June 2015 Weight Loss Challenge



  • DrLauraDVM16
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    Missed my weigh in last week. But I'm baaack...

    Name: Laura
    Age: 38
    Height: 5'5"

    Start Weight (1st June): 176.6 lb
    Goal Weight (1st July): 172 lb

    1st June: 176.6 lb
    6th June: 175.4 lb
    15th June: 175.2 lb
    22nd June: 173.4
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -1.8 lb
    Weight lost/gained this month: -3.2 lb

    Successes/struggles this week: Overindulged last Saturday night and spent Sunday with an awful hangover. Got back on track Monday, but spent Tuesday and Wednesday at a two day branding event and wasn't able to track calories, so I just ate everything in sight. Apparently I burned it all off just like I thought I did, though, because I can't argue with these results! Loving the increased energy I discovered this week, too!
  • Haegar62
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    Name: Håkan (say Hoki)
    Age: 53
    Height: 187 cm (6'1)

    Start Weight (30 May): 111. Kg (244.7 lbs)
    Goal Weight (1st July): 105 Kg (231.4 lbs)

    30th May: 111.0 Kg (244.7 lbs)
    6th June: 110.1 Kg (242.7 lbs)
    13th June: 108.8 Kg (239.8 lbs)
    20th June: 108.3 Kg (238.7 lbs)
    27th June:
    1st June:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -.5 Kg (1.1 lbs)
    Weight lost/gained this month: -2.7 Kg (5.9 lbs)

    Not good but a lost, And lowered my Body fat to 32% from 34.7 % so doing something right. Had aminor cold middle week so had less exercise then normal.

  • Haegar62
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  • koxxx
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    Name: Mary
    Age: 26
    Height: 164 cm (5'4)

    Start Weight (1st June): 70,5 kg
    Goal Weight (1st July): 67 kg

    1st June: 70.5 kg
    8th June: 69.2 kg
    15th June: 69.6 kg
    22nd June:
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: +0.4 kg
    Weight lost/gained this month: -0.9 kg

    Successes/struggles this week:
    Weight in 15 june: Went to gym only once and in the weekend (last week) I ate too much snacks =/ Honestly not surprised I had gained again some. This week though I have been to gym trice but we also got Midsummer, which means good food and friends, so I HOPE I will loose some weight but I am not 100% sure. Try not to eat everything I see. Next weight in in two days!
  • lynnech614
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    Start Weight (1st June):209.9
    Goal Weight (1st July): 195.

    1st June: 209
    8th June:
    15th June: 202.
    22nd June:
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: 7.4
    Weight lost/gained this month:

    Successes/struggles this week:
  • KBurkhardt08
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    Name: Kelsey
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'5

    Start Weight (30 May):151
    Goal Weight (4 July):147

    30th May:151
    6th June: 151.8
    13th June:149.8
    20th June:148.8
    27th June:
    4th July:

    Weight lost/gained this week:-1.0
    Weight lost/gained this month:-2.2

    Successes/struggles this week: got myself to run today. Very hard on weekends!
  • kuriakos_chris
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    Some adjusments first:
    Name: Kuriakos

    Start Weight (1st June):dunno, about 62.5 kg
    Goal Weight (1st July): 57-59kg

    8th June:136
    21nd June:134.4
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Things achieved so far: -1kg
    How many left: ~3

    Goal: Getting 10%bf from 13.5%

    Everything is going smooth. I started carb cycling. Seems easy. Some mornings i eat some bread with butter and honey. Except this diet is full clean. Myinjuries prevent me from lifting heavy weights but...we dont give up:)
  • josefinejem
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    Name: Jo
    Age: 40
    Height: 5'7

    Start Weight (1st June): 150.8
    Goal Weight (1st July): 145

    1st June: 150.8
    8th June:149
    15th June:150.8
    21st June: 146.6
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: - 4.2
    Weight lost/gained this month: - 4.2

    Struggles this week: Was sick, so couldn't exercise. Also had a work leaving party filled with cake which completely blew my diet one day. Ooops.

    Successes: Have somehow managed to lose almost 2 kgs this week, although am fairly sure this is part dehydration since my body fat % has also gone up. Clothes are starting to fit better than at the beginning of the month though so things are moving in the right direction!
  • jglovicz
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    Name: Julia
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'7"

    Start Weight (1st June): 149
    Goal Weight (1st July): 144

    1st June: 149
    8th June: 147.8
    15th June: 147
    22nd June: 147
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost this week:
    Weight lost this month: 2 pounds

    Successes/struggles this week: I still struggled to be active - super busy time at work and trying to pack our lives up to move 10 hours away next week! No excuses, need to reach my goals (for steps at the minimum)!
  • chrisssiex23x
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    Name: Christine
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'4

    Start Weight (1st June): 152lbs
    Goal Weight (1st July): 146lbs

    1st June:152lbs
    7th June:151lbs
    15th June:150lbs
    22nd June:148lbs
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -2lbs
    Weight lost/gained this month: -4lbs

    Sooo i did much better this week stayed on track yesterday
  • Aine8046
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    Start Weight (1st June): 147
    Goal Weight (1st July): 140

    1st June:147
    8th June: 145.4
    15th June: 145.4
    22nd June: 143.8
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: 1.6!
    Weight lost/gained this month: 3.2

  • trillionblue
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    Name: Aine
    Age: 27
    Height: 170cm/5' 7"

    Start Weight (1st June): 72kg
    Goal Weight (1st July): 70kg

    1st June: 72kg
    8th June: 71.6kg
    15th June: 70.5kg
    22nd June: 69kg
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -1.5kg
    Weight lost/gained this month: -3kg

    Successes/struggles this week: Kept the momentum going and avoided the donuts and chocolate bars in the office. My struggle this week coming is to make sure I keep losing and don't plateau.
  • AriaColl
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    Name: Aria
    Age: 30
    Height: 163 cm

    Start Weight (1st June): 92,9 kg
    Goal Weight (1st July): 87,9 kg

    1st June: 92.9 kg
    8th June: 91.5 kg
    15th June: 91.5 kg
    22nd June: 90.6 kg
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: 0.9 kg
    Weight lost/gained this month: 2.3 kg

    Successes/struggles this week: It is going down YAY. Well I kind of needed this. Weight Loss + / Rest of my Life this week -
    Expect for one day, I always had a deficit. I am beginning to realise that I will never be a person who can hit a certain number regularly. It wound drive me nuts and I could not do it for months/years. Well I hope someday I know what amount I can eat without crunching numbers ;)

  • phyl88
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    Name: Phyllis
    Age: 50

    Start Weight (1st June):171.6
    Goal Weight (1st July):165.0

    1st June: 171.6
    9th June: 173.4
    15th June: 170.6
    22nd June: 169.8
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -.8
    Weight lost/gained this month: -1.8

    Successes/struggles this week:
    Week 1: Getting ready to go on vacation. Road food always kills me and lack of exercise. I plan to really try hard to get in some exercise, enjoy myself but eat in moderation. We'll see!

    Week 2: Vacation and road food! Guess I'm going the wrong way in this thing. Not too worried about it, been on vacation and knew that it was going to be higher this week. I just have to put it in high gear the next few weeks.

    Week 3: Did a good job at losing the vacation wieght, plus a little bit more. Success for this week, found a new exercise, Pickleball... loved it and it gave me a great burn.
    Week 4: Should have been a better loss.
  • AislingHunter
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    Name: Aisling
    Age: 26
    Height: 5'5

    Start Weight (1st June): 177lbs
    Goal Weight (1st July): 170lbs

    1st June: 177
    8th June: 175
    15th June: 173
    22nd June: 171
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: 2lbs
    Weight lost/gained this month: 6lbs

    Successes/struggles this week: I got down to 171 last weekend, but gained it back because I've been consistently over calories - finally back down!
  • buxbert
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    name: buxbert
    Age: 43
    Height: 5'' 5.7
    Start Weight 1st June 190.7
    Goal Weight 1st July 183

    1st June: 190.7 / 86.5 kg
    8th June: 187.6 / 85 kg
    15th June: 187.4 / 85 kg
    22nd June: 184.5 / 83.7 kg
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: - 2.9 / 1.3
    Weight lost/gained this month: - 6.2 / 2.8 kg

    Successes/struggles this week: weight is going down and it starts showing - I love it! During the week there were no major struggles; I had an accidental slip with cheese where I first ate and then checked calories ;-) but that was it. Motivated in work outs. The weekend was a bit harder, I was visiting my parents and there were 2 parties on Saturday! I tried to be fairly reasonable but knew I would be going over my limit. Sunday was not too bad. Today I am extremely tired and really don't want to go to my swim class at all. I am trying to talk myself into it though as it is the last one before the summer break and it really helped so much to have these fixed exercise dates. I find it hard to imagine that I really could be in a normal weight range if I kept on doing this. I seems very unreal. It is still a long way off though.
  • youpie_de
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    Name: Sandra
    Age: 38
    Height: 153 cm

    Start Weight (1st June): 79.7 kg
    Goal Weight (1st July): 77.0 kg

    1st June: 79.7 kg
    8th June: 81.1 kg
    15th June: 79.2 kg
    22nd June: 79.5 kg
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: +0.3 kg
    Weight lost/gained this month:-0.2 kg

    Successes/struggles this week:
    This month is not going well ... I was on track all week but had a blow out at a family party yesterday, because of a very tempting buffet and nibbles in every corner.
  • LeonieWhitehead
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    Name: Leonie
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'2"

    Start Weight (1st June):296
    Goal Weight (1st July):280

    1st June:296
    8th June:294
    15th June:290
    22nd June:287
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -3 pounds
    Weight lost/gained this month: -9 pounds

    Successes/struggles this week:
    Ate out a lot last week so went to the gym mon-fri which seems to have helped was hoping for a couple more off but can't really complain.

  • sixtyfourslices
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    Let's do it to this!

    Name: Clare
    Age: 28
    Height: 175cm/5'9"

    Start Weight (1st June): 104.4kg/230lbs
    Goal Weight (1st July): 102kg/224lbs - Huzzah!
    New Goal Weight (1st July): 100.5kg/221lbs

    1st June: 104.4kg/230lbs
    8th June: 104.6kg/230lbs
    15th June: 102.2/225lbs
    22nd June: 101.9/224lbs
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -.3kg/.6lbs
    Weight lost/gained this month: -2.5kgs/5.5lbs

    Successes/struggles this week: I'm happy the downward trend is continuing after my blowout on the first weekend and I'm VERY, VERY excited about being so close to double digits.

    I have a weekly dinner out with friends where I tend to eat 'freely' (to a point), which I think really helps me from having massive blowouts during the rest of the week. I mostly stay in or around my daily kjs on an average day.

    I've been having porridge for breakfast every day (two of the Uncle Toby's sachet things made with water), which starts my day off well, I like not having to think about calculating the kjs in the morning. I tend to end the day with a cup of tea and some gingerbread mini muffins (roughly 200kjs each) or something little to just finish off the eating part of the day.

    Two weeks left!

  • Jenkorp72
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    June Challenge:

    Name: Jen
    Age: 42
    Height: 5'1"

    Start Weight (1st June): 179.0
    Goal Weight (1st July): 171.0

    1st June: 179.0
    8th June: 175.8
    15th June: 175.6
    22nd June: 173.0
    29th June:
    1st July:

    Weight lost/gained this week: -2.6
    Weight lost/gained this month: -6.0

    Successes/struggles this week:
    WEEK ONE: I will do this! I will be starting the 30 Fat burning challenge from Daily HIIT blog! I will lose this 8 lbs!

    WEEK TWO: I'm so happy and proud of myself! I wanted to lose 2.5 lbs and I lost that and some! No struggles to speak of!

    Goals for this week:
    Drink more water
    Vary my exercise routine

    WEEK THREE: only a few ounces this week. Disappointed but a loss is a loss and won't deter me. Need to make time this week to exercise regularly. No excuses!

    Goals for this week:
    Drink more water.
    Exercise every day.
    No cheat meal this week.

    WEEK FOUR: Had a good week this week. My work schedule was a little wonky this week so there were a few times my calorie intake was low and didn't give me a completion. But I promised myself if I wasn't hungry I wouldn't eat just to make an app happy.
    And only 2 more lbs. to go before I meet my June goal! Yay!!

    Goals for this week are same as above:
    1) more water
    2) exercise everyday ( work stress has been minimized so I should be better about this!)
    3) no cheat meal this week