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    Kim......try airbnb and couch surfing for interesting, low priced short stays.
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    Did 50 minutes of a Powerhouse Pilates DVD. To me, it wasn't all that great. But then again, I got it for free. I think I'll keep it, it's good for times when you need to do something not as vigorous. The plan for tomorrow is to do a bit more pilates, hold my plank, and then do Kelley Coffee Meyers Basics DVD

    Jane- so sorry about DIL. Was it her dominant hand?

    - it probably was "shivering", I probably had the wrong word. Well, to my credit, they both start with a "s". The thing is, I didn't put glaze on it. They told me that items really don't need glaze unless you are going to be putting it thru a dishwasher or putting food in/on it.

    Mary in TX
    - you know, hubby eats things like pizza and waffles from Waffle House. I've actually gotten to the point where I'd rather have something good (healthy) than what he's having. Like instead of baked ziti for him, I'll have shirataki noodles for me. To me, that just taste better. Admitted, it took me a while to get to this point.

    - I have lumpy breasts. have had fiberadinomas removed, so many that I can't even begin to count them. My breasts look like road maps from all the surgeries. But they were always fiberadinomas so the MD stopped taking them out. Guess I've had a mammo since I was about 20

    Roberta in CA
    - thanks so much for posting those pic of the marines. You SHOULD be proud of all you've accomplished

    Sheila in Chicago - welcome to a great place. You're so right not to beat yourself up, just don't let imperfection become a daily habit. Let coming in here become a daily habit.

    Mary from MN - thanks for telling me about this scam. I probably would have called Vince if it had happened to me. Now that I think about it, MFP was acting kind of "funky" this afternoon. At times for no apparent reason, it would totally lock up.

    Joyce - score on that purse!

    Cynthia - WTG on the loss. I have a hard time avoiding night time eating. I try to include some sort of snack in my daily diary

    Sylvia - there is no way on this green earth that I'd remember the month, day and year that I set up an account. I know this is the wrong thing to do, but I have about 2 different passwords (or variations thereof) that I use.

    - you are a fantastic writer, I can understand why your editor only turned down one of your articles. I still do pushups on my knees, too. Mainly because when I do multiples of them on my legs, I lose form. I can do one or two, but that's about it until I lose form. What a wonderful hubby you have there! Talk about supportive

    katla - good choice to take the veggie and fruit try with you. Later this month we're going to a Newcomer social and I'm planning to bring shrimp. The bad thing is that I have a feeling that there won't be anything left.

    Just found out that we're going to have a bowling get together the 14th. I think I'll take veggies along with spinach dip

    Alison - it's so sad when farmland is sold. Had that happen where we lived before here

    Boy, my eyes have really started to water, I think it's the pollen in the air because I was just on the porch crocheting.

    Pip - loved the salt and pepper shakers

    The water in the pool is green. According to the chemical tests, there shouldn't be any algae in it. However, we went outside to brush it off the sides of the pool (we had put Stain Free in it and another chemical that would combine with the metal, but it was getting thicker so we thought it might be algae. So we put bleach in the spa and there's this white stuff on the surface of the water which indicates algae. So...we'll probably go tomorrow a.m. and buy lots of bleach to put in the pool.

    Mary from TX
    - I agree with you, I wish MFP would get rid of the duplicates. One thing is that foods in different parts of the world have different nutritionals (fat/protein, etc), so that could explain why there are discrepancies. One thing I do wish is that they'd get the meal tab working. How I wish things were in alphabetical order! This way I can log an item that I know are the correct nutritionals for my area, and if I don't have it for a month or so, I can get the right items and not have to hunt things down.

    Carol in NC - you rock girl!

    - have fun in Hawaii. And if you want company, I'm available........

    Valerie - welcome! Way to go girl! To be honest, in a sense I think I'm somewhat addicted to exercise, so I'll be really interested to hear about the different exercises you do. I do HIIT, spinning, water aerobics, weight training, step, the bosu, rebounder, yoga, incline intervals, speed intervals, to name a few. I'm always looking for new ideas of things to do. I can't seem to do dance, tho, I have two left feet. And I'm really not into kickboxing since my hamstrings are so tight I can't get my legs up high enough.

    Mary from MN
    - remind me again what 5x5 is

    yanniejannie - how nice of you to be there for Gwen.

    Michele in NC
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    Michele in NC - Strong lift 5x5 is a weight lifting program. A and B days. A, squats, bench press and barbell row. B, Squats, Overhead press and dead lift. They are done in that order, every other time. With a rest day in between. Every time you do the day of exercises you increase the amount 5 lbs. Except for dead lift you increase 10 lbs each progression. The 5x5 means 5 reps for 5 sets. I have reached my max in all of the lifts and can only increase by a pound or two. I have also stalled out and had to deload, go back 10 to 20% of weight and work my way back up and hopefully be able to lift more. I now lift, squats 87lbs, bench press 71 lbs, barbell row 75 lbs, over head press 60lbs and dead lift 120 lbs. Go on line and check it out.

    Mary from Minnesota
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    Hello from Oregon, saw your lil group and thought I would say hi:-) I am 52 and have to unload some mental weight, some physical weight, and ooogles of emotional weight. I shall just pile it over in the corner k? Sweet. Nice to meet you all!
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    Thanks, ladies!! I'm so happy to y'all to celebrate with.

    Annr - Just pile it over there on top of the rest of our crap. Welcome!

    Good night!

    Carol in NC
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    Carol: You sound positive and productive. Enjoy your walk in the park.

    MaryKaye: Reading the package is a good practice. Using Ritz Crackers as an example, DH and I went to a local restaurant and his order came with Ritz Crackers. They were noticeably smaller than those in my box of Ritz Crackers, and I’m sure the calorie count would be different. I use the barcode scanner when I can, and otherwise use the calorie count that MFP has that seems the most likely. It has worked well enough for me to lose the weight and I don’t really worry about the inconsistencies.

    Rori: Enjoy as much of your Hawaii time as you can. You’ve earned a bit of fun. I’m sure the rental renovations will be work rather than play. I’m hopeful you’ll find a good balance.

    Sylvia: Today’s joke seems like it could have really happened.

    Fastforlife: I hope you like it here.

    Annr: What part of Oregon are you from? There are several of us on MFP.

    We went to the opening day event for our Sailing club and I had a great time visiting with friends. One of those friends is a 13 year old girl who is also horse crazy. We talked about horses a good long while. She’s the daughter of a nice younger couple in the club. Many of our sailing club members would easily be classified as 50+. It would be great if we had more young families. DH came back feeling sore and grumpy. I’m just grateful that he went with me.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

    May Goals:
    1. Log every bite and swallow.
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on flexibility and back
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least three glasses of water daily, preferably more!
    5. Eliminate alcohol. Accomplished but here as a reminder.
    6. Monitor sleep. Try to average 7 or more hours of sleep nightly.

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    Just checking in to mark my place. Been on a weekend road trip.
    Sue in TX
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening Ladies,

    Lisa, yes we all have things. I laughed when I read yours because my first thought was, “get a bigger towel”. The way you are doing it is much better. A Big congrats on your progress so far. You have to be proud. I made the mistake of only taking the three measurements that MFP had listed and am I very sorry. I know I’ve lost a ton of inches, but no starting place for comparison. Keep up the good work.

    , I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you get to sail with your own bathroom.

    Allison, that is sad that the nursing home keeps DFIL on Trazadone all the time now. Is that what they do with all their patients that have an occasional outburst? Good luck on the new neighbors.

    Pip, I didn’t really think that “you” would take a day off from exercise. I love your auction win. They will be so cute in the Airstream.

    Heather, I finished the book today. Absolutely enjoyed the read and hated for it to end. You did sneak in a surprise I wasn’t expecting. You did a great job and don’t ever think otherwise.. I’ll go to Amazon and give a great review. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Carol, I actually installed a garbage disposal a couple of years ago. You will probably need someone to help hold it up while you connect it, otherwise it’s not so hard. You got this, lady! Way to go with all that walking and food prep. You really have things under control.

    Mary K, I don’t know about your area, but usually the guys at the nursery can tell you what grows in your climate and if it needs sun or shade. In fact, around here they don’t sell it if it won’t grow in this climate. Have fun making your porch pretty.

    CarolNC, you should be proud!! These professional walkers don’t expect us all to do what they do. Remember you are only competing with yourself. I’m proud of you too. Keep up the great work!!

    Selena, are you sure you want to be putting such threats in print???? If a FitBit ends up dead or injured, you know they may come looking for you. But yes, yes, we will try to protect you. Just no more violence, okay?

    FastValerie, Welcome. I know it was Fast or Valerie but I couldn’t decide which to use. :D This is a great place for support and lots of great information. It sounds like you are off to a great start and yes there are a lot of us on here that eat 1200 calories a day. The best thing to do is plan your meals in advance, log everything you eat or drink and exercise. You say that your weakness is in eating too much, so stop that! No, seriously, if you chose healthy foods and drink lots of water, you shouldn’t be hungry, so it’s a matter of creating new habits. Many of us had bad habits of eating all the time and too much. It is an exercise in re-training yourself then it becomes easy. For most of us in this group, we are on a life long journey of health and fitness. And one of the things we are often reminded of is to never give up. Even if you can’t read every post, come often and hang in there. We are pulling for you.

    Mary, absolutely fantastic results from your 5X5 workouts. Are we going to see pictures??? With the increased calories, what are you adding? My guess would be carbs?

    Toni, so wonderful that you are at your lowest weight in 13 years. You go girl!!!!

    Yannie, bummer on no massage. How sweet of you to stay with Gwen and her bobo.

    Pip, see, you did take a rest day today. I just knew you needed it.

    Michele, good luck with the pool. When we lived in Atlanta, we had a pool and that happened to ours one year. It freaked me out at first.

    Annr, welcome. We are happy to have you join us and just pile your weight any place you can find a bare spot, or heck pile it on top of some of ours. We hope you come often.

    Welcome to any Newbies that I missed. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    You lovely ladies be good to yourselves and have a great week ahead. <3

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.

    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Welcome to the new ladies!
    Read all your posts ... sounded like a positive weekend for most ... yay!
    Made it through the weekend here ... most goals met ... still working on that "fun" one.
    Think I might change it to "finding something I'm thankful for" each day ... because days like I had today are decidedly not "fun"...
    Tomorrow is my weigh in day!

    Beth in WNY
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    Quick check in. Travel day to montreal. Lots of airport steps and city walking this evening (12k). Not too bad on calories even with 2 beers and a small flatbread pizza for din...I am still under goal!
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    Didn't take any notes today :o Just know that I read everyone's posts and am celebrating all the inches lost, pounds thrown away. Our vent pile is getting higher!!!! But I think that needs to some how compost itself so that our vents turn into wonderful flowers!!!

    Was able to get up for Sunday School and church this morning. Of course it helps that my cat knows that if Mom's alarm goes off that means she is supposed to get up. Any other day she knows I'm not really up if the sound machine is still on, I'm just going to the bathroom. So she practically gets on my head, meowing away cause she wants to be fed. With our ant problem I don't put much food in her dish so by morning she is ready!! But this afternoon I had to really fight my brain and tell it that I do not need to take a nap. At one time I actually had the TV off, had gone potty and ready to go to bed. I talked myself out of it and watched some more golf. I will sure be glad when my back will allow me to get on my bike. Of course there is no excuse for not waking outside. It was in the 80's here today with clear blue sky. It's almost 70 right now.

    My oldest daughter finally i-messaged me to tell me that the measurements of the antique china cabinet will not fit in the space she has planned to put one of the china cabinets. It's shorter than mine but deeper. I have finally convinced Charlie that we can not put top and bottom part in our mini van along with our other daughter. IF the top does fit, it won't be able to lay flat and no one can be back there. So we will take the bottom section down with all my china and some of Mom's old things.

    Charlie still is having a lot of diarrhea. One of the side effects of most of the medicine for ulcerative colitis is diarrhea. He had 10 stool last night and several during the day. But we had pizza last night and other things that I would rather not divulge in right now. Let's just say I was so exhausted yesterday I didn't care what I ate or how much of it. It was me who wanted to go eat pizza.

    Just to clarify, there are many things he does not sabatoge me about. He loves the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. or the Weight Watchers fudge bars. He doesn't buy ice cream. He is very satisfied with my 100 calorie popcorn or 35 calorie bread. But he knows when he eats mac and cheese that I really, really want a whole plate of it. I eat 3 pieces when he gets it. Also the rolls at Texas roadhouse. I love, love those things. So I tear out a tiny pinch from the very middle just to taste it. But last week when we went to Bob Evans he got a box of chocolate cookies. I am so glad I checked before I took a portion of one. 592 calories!!!!! I finally got him to put his chocolate pop tarts in some where where it is hidden. But as far as being a support of helping me do good things for myself, he just passes them by and says I need to be my own motivation.

    Tomorrow our old nurses group are finally going to get together again. No one wants to go to the places where I am sure of what I can eat. They like Mexican, Longhorn steakhouse, Olive Garden. Tomorrow we are going to a real old German place here. I have no idea what the menu is but I know the company will be good.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Hello everyone!

    Carol: you sound so positive recently! Happy for you.

    Mary: I know about thinking about food all the time. :s

    Yanniejannie: sorry about your massage and sleep. Thanks for mentioning phlox; haven’t heard that word for a while.

    Michele: I’ve never asked, but: what exactly is Newcomers?

    Love the “pile” idea. I think I’ll throw this on there today: that I have do a certain thing perfectly later this week. Whoosh! (Thing sailing through the air and landing on the pile)

    Hope we all have a good day!

    Cynthia :flowerforyou:

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    Joyce - I just love your metaphores! Composting the vents to grow flowers is a classic! :flowerforyou:

    Janet - you are lovely! <3 For me, I don't mind a book with some difficult content as long as I can see a chink of light at the end. Call me an optimist! :laugh: Thank you for your unwavering support. :flowerforyou:

    In two minds whether to go for the Inspiring Women slot in the magazine. I talked to DH about it and he thought I should give it a go as it's a good "story" how losing weight and getting fit changed my life in so many unexpected ways. It's all about self esteem, isn't it. I got DH to take a photo with my tablet. There's no guarantee she will write the article, but I will answer her questions and see what she says.

    Today is the May Day Bank Holiday so a lot of people are off work. We're expecting nice weather so I think we will do a bit in the garden. I want to resow some chard in the bits that didn't take. Peas haven't come up. I will try a third time and then give up. :laugh: The apple blossom is out and the lilacs are in flower. Clouds of forget me nots. Gorgeous. :D

    Ate a lot of carbs at the party, but had a tiny supper to compensate. Ended up going over losing cals, but within maintaining, which I call a win! ! ! ! o:)

    Love Heather in sunny Hampshire UK
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    morning ladies~
    had a good nights sleep last night, didnt get as many steps as I would like yesterday well maybe I did but had to charge my fitbit, helped Tom with yardwork..baked some yummy chicken.. and a sweet potato for me..
    the weather will be stunning all week FINALLY!!
    Even if they are going to build the house, they first have to put the roads in and sewer and electric.. so it probably will be awhile before houses pop up.
    I think next weekend the rest of the trees on the side of the house will be coming down.. so Tom was out there trying to wrestle with the chicken wire that is attached to the trees, just undoing it and leaving it there.. so the dogs can still go out..
    Well the piece and quiet is no more.. DH was cranky yesterday,yelling at me and being nasty,so I just let him be and find something else to do..
    he is back at work today..
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    Good morning ladies! another beautiful day here. Really wish it was raining though we need the moisture. Time for me to exercise and do things around the house. Boring! Then I will try to force myself to go out maybe over to my dsi L.

    Janet - I still eat pretty much the same food. I never stopped eating sweets. I just make sure I don't go over my calorie count. I try to eat clean otherwise. I have only ate back my exercise calories 1 or 2 times. I usually don't eat them. You can still take your measurements and pictures. I didn't do that until 9 weeks ago. With your exercise you will see results. I have pictures and will post when I reach my goal weight 15 more pounds.

    Beth - sorry you didn't have a good day! I like your idea for a new goal.

    Katla - I am glad you had fun at your sailing club. You probably helped the girl have a fun day also.

    Pip - great prize! They will look great in your RV.

    Joyce - I have a lot of trouble with food as well. it is best for me not to have anything around that is going to tempt me. It is hard when our DH's eat things that we over indulge in. I have had to talk to my DH about that and he is getting better. Have a good trip bringing your China and Hutch to your daughter.

    Heather - the inspiring woman slot in the magazine sounds like you would be a perfect candidate for that. You are an amazing woman.

    Allison - chicken and sweet potato that is one of my favorite meals. My dad always yelled at my mom, not a pleasant situation at all. Finally when she was 57 we took her out of that situation. She has never regretted it. (((Hugs)))

    Have a great day everyone!

    Mary from Minnesota

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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Morning Ladies,

    MNMin, omg, a beer and Pizza. Does that sound yummy. But I’ll probably refrain cause you know me, I’d keep eating way past what I should. Have a good trip.

    Joyce, great idea for our vent pile. We all like flowers. My DH is very supportive but he still likes his sweets. He always as cookies, ice cream or a pie at home. Last time he got a key lime pie, which I love. I said, why don’t you get coconut or something I don’t like? But it’s just one of the many things I just don’t eat. Now, that fresh hot bread at a steakhouse is something I normally will have a piece of while wanting the whole loaf. Glad you are getting together with your friends and I hope the food choices are easy.

    Heather, I think the story about how losing weight changed your life sounds like a winner. Your garden sounds lovely and I hope you enjoy your day working in it.

    Welcome to any Newbies that I missed. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    In reading some of the post, it occurred to me that I don’t spend nearly as much time thinking about food as I used to. This is a real NSV as I used to live from one meal to the next, according to DH. I realized a friend of mine talks about restaurants all the time, and she is another one that should stay out of them. When DH went to breakfast yesterday, he asked if I wanted him to bring anything back for me. (He was joking) I said, only if they have those good gooey cinnamon rolls. When he got home, he told me that he did get one and put it in his pocket, but it got the gooey stuff all over his pants and squished the roll. (he says these things with a straight face) So he had to stop at Walmart and go in the bathroom to wash his pants off, and the cinnamon roll fell on the floor so he had to throw it away. Some of his wild stories get very elaborate. I know one of us will most likely leave this earth before the other, but I cannot imagine my life without him. I never imagined being married for 47 years, but I have to say, for the most part it’s been wonderful. *sorry, I think I diverted, somewhere*

    Have a great day and try to make someone happy. <3

    Thought for the day:

    Nothing is ever going to work out the way you want,
    so you may as well choose to want the way life does work out.

    - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

    Words I live by:
    Savor. I have to slow down and savor every bite.
    Opportunity. Each day offers new opportunities for good health and happiness if we just look for them and choose them.

    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    :::lifting up my leg and marking my spot::::
  • Katla49
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    Janet: DH insisted on the fishing boat and HE had to hike up to the bathroom through loose sand. He said that next time we’d take the sailboat or not go at all. I worry that “not go at all” is going to be his new mantra.

    Joyce: Olive Garden has a menu online with calorie and nutritional info and you can plan your meal in advance. I don’t know about the other two.

    Heather: If she writes the Inspiring Women article I hope it will be posted somewhere that we can find a link & read it.

    Mary: How did you take your mom out of the situation with your dad? I’m glad you found a way to rescue her and wonder what became of him. Curious, and can’t help myself from asking.

    Yoga today! :bigsmile: I hope DH will be willing to go along and do his work out. I think it improves his whole day. I’m not sure whether he’s noticed yet. At first I went to yoga because I needed to try something, and almost anything would do. As time went on, I came to love yoga. I hope he’ll begin to love going to the gym, moving more and getting healthier.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison

    May Goals:
    1. Log every bite and swallow.
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on flexibility and back
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least three glasses of water daily, preferably more!
    5. Eliminate alcohol. Accomplished but here as a reminder.
    6. Monitor sleep. Try to average 7 or more hours of sleep nightly.


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    OK...I go away for a day and come back to 97 posts. Good grief we're sure a prolific bunch :wink: I read the posts but didn't make any notes.

    Janet: Fun this weekend consisted of driving a quad around the farm and bouncing all over the place!

    I think I'm going to start like Kim and do 1 fun thing a week seems like a good place to start.

    MaryMN: I did some research on Stronglift 5 X 5. Just scared the begebees out of me! The results your are getting are absolutely amazing! Right now doing wrist curls with a soup can is about all I can handle. :smile:

    Spent the weekend planting and weeding trees. Put on my smart watch on Sunday and made 9062 steps. That's about 8000 more than I usually get! Menu planning here I come.

    Thought for the day: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassions, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

    Have a wonderful day, beautiful ladies!

    Carey - Edmonton
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    Love it!