What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    Trying on dresses to go back to school in in September, I find ALL of my UK size 12 dresses fit again. My good interview suit, on the other hand (14) swamps me. I wonder if I can get it altered.

  • mbaker566
    mbaker566 Posts: 11,234 Member
    I am successfully running 5ks. just because. no race. because I want to be healthier.

    a few months ago, I was a nonrunner
  • abd721
    abd721 Posts: 1 Member
    I bought a skirt at the start of the year, which was super tight and I had to suck in to fit into it. I tried it on a few days ago and it slipped down because it was a bit too big!!
  • katalinax87
    katalinax87 Posts: 146 Member
    I had gallbladder surgery today and when they were doing my observations just before surgery the anaesthetive asked me if I was big into working out. I gave a big smile and said yes but asked how she could tell. She said it was because my resting heart rate was so low (51). We then chatted about lifting and crossfit before going in. Made the whole experience so much nicer.
  • Raemama
    Raemama Posts: 203 Member
    This thread inspired me to exercise in spite of the fact that I'd already decided to give myself a day off. Thanks to everyone!
  • memickee
    memickee Posts: 250 Member
    I really didn't feel like it, but I took a walk at lunch anyway.
  • Eri0515
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    kimbernada wrote: »
    Buying new underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) so now I have a huge stash of Victoria's Secret underwear that are too big. RATS. The good news is that I've found that I really like the Fruit of the Loom boy shorts. So, they cost much less and are actually more comfortable. I guess that's a win-win situation.

    I have a box of undies I'm waiting to get back into, I refuse to throw them out when they are $9 per pair! Although, I am fitting better into some shorts of mine, so maybe soon!
  • saylorkw
    saylorkw Posts: 69 Member
    I fit into 34" waist jeans yesterday. Can't remember the last time i wore 34's.
  • icck
    icck Posts: 197 Member
    So glad I'm not the only underwear related NSV. :D Mine nearly fell down the other day - definitely time to buy some new ones!
  • deannaaaaaaaaa
    deannaaaaaaaaa Posts: 238 Member
    When I got my septum pierced, the piercer looked at me and gave me the smaller gauge because "I have small features". Nicest words I'd ever heard... :)
  • Eri0515
    Eri0515 Posts: 85 Member

    My co-workers and I had a working meeting at McDonald's. I used to pig out and eat a huge meal. I only ordered an Egg Delight McMuffin and nothing else. It has a low amount of calories too!
  • elos18
    elos18 Posts: 38 Member
    When I walk the dog I keep my keys in my bra and I noticed yesterday that as I was walking I could hear them jingling as there's more space for them to move around! No bad thing as I'm quite big chested and wouldn't mind losing a bit off my boobs! :D
  • Oldbitcollector
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    Added hanging knee raise to my exercise routine about three months ago..
    I managed a set of five "Full Pike Pulls" before doing my usual sets of hanging knee raises. Win!
  • Oldbitcollector
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    toriraeh wrote: »
    I have seen a lot of people say on here that they do their in between shopping at thrift stores. Well, I got a second job yesterday (yay!) and need some more professional clothes so I went to Goodwill. Almost everything I bought was a medium! I bought two size 8 bottoms and one size 10 (I'm in between sizes)! I love this feeling!

    I've been dropping sizes so fast this year that I've started shopping Goodwill because I was afraid of spending money on more good clothes only to toss them in 3 months again. I'm finding that good stuff can be found in those smaller sizes!
  • Oldbitcollector
    Oldbitcollector Posts: 229 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    I love this thread: So motivating!

    I'm in the normal BMI range now, for the first time since (IIRC) the 1980s. And I have this odd (but pleasant) sense of unfamiliarity about my body: When I wash my hands, they feel smaller. When I put my hand on my hip, I feel muscles instead of fat rolls. My balance is better. I like it!

    I'm heading in this exact direction! I can't wait!

  • tkphotogirl
    tkphotogirl Posts: 245 Member
    I woke up this morning feeling awful with a really sore throat. Thought about going back to bed, but instead I jumped on the treadmill to jog for a few minutes, found a live concert video to watch on YouTube, and the next thing I knew, the video was over and I'd done 5.6k. I haven't been able to do more than 4k without a walk break for YEARS. It feels like such a mental breakthrough :)
  • 47Jacqueline
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    I brought my weights and resistance band with me to East Hampton for the weekend so I can keep up with my exercises. Good thing my luggage has wheels. lol
  • bkate24
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    edited August 2015
    1. Fit in my "small" jeans that have sat in the drawer, comically too small for me, since at least 2007. (We all have those, right?)

    2. Went to Urban Outfitters, got skinny jeans, fit perfectly and bought them!
  • Karen_can_do_this
    Karen_can_do_this Posts: 1,150 Member
    I'm currently on vacation on the gold coast (Australia) and there is an awesome shopping centre here. It's all outlet shops, minimum of 30% off regular rrp. Most places have a 50% off sale.
    Last time we went here, I couldn't find anything to fit me. I was too big and refused to buy anything over a 16.
    This time I couldn't find anything that fits me. Due to being TOO SMALL!!!!!! Holy snapping duck *kitten*
    I did however buy new weight lifting gloves and a bikini!!!

    Another nsv? First time in a bikini since I was 16

    Went to wet n wild yesterday and had no problems with the stairs.
  • PhoenyxHellfyre
    PhoenyxHellfyre Posts: 31 Member
    Rolled my ankle a couple days ago on my way into the gym. It sucked, but I inadvertently discovered how much my balance and lower body strength has improved - I can hop around on one foot without getting too tuckered out.