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August 2015 Running Challenge



  • skippygirlsmom
    skippygirlsmom Posts: 4,433 Member
    @7lenny7 love the shirt
    @stoshew71 it's obvious why we are friends...Giants Yankees I don't need to say anything else.
  • sherriegetsfit2015
    sherriegetsfit2015 Posts: 2 Member
  • Aine8046
    Aine8046 Posts: 2,122 Member
    I am in for 75 miles! :)
  • Elise4270
    Elise4270 Posts: 8,375 Member
    edited July 2015
    Thanks Stan!

    I'm in again for 70+.

    @ddmom0811 That HM is closing in! "August heat and long run" eesh!

    Cold front came in today, its down to 94! *sarcastic hooray*. I opted for an extra rest day today..
  • Findmyfeet
    Findmyfeet Posts: 5 Member
    7lenny7 wrote: »
    Too bad I'll be out of town for this race. I wonder if I could do it as a virtual?

    I love the bottom line on the shirt!

    That race sounds like so much fun.....
  • estepicursor
    estepicursor Posts: 500 Member
    Newbie here...or maybe returning runner is more accurate. I recently got back into running after taking nearly a year off. Just glad to be out there again; I'll shoot for 40 miles.
  • GenoPrice
    GenoPrice Posts: 477 Member
    In for 100 miles again this month.

    Still deciding on whether to sign up for a 1/2 IM in October so trying to divide my time and energy between swimming, cycling and running.

  • ruqayyahsmum
    ruqayyahsmum Posts: 1,514 Member
    sorted my ticker but cant get it to add on original post so here it is

  • truelight_photo_craig
    truelight_photo_craig Posts: 347 Member
    I'm in for another 100 miles!
  • traci9028
    traci9028 Posts: 104 Member
    I'm new here and starting out with 30 miles for August challenge. Good luck to everyone. There are some impressive mileages on here!
  • archjes
    archjes Posts: 3 Member
    I'm going to try this challenge out for a first time, used to be a distance runner but just now getting in shape. I'm going to do my best to hit 200. *fingers crossed*
  • baldielove13
    baldielove13 Posts: 219 Member
    Hi guys, me again. I'm in for 130 miles.
  • karllundy
    karllundy Posts: 1,490 Member
  • apennock
    apennock Posts: 49 Member
    Just pulled the trigger on a half in November, so it's time to get training. I'm in for 75 this month. Let's do it!
  • jtarmom
    jtarmom Posts: 228 Member
    So excited to be back in on this - injuries are healing :)

    In for 40 miles this month - starting to slowly build back up for an October half.
  • 7lenny7
    7lenny7 Posts: 3,493 Member
    Here's an interesting study being done by the University of Minnesota. Sure wish I was young enough to participate

    They're studying how exercise affects metabolism in active, overweight people. Last year they did the study on active lean folks.
  • Ohhim
    Ohhim Posts: 1,142 Member
    Just committing to another 140 for August with 5 speedwork sessions.

    I'd love to join you 200 milers, but it is too darn hot in Florida, I've committed to another 500 biking miles (for the cycling challenge), and my next Marathon isn't until January.
  • melaniefave41
    melaniefave41 Posts: 222 Member
    90 sounds good. Being wary of increasing my mileage too fast, June had been right around 50 and in July I jumped up to 80 plus.
  • autumnblade75
    autumnblade75 Posts: 1,661 Member
    edited July 2015
    JoRocka wrote: »
    So question for the crowd... how much foam rolling do you all do?
    I am probably among the worst about foam rolling. Yes, I have a foam roller. Yes, I use it, but to be perfectly honest I only use it when I notice strain with my IT band. It seems as soon as that gets back under control, I forget all about it. Truth be told, I feel very uncomfortable trying to maneuver around on the dang thing. I generally prefer just taking a drumstick or rolling pin or something like that and attacking it myself, but I am sure the penetration is not as good.
    @WhatMeRunning & @briebee7: I think we need a 200-club first-timers support group! ;)
    I'm in! Does it have beer and a masseuse?

    I don't even own a foam roller. I do own a rolling pin, but I only use that for pies.

    You 200 milers need a support group? What, like a 12-step program?

  • WhatMeRunning
    WhatMeRunning Posts: 3,538 Member
    edited July 2015
    You 200 milers need a support group? What, like a 12-step program?
    Hi, I'm Chris, and I'm a running addict. :smile:

    I'm pretty happy today. The trails are back open giving me only my second opportunity this year to run on them (stupid rains...which we desperately needed). Not only that, but I took my Hoka Challenger ATR's back by the running store where I bought them for an analysis of the "ogre bite" that they took on my last 9 mile trail run, causing the sole on the front of both shoes to separate. They agreed that a trail shoe of that quality should not see that sort of condition after only 9 miles and were happy to do whatever I them in, refund, repair, whatever. I had not considered repair. They felt it might be worth a try to glue the sole back on there, and if that does not hold up then bring them back in for replacement or refund. They also assured me that they would add some "ogre repellent" in the glue to help keep such a thing from happening again. So I went with that, since I really liked the feel of those shoes.

    Heck, I'm so excited I almost peed a little.

    Oops, gotta go.