Would YOU exercise on your birthday?



  • Melbo89
    Melbo89 Posts: 24 Member
    I have exercised on my birthday because I wasn't doing much. There's also times when I haven't. Frankly it depends on how I feel. Do what feels right.
  • Alidecker
    Alidecker Posts: 1,262 Member
    My birthday was last Monday, I worked out. I feel better when I work out. Do what you want to do.
  • SunshineSwirl
    SunshineSwirl Posts: 14 Member
    I planned to go to the gym on my birthday, although my husband didn't like that. But in the end, the stomach bug kept me home from the gym and doing anything fun, so my husband got half of what he wanted.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,876 Member
    I would...but exercise isn't really a chore for me...I love to ride and I love to lift. Actually if it were my birthday I'd probably take the day off work so I could really get out there and enjoy a good long ride.
  • jos05
    jos05 Posts: 263 Member
    I've been to the gym every year for my last 3 birthdays; which is about the time I got serious about going to the gym!!! I personally love my gym time...it's my "me" time...why give that up on your birthday! :)
  • serafinelaveaux
    serafinelaveaux Posts: 45 Member
    If you enjoy it, do it.

    My friends don't get it either. I don't view my gym time as "exercise" anyway. It's like stress relief, anger management therapy, and an adrenaline rush, so I'd love to be in the ring or on the mats on my birthday.
  • Justkeepswimmin
    Justkeepswimmin Posts: 777 Member
    Hell yesss! For my birthday I usually am excited if my family picks up the slack around the house so I can go to the gym MORE :)
  • gouldyftw
    gouldyftw Posts: 9 Member
    Do whatever makes YOU happy... don't worry about what other people think (especially not on your birthday!). Clearly the fact you're even thinking about going is because you want to!
  • TheBigFb
    TheBigFb Posts: 649 Member
    rabbitjb wrote: »
    Hell yes

    As meatloaf said, you took the words right outta my mouth
  • krdews
    krdews Posts: 124 Member
    I feel so awesome after my workouts; there is no way I would skip feeling that way on my birthday... and if you're doing it in the AM, it will add a little pep in your step ALL day!!!!
  • 970Mikaela1
    970Mikaela1 Posts: 2,013 Member
    Prs on a birthday are even better.
  • iofred
    iofred Posts: 488 Member
    Why would you not?? You eat and sleep as well. A gym is not just for Christmas B)
  • sweetpea03b
    sweetpea03b Posts: 1,124 Member
    Personally... I'm not a morning person, so I couldn't find a reason to go to the gym that early on ANY DAY... but yes, even if it was my birthday I would work out. Especially if I had a special dinner planned so I could make sure I wouldn't feel guilty about indulging a little :) Happy Early Birthday!
  • RealMarkD
    RealMarkD Posts: 92 Member
    I always take a personal day on my birthday (when it falls on a weekday), and that lets me sleep in AND get a run in relatively early. So I'm just agreeing with everyone that's already said to do whatever makes you happy that day.
  • jhall260
    jhall260 Posts: 111 Member
    Yes, I love running so I go out and run on my birthday! Last year I was fortunate enough to have a race on my birthday.

    People always say but it's only once a year for special occasions, which is true, but there are lots of special occasions; your birthday, my birthday, valentines day, fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc...

    What I do is I may have an extra treat, or a drink or two if it's a weekend, and not fuss about it.
  • jessicapk
    jessicapk Posts: 574 Member
    I would love to go on a hike for my birthday this year! You said the key words in your original post... you said you enjoy exercising. I do believe in doing what you want on your birthday (and I'm 32 years old) and, if you want to exercise, go for it!
  • HeidiMightyRawr
    HeidiMightyRawr Posts: 3,343 Member
    Yes. I love to exercise, so I'm not going to hold back on something I enjoy because it's my birthday.
  • krzysztof1986
    krzysztof1986 Posts: 123 Member
    If it is my training day I dont care if its my birthday or not:P
  • kelsully
    kelsully Posts: 1,008 Member
    The favorite part of my birthday is a kick *kitten* run. I have a June birthday and the weather is usually nice so I go for a hard run so I can feel bad *kitten* and powerful all day long.
  • Amanda4change
    Amanda4change Posts: 620 Member
    I didn't last year on my birthday (I had meningitis and couldn't do anything but lay in bed on my birthday). This year I will (just like I did on thanksgiving, Christmas and new year) because I like to and its "my day" so I get to do what makes me happy.