." Did you know that 70's rock group took their name from this Australian slang term referencing very cold?:laugh:

    :flowerforyou: Terri,

    "Wilkommen zu Hause" that's welcome home in my rusty German. I think I remember seeing a post in November where you said you would be away, but I didn't realize where you were going. I thank you did just fine maintaining. When I took a trip to Germany while I was in college, I came home with 10 lbs. I didn't have when I left and it was NOT in my suitcase!!!:grumble: :laugh:

    :flowerforyou: Rosemary,

    So sorry to hear about your MIL diagnosis, but it sounds like she has some viable options, which is good. As before, she is in my prayers.

    :flowerforyou: Alice,

    Your reference to your size 5 pants reminds me of something that happened to me just today. I was at my parents and my mom mentioned she had found some slacks among the clothes in her closet that she thought were mine. They had needed some minor sewing adjustments and they got buried in the big closet she used to have in the old house and she just found them a few months ago. In about August, I had tried both of them on, and could barely pull either pair past mid -thigh. Imagine my surprise when I put them on today and they BOTH FIT.:drinker: I am not sure of the size, since neither has a tag, but I know it has been at least 20 years since either of them fit. Fortunately, they are both winter weight, and I can really use them now!!

    One other bit of good news. When I visited my doctor today, she re-evaluated my blood pressure meds and cut them by 75%!!! :drinker: :drinker: We eliminated one med, and reduced the remaining one by 50%. One of my goals is to be off BP meds completely, so I am hoping in another 30 lbs. that might be possible.

    To those who have recently lost loved ones, and those who are recalling those lost in prior years, you are in my thoughts. I don't have any children, so I can't even imagine the loss you would feel in that situation. I also don't have any siblings, and by my posts, you know I am still luck enough to have both fairly healthy, though elderly parents. For me the gift of family and friends is the most important gift I will receive this Christmas. I hope everyone can share that feeling within their family and circle of friends.

    It is time to crawl under the covers:yawn: ....21 degrees now, with a low of 16 projected for overnight.

  • PeschuntzPeschuntz Member Posts: 270 Member Member Posts: 270 Member
    Hi everyone,

    I am so tired as it's 3:41 a.m. in Philly now. Walked over 8.5 miles or 19,166 steps today. Can't get my rear end in gear to do strength training. Thinking of calling in my old personal trainer just to get me moving. Will check in tomorrow. Bon soir.
  • SwissmissSwissmiss Member Posts: 9,017 Member Member Posts: 9,017 Member
    Sounds like everyone is having a cold blast. I think it is tomorrow when the day will start in the mid 40s and then drop to the low 30s. It is that time of year. We had a very mild summer...not hot at all. Wondering what the winter is going to be like.

    Speaking of clothes, I bought new pants about two months ago. They became too big after just two weeks. What I have been doing is that as soon as I can no longer wear a certain size, all those clothes go to the Goodwill store. Then I go back to the front of the store and buy new ones.:laugh:

    Ok, what is with the silk long underwear? I am needing to buy some as my work pants are very thin. Are they very expensive?

    I did very well yesterday. Was careful as to what I ate and I went to my strength class. I had missed the past three classes due to my kids having plans at the same time. Tonight is Zumba.
  • msh0530msh0530 Member Posts: 1,705 Member Member Posts: 1,705 Member
    Got a call at 5:30 this morning - snow on the ground, more snow all day, and NO SCHOOL! Woo hoo! Sewing room, here I come!

    And since I have plenty of time, I am going to fix my favorite cream of wheat with peanut butter for breakfast. Maybe it will help warm me up - I have been cold for two days. Happy Tuesday!
  • AliceLMSAliceLMS Member Posts: 2,444 Member Member Posts: 2,444 Member
    Barb; great news on the blood pressure meds and way to go on those pants. :flowerforyou: Trying my size 5's on would have been dangerous. I can picture my self trapped in a pair of half on, to small pants, and struggling to free myself.:laugh:
    Becky; two weeks? :drinker: Wow that's impressive! New clothes every two weeks, it would make my head spin!

    Seven here this morning with 9 to 12 inches of snow predicted. Shopping anyone?:laugh:

    Terri; I hope you had a wonderful time on your trip. Sorry to hear that you had the flu. How did this differ from the plain old flu?

    Sewing room, sounds like heaven Mary. I am jealous!

    Time to get to work.

    Hope you all have great days! Alice
  • msh0530msh0530 Member Posts: 1,705 Member Member Posts: 1,705 Member
    OK, I didn't feel like dealing with this yesterday after the funeral, but I thought about it and I am in today for a week of exercise. We'll see if I can make 5 days this week. Being snowed in today, my choices were limited so I cruised the web for something to motivate me. You probably all know about this already, but I found free workout videos on
    I did the "Less Is More Cardio Workout". It is 30 minutes. I cannot do everything on there due to arthritis and of course, my constant companion, lots of extra pounds, but I did do a modified version and made the 30 minutes.

    My plans:
    Wednesday: If the weather clears enough for the school field trip to Wichita, then I will get a workout walking and keeping up with teenagers. If not, another exercise video.
    Thursday: Walk with my dog if the weather cooperates, exercise video if not.
    Friday: Same as Thursday.
    Saturday: Walk downtown with my grandsons for the Christmas parade.
    Sunday: Strength Training: Carrying tables and heavy cases of bells after the bell choir performs at church. (Ha, ha!) And if the weather is okay, walk the dog.

    OK, I followed the advice of a friend, and made a plan. I've not posted my exercise plan before, so we'll see if it holds me accountable. Be sure to ask me how it's going, and maybe peer pressure will keep me at it. Who will post their plan and join me?

    Sign I saw on a health club this week: Follow the three E's: Eat healthy, Exercise, and Enjoy Life!!

    I think we have 5" so far, and it's still snowing heavily. My exercise is done, and I am off to the sewing room finally! Good luck to all this week, and here's to smart choices!
  • heartrwheartrw Member Posts: 187 Member Member Posts: 187 Member
    Alice...Not sure that it was H1N1...:frown: :sick: :sick: :sick: just have had fever (for the first 2-3 days), chills, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting (my husband, not me), dizziness and light headedness, ache all over, and then this really nasty horrid cough that is hanging around. Had the first symptoms for about five days. Still having dizziness and feeling light headed off and on...the worst is this horrid cough that won't go away. Get started on a coughing fit and just can't stop. The darn thing kept us indoors in pj's for about five days (in less)!

    Anyway, did get a little sight seeing in before it hit, thank goodness, because the rest of the time we just didn't feel up to it.

    Now I am struggling to get into the Christmas spirit and get fall decorations put away. I feel as if I fell into some wierd time warp where it's Christmas for the rest of the world...just not for me! However, it's a beautiful snowy day and I have Christmas tunes playing. Plan on putting up a tree son, Greg, is coming from California this Friday for 10 I need to make an effort!!

    :heart: :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: Terri
  • heartrwheartrw Member Posts: 187 Member Member Posts: 187 Member
    To all of you who have suffered the loss of children (Rosemary, Sheilajane, Alice) you are in my prayers and thoughts. Much as I try to understand God's plan I fail repeatedly to be able to do so. I know that even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it, God does love us poor humans and that when we hurt our very worst he is there to wrap his loving arms around us. God be with you. :heart: Terri
  • weaklink109weaklink109 Member Posts: 2,831 Member Member Posts: 2,831 Member
    This is an abridged version of a post I just did on the success thread area:

    As of today, I have lost 50 lbs., thanks to the tools and people on MFP, especially this and the Golden Sneakers thread.

    I have battled up and down with my weight all my adult life, and I am living proof that moderation and eating what you want,--just less of it--really works, along with a consistent cardio program (for me it was walking). I will be starting strength training in the new year. It is almost 8 months since I started. I don't feel deprived. I only have one binge trigger food left, and it isn't something that I keep around, so that solves that problem.

    This week, I fit into a pair of winter wool slacks that haven't fit me in about 20 years. I am on the borderline to being in a size 14 misses, having started at 24W. Yesterday my doctor reduced my blood pressure medication by 75%!! I hope to be off it completely in another 30 lbs.

    I hope my experience will help someone who might be having a down day, or is just starting and feels like the mountain is too high to climb. Remember, if you try, you could succeed, and think of where you could be in 6 months to a year. . If you don't try, you will be in the same place you are now, or maybe worse, depending upon any health issues that could pop up.

    Good luck to all who are on this fitness quest with me.

  • AliceLMSAliceLMS Member Posts: 2,444 Member Member Posts: 2,444 Member
    What an inspiration you are!!:drinker: Congratulations Alice
  • pmjsmompmjsmom Member Posts: 1,926 Member Member Posts: 1,926 Member
    Isn't it a great feeling to fit into those smaller sizes? I bought some new jeans two weeks ago--16 misses (I was 24W, too--and they were getting tight!) I also finally got brave onough to get rid of my size 20's. I still have my 18's but, since I only have 3 pairs of pants I need to keep them until I can go clothes shopping again! :laugh: Oh well, if I wash and dry them at really hot temps they fit for an hour or so!
    Great job!
    Kathy (pmjsmom)
  • pmjsmompmjsmom Member Posts: 1,926 Member Member Posts: 1,926 Member
    Barb, almost forgot--wonderful news about your meds, too.
  • anglangl Member Posts: 188 Member Posts: 188
    weaklink109....Congrats on the sucess you have had. :flowerforyou: It is true if you just keep on a program that is workable for your lifestyle you will lose the weight. The most important part is to NOT GIVE UP.!!!!! You must be thrilled to get lower blood pressure meds. Thanks for writing us about your accomplishments. It is an inspiration.
  • barbiecatbarbiecat Member Posts: 14,598 Member Member Posts: 14,598 Member

    , just maybe the new focus was a gift BECAUSE I was so generous and let go of them

    :heart: Birdie, God sends us love notes and that was one of them.:heart: I have just started remembering some beautiful dresses I gave away years ago because they were too small and I thought I'd never fit in them again........then I remembered the happy look on the face of the woman who bought my size 8 green silk dress at a charity rummage sale and I am so glad that she could wear it instead of it hanging in numerous closets unworn for almost 20 years.

    :flowerforyou: Barb,congratulations on getting to the magical 50 pounds lost have been the leader and inspiration in example of how to lose weight and still participate in frequent food related social this time next year or sooner, you'll be the one shopping for tiny clothes:bigsmile: Congratulations too, on getting off some meds, that is great news

    After being in touch with MFP friends from Colorado, Saskatchewan, Utah, and other northern inland areas, I decided to stop commenting on the weather.....ours is balmy by comparison :laugh:

    :flowerforyou: Peschuntz, you are amazing how many steps you walk and how late you stay up:flowerforyou:

    :flowerforyou: Mary, after I read your post with your exercise plans I remembered my rule about drinking 8 ounces of water before logging onto MFP and then I decided to do 20 minutes of Leslie Sansone before logging on......that sounds like a good fitness goal for me

    We went out to lunch today with some business associates. One of them is training to run a marathon (she's in her mid 50's). We went to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants and I had egg drop soup, broccoli with garlic sauce and brown rice, yummy and healthy.:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    :flowerforyou: About the silk underwear.....I've never worn it but a friend recommended it and brought me a catalog from a company called Winter Silks ( I've never had any before but since then, I've talked to women who swear by it. As I understand it, they are as warm as thermals but lighter weight so they fit better under your clothes. Hubby and I each ordered a long sleeve crew neck top in the lightest weight to see how we like it.......then we can decide whether to order more and whether to order pants or a heavier weight or a different style. I will report further when I've tried it on.

    The dogs are bumping my hands and asking to be fed so I guess I'll do what I'm told.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :love: :love: :love: hugs, Barbie
  • LaurelFisherLaurelFisher Member Posts: 407 Member Member Posts: 407 Member
    :flowerforyou: Good evening all, we are preparing for yet another 12 hours of rain.:sad: The weatherman said we could get 2 inches before all is said and done.:noway: I guess I should count my blessings because it isn’t snow.:happy:

    :smile: Congratulations to our losers and maintainers, the rest of us will be following suit very soon. I have faith in us all.

    :flowerforyou: Sheilajane and Alice - my son was 14 when he was killed on March 27, 1989 and would be 35 on December 20.:cry: I still miss him more than I can say. :brokenheart: He was my diet and exercise coach and he would go bike riding with me and hold my ankles while I did sit ups. He would say “come on mom you can do one more” and would tell me how proud he was of me for losing the weight. He’s been gone over 20 years and it still seems like yesterday.
    :ohwell: Ok, I’m done feeling sorry for myself now.
    :smile: It is the time of birth and rejoicing. :love: I need to focus on the birth of my new grandbaby and the joy in my grandson’s eyes as he experiences Christmas.
    :flowerforyou: Thank you, Becky, Barb, Barbie, Alice, Sheila, Lynn, Terri for all your prayers and encouragement. I thank God everyday for bringing MFP into my life.

    I am under my calories for today so I think I'll have a 100 calorie snack and go visit Leslie for a 3 mile walk.
    Everyone stay dry and warm. :heart: Love (((Hugs))) and Prayers for all, Rosemary
  • MacMadameMacMadame Member Posts: 1,893 Member Member Posts: 1,893 Member
    Work has been crazy... I've also been lazy about tracking. But I just found the iPhone app and it got me back on track!
  • RebelRennyRebelRenny Member Posts: 1,073 Member Member Posts: 1,073 Member
    Been lurking and reading your posts ladies. Inspiring despite the losses and troubles people are going through. You are courageous. It does take mega-courage to live life and to live it well. :flowerforyou:

    I am back to work, but still not 100%. Have trouble staying focused on healthy eating with my foggy brain. Had a small piece of Nanaimo bar today. Have you ever tasted such a wonderful treat???? omg.... it is heavenly is distinctly Canadian!

    I do my weigh-ins on Saturdays. I wonder what the scale will say this time.:laugh:

  • jam0525jam0525 Member Posts: 1,662 Member Member Posts: 1,662 Member
    Hello everyone,

    I have been on the go since 5:30AM and it's 9:00PM now. Tomorrow when I hopefully have more time I will catch up on the posts. The funniest thing happened this morning that I just had to share as soon as possible.

    Albuquerque had one of it's blizzards: first rain, then sleet, then snow. So, the roads were slippery and the whole city just about shut down over 1 inch of snow. I was driving into work wind blowing, snow falling. I could hardly see in front of me. All of a sudden a dozen tumbleweeds flew up and hit my windshield as if I was in a sand storm instead of a snow storm. Only in New Mexico can you be in both at the same time. I saw them coming and had pulled over to let the tumbleweed flurry pass. My daughter was with me and we just laughed. The tumbleweeds were just flying by us. The blowing wind went from white to brown to flying brown things back to white. It was amazing.

    We got 4-5 inches of snow up in the mountains where we live.

    Have a nice evening all,

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