5 Week Progress Picture



  • khadijah178
    khadijah178 Posts: 16 Member
    Great job!!! :)
  • angdpowers
    angdpowers Posts: 311 Member

    you're a beast girl -- incredible!
  • Yoshirio
    Yoshirio Posts: 242 Member
    Wow! Great job.
  • FatGurlPrblmz
    FatGurlPrblmz Posts: 6 Member
    Omg....you just reassured me that there is hope for me to do this!!! You look amazing!! What all are you doing if you don't mind sharing @MsSquatAlot
  • joan3990
    joan3990 Posts: 10 Member
    Great job!
  • ashokmaurya774
    ashokmaurya774 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi Pals!

    So I have decided to take monthly update photos to keep myself encouraged and on track - In the last 5 weeks I have lost 30lbs and 4% bf. Although I still have another 100lbs to lose, I am feeling like this is actually possible.

    My diary is open to friends in case anyone is wondering what I have eaten and how I workout. 60+ gone so far!!!


    Oh god.. its awsome.. u r a magic
  • ponybrown
    ponybrown Posts: 33 Member
    Way to go, girl! You're rocking it.
  • efrensgirl2015
    efrensgirl2015 Posts: 480 Member
  • suenewberry81
    suenewberry81 Posts: 241 Member
    Wow amazing results, wish I had your motivation
  • RuNaRoUnDaFiEld
    RuNaRoUnDaFiEld Posts: 5,864 Member
    Dang girl, you are going to look awesome in that bikini next year!
  • SweeterDeath
    SweeterDeath Posts: 5 Member
    My gosh ! Great work ! It's literally my day 1 here and checking these progress stories is so motivating! Big difference !! Keep doing what you`re doing !!
  • whiteblossom14
    whiteblossom14 Posts: 240 Member
    Great job that's amazing keep it coming off. X
  • MsSquatAlot
    MsSquatAlot Posts: 238 Member
    Wow. I had not checked this thread in awhile and to see not just everyone's kind words of encouragement but to see that I am actually giving people hope and strength to keep motivated brought me to tears.

    I remember day 1 of this journey. I was over 300lbs and I looked at myself nude in the mirror for the first time in years. I was devastated. In the span of a year I lost two grandparents, an aunt and my dog. All to cancer. I stopped caring about doing anything but trying to survive another day. My life had fallen all the way apart. I gained well over 100lbs.

    I was ALWAYS the cute chubby girl. I have battled weight and binge eating since I was very young. After crying on the bathroom floor that day, I picked myself back up and I decided to take my life back. I looked at my small children and decided to live for them now. I needed to be healthy. They needed their mother. My husband has been the most supportive person I could have asked for. Every time I stumbled he picked me back up.

    My kids hide motivational notes in the house every so often and this morning on my bathroom mirror there was a note from my 8 year old daughter. It said - "You are worth it. I believe in you".

    I went to the gym and killed it. Hit a new personal record in the vertical leg press of 405 for two sets of 10.

    So again, I thank you all for your kind words and continued support and I'm so happy to be able to inspire so many of you.

  • MsSquatAlot
    MsSquatAlot Posts: 238 Member
    Omg....you just reassured me that there is hope for me to do this!!! You look amazing!! What all are you doing if you don't mind sharing @MsSquatAlot

    Honestly, it's all diet and gym. I prep all of my meals and snacks for the day the night before or first thing in the morning so that there's no reason to slip up. I go to the gym 6 days a week. I lift heavy 5 days then 4 to 5 days of cardio and 1 day where I swim until my body gives out. Usually an hour or so. Haha
  • MsSquatAlot
    MsSquatAlot Posts: 238 Member
    edited August 2015
    And for those who wish to see my video -
    Watch "Vertical Leg Press - 405lbs" on YouTube - Vertical Leg Press - 405lbs: https://youtu.be/Wh07K92o3dY :D

    I wrap my knees to avoid injury because I'm lifting so heavy.
  • MsSquatAlot
    MsSquatAlot Posts: 238 Member
    edited August 2015
    Update! I am officially down 71lbs this year and 51lbs in about 8 weeks!!!
  • ShyPanda93
    ShyPanda93 Posts: 69 Member
    Wonderful! I just hope I can finally keep myself going. It is hard for me to eat fewer calories without feeling deprived and without being hungry...
  • elarian
    elarian Posts: 18 Member
    Your success is great inspiration! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  • MsSquatAlot
    MsSquatAlot Posts: 238 Member
    Finally got around to taking a week 8 comparison photo so here it is! I don't weigh in until Tuesday so I am not sure of my loss this week but at the minimum I know I'm down just over 50lbs.

  • kcampbell1969
    kcampbell1969 Posts: 29 Member
    Holy schnikes! I just joined MFP a couple of days ago and I'm so worried I'm going to give up within a week. What an inspiration you are, and that before/after pic is absolutely amazing! Please keep us posted on your progress, I need this motivation! Great job! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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