How many hours of sleep do you get?



  • mbaker566
    mbaker566 Posts: 11,234 Member

    dog wakes me up usually
  • Ronni_16
    Ronni_16 Posts: 15 Member
    6-7 hours on a good night. But I would love 8-9 as I feel more rested.
    I don't know how some of you function on less than 5...I would be very cranky!
  • Fit4LifeGal79
    Fit4LifeGal79 Posts: 5,577 Member
    6-7 but could use 8-9
  • ilfaith
    ilfaith Posts: 16,524 Member
    Typically 6-7
  • bryantparson
    bryantparson Posts: 486 Member
    Last night 5.5. Not enough. Usually more. I'd really like more right now.
  • SurelyShannon
    SurelyShannon Posts: 168 Member
    5, maybe 6 if I get to sleep in.
  • ALNoog
    ALNoog Posts: 413 Member
    Not enough by a long shot.. The last week I've averaged 3 hours of sleep a night... (Last night was 1 and a 1/2 though) Starting to feel the effects. Normally I average around 4-5... Which isn't much better.
  • Sho0gy_D
    Sho0gy_D Posts: 108 Member
    I average around 4, but I try to get 5-6 hrs in. I hate sleep.
  • gaborszollosy
    gaborszollosy Posts: 70 Member
    6 hours 30 minutes
  • Bonny132
    Bonny132 Posts: 3,617 Member
    Between 5 and 6 I never get enough and I take my coffee intravenous
  • MelaniLight
    MelaniLight Posts: 738 Member
    I work the nightshift, so I'm lucky to get about 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  • icck
    icck Posts: 197 Member
    Typically 6-7 hours, any more and I feel groggy. I also wake a lot in the night though.

    That said, I'm sleeping a lot more right now (more like 8-10 hours) - it's been a stressful few months, which has left me pretty much constantly tired!
  • jennmpantoja
    jennmpantoja Posts: 1,086 Member
    5 to 6 hours. I'm a light sleeper so I do not actually hit that REM sleep.
  • mhiggi02
    mhiggi02 Posts: 5,988 Member
  • panyg
    panyg Posts: 597 Member
  • Fer4s
    Fer4s Posts: 490 Member
  • OneHundredToLose
    OneHundredToLose Posts: 8,534 Member
    Typically between 5 and 7
  • oh_happy_day
    oh_happy_day Posts: 1,138 Member
    Those running on 6 and less, how much coffee are you drinking?

    Usually a doubleshot in the morning and then a few cups of green tea during the day. I'll only have another if I'm reaaaally struggling. I used to drink way to much coffee and I don't want to go back there!
  • OneHundredToLose
    OneHundredToLose Posts: 8,534 Member
    Those running on 6 and less, how much coffee are you drinking?

    I actually don't drink coffee - I just don't need very much sleep

  • mahammadtouseef
    mahammadtouseef Posts: 97 Member
    Min 8 hrs. Otherwise there will be something wrong next day in my office.