From 511 to 175: a 336 lb loss over 5 years



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    Amazing! Keep up the good work!
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    WOW!!! You are a true inspiration!!! Congratulations!!
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    So inspiring!! Thanks! I needed this today :D
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    Great inspiration. Bravo!
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    Shirt size: from 5 class to medium
    Pant size: from 64" to 34"
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    Awesome job!
    And the glasses in your recent pictures really suit you =]
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    Wow! Just wow! This is amazing! So inspirational.
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    You really have taken your life back!!! You are an inspiration to so many! Incredible dedication! Thank you for sharing!
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    Oh my gosh................a really amazing journey. Thanks so much for sharing.
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    WOW just wow. good job sir you have changed your life around in ways that many in your position would not.
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    Wow! That's so awesome! A total inspiration :)
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    So inspirational...thank you for sharing and congratulations!!!
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    This is such an inspiration. Congratulations on taking your life back! Thank you for sharing this story!
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    :o you look GREAT. This an amazing. What dedication!
    I'm literally amazing. Good for you!
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    That is incredible!! Congratulations! Im sure you feel like a million bucks now :)