What made you fat?



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    Popcorn and jelly beans. I ate them all day and night.
    When I stopped, the weight fell off easily.
    I always see popcorn mentioned here as a healthy low calorie treat. I can't just nibble on a bit of popcorn, I eat a whole jumbo bag to myself.

    So do I. I still think it's low calorie for how much food it is.

    I ate 47g of air-popped popcorn tonight with lots of marge and shredded cheese on it. Only came up to a few hundred calories for being a HUGE bowl.

    Nice! I air pop mine with coconut oil and bring it to the movies with a box of raisins. I don't even crave the snacks at the counter anymore.
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    Being a full time college student and moving in with my fiancee! I went from being on my feet 9 hours a day at work to sitting at a desk 9 hours a day. And when I lived by self I never made big breakfast or dinners...when I moved in with my fiancee I started making big meals all the time and just eating to much because it was there!
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    I am because I was depressed for many years.. Constantly not caring about myself because I thought I was broken. Finally I realized that ish happens and no one is perfect.. Now I am here eating spinach..lol
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    I'm action packed with issues. While I have been very fit in my past, there is a sustained pattern of general self-neglect combined with a love of beer.

    10 years ago, I was doing lots of stuff. Riding my bicycle a lot, trail running, climbing mountains. Then, I let life get out in front of me. I started drinking too much and stopped exercising enough. Then, a deployment to Iraq and after I got back, more partying, plus I was on SSRIs for a year or so after I got back. Then working nights for three years where getting plenty of sleep was impossible and eating properly was a lot of work.

    Over this period, I went from about 170 to 226.
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    Eating out, cookies, and potato chips. Damn those Daisy girl scouts I bought cookies from yesterday...they were too cute...but I ate a whole sleeve of Thin Mints.

    I have no restraint around cookies and chips.
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    Bullying since primary school, which left me with a very low self esteem and a 'I'm fat anyway' mentality which made my teens a blur of carbs and sugar.

    Also, reaching the age where I didn't have to ask permission to put my hands in the biscuit tin.
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    beer, marathon training & burgers
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    I was eating too much. For a few years, I was matching portion size with my husband who is nearly a foot taller and with an overweight BMI himself. Yeah, that didn't work out too well for me.
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    For me its the love of eating out, the love of cooking and the evenings spent doing nothing or drinking beer. Struggling to not "treat" myself to a slice of cake or a huge sandwich most days because "i deserve it". I'd rather feel full than have the fleeting happiness of a biscuit or a chocolate bar but it doesn't stop me craving them.
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    I got fat because I moved in with my boyfriend in our own home for the first time so going shopping on our own we just used to put so many bad food and buy it and because the snacks were there we would just eat them, using fitness pal is helping me track what I'm really eating and we have now reduced the snacks we buy and try to eat more veg, my tip would be to replace potato with sweet potato and eat kale as it hardly has any taste and is so good for you
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    The simple answer is eating too much and exercising too little. Plus drinking, a lot. But what made me eat too much and exercise too little was firstly, meeting my boyfriend, and secondly, my dog dying. I no longer had to go out for a walk, I could just settle down on the couch with a beer or two and a bag of chips and well, here I am...
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    I suppose numerous things made me fat. Most of all, myself. To be fair, I used to have really bad depression and low self-esteem, so I just didn't care about myself. Now I do care and I'm trying to reverse it.

    A lot of my issues with food stem from my family's unhealthy relationship with it though. Its always eat, eat, eat and they get offended if you don't. Even worse, the foods my family likes to eat are all unhealthy. From a young age, I was taught to eat everything on my plate and go back for more to be polite. My parents used to give me a plate of chips, cheese and pepperoni every night before bed as a "snack." That kind of thinking has been really damaging to me.
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    Eating and drinking a lot.
  • LokiDokiArtichoki
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    Depression (so much guilt, after a terrible accident), feeling a loss of control over what was happening in my life. I was in a very bad place, mentally, and I tried getting help. I felt so defeated when the doctors/psychiatrists/psychologists couldn't help me find the root of my problems and instead just pushed pills at me. Then I realized that I had to be the one to change me. I took hold of my emotions and I'm happier than I've ever been, but my emotional eating (binging) turned into a nasty habit that I'm still trying to kick. But having a better outlook on life is making it easier to get healthier. I have more motivation to live - and definitely more motivation to work out, which in turn makes me even happier.
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    getting out of high school and no longer be as active like with sports like i use to then not watching what i eat, back then i could eat a cake and not gain a thing with all the sports. then i just got careless and yup here i am today 80lbs heavier and trying to become a healthier me..

    Yes! I HATED gym class and I never realized how much it actually helped me stay the weight I was(at least until I started bc) and I would never want to go back because I did not like the people I dealt with,but if I could get myself that active again it would be a godsend!
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    I ate healthy foods, but too much of them while doing pretty much no exercise. :/
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    My food choices and my sedentary lifestyle made me fat.
    I believe in personal responsibility, and I am totally responsible for my weight.
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    What made me fat was, being attacked in a random act of violence 7 years ago, in which my back & neck were injured... over the course of the last 7 years, it has progressively gotten worse to the point I had a cervical arthroplasty (total disc replacement with an artificial disc) at the c5-c6 on Jan 5th of this yr & I'm supposed to have lower back surgery, but I'm trying to hold out for as long as I can.... But, prior to having surgery, I met my husband & had a little girl who is now 3... I do everything for everyone (I have a 17 yr old son who graduates high school this yr, two step-sons we have joint custody of, and my 3 yr old. My husband is in law enforcement, so he works a lot of hours.) & put myself last. I'm in college as well. I have no support system. So, I am here....
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    I got married, became a full time mom of 2 boys(5-8) and started caring for my very sick father all in the same month, while still working part time. Along with gaining weight I also went a little cuckoo... Go figure. Took 6 years for me to finally find a balance... Thank God I finally did! I'm down 47lbs and only 27lbs to go. :D
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    struggle with binge eating disorder, i was never pretty enough for my mom. A few comments to a young girl is all it takes