What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    How much anxiety I am having about maintaining my goal. I've only seriously lost weight before one other time in my life - like 20 lbs; but I gained that back and then some so this time around I had much more to lose and I only recently reached goal again. However, at 51 I cannot imagine me going through this process again and it's making me crazy.

    Clothes have become an issue and I actually think I posted a comment awhile ago when someone requested suggestions on how to deal with adjusting to the new size - I believe I gave some flippant response about "go to a tailor" well I realize it's not that easy. I was going through my closet yesterday and it was a roller coaster #1 how big a difference a couple dress size are #2 there are some cute items I'm going to really miss. Yeah, yeah I get the whole shopping for new clothes, new size - I will definitely do that! And yes I will take many items to be altered by a tailor... but there are going to some items that I'll just need to let go. In the meantime I will wear my black skirt that I can roll the waistband down so it does not fall off every other day and hope no one notices!
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    The bad: that the boobs do not necessarily go down. I have lost 3 band sizes in my bras, but gone UP 2 cup sizes. It is getting really hard to find bras in my size any more.

    The good: just now much mental health is tied into physical health. I have suffered from depression all of my adult life (some at a "normal" weight and some at my obese weight). This last year, as my physical self has made huge strides, my mental health has improved tremendously to where I cannot even pinpoint a bout with depression in the last 14 months.

    Are we twins? LOL!

    I've always been big up top and although band sizes are decreasing, I'm now struggling with dresses cos my boobs don't seem to be going anywhere so I can't get the tops of dresses done up. Also, now I'm smaller in my lower body, I feel the top half is even more noticeable which doesn't help when I already feel too self-conscious. Maybe they'll just be the last thing to go? I've still got 2½ stone to lose so hopefully I'll get back to the large-but-manageable size I used to be in my early 20s!

    I have also suffered a lot in the past with depression and anxiety (at all weights), but have been pleasantly surprised by how much better I feel all round now that I'm more active and getting fitter and also because I'm eating less crap these days!

    Great news all round :smile:

    Not all women will lose weight in their breasts, especially after age 40 or so. Changing hormones are the likely culprit. Look at it this way - many women pay good money for large boobs and a tiny waist and butt. It's not a bad look. Buy separates instead of dresses. B)