What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • krissyreminisce
    krissyreminisce Posts: 284 Member
    Today I bought a new swimsuit!!!! (It's a tankini. I still have belly flub to lose. :angry: ). I also went into Victoria's Secret and bought cute underwear for the first time! :joy:
  • BlxxdtheFrxxk
    BlxxdtheFrxxk Posts: 29 Member
    Today I squeezed into a pair of size 11s. And I mean SQUEEZED. But they zipped and buttoned so it counts! Can't wait until they are appropriate for public wear. B)
  • crazyjerseygirl
    crazyjerseygirl Posts: 1,252 Member
    A weird one.
    Tonight, I blew my calories on date night. I had pizza and zeppolli and it was just wonderful.
    And I don't feel guilty.
    I know that I'm right back on tomorrow, it's not like I even have to force it, it just is!

    Also helped that I fit into husband's favorite top again ;)

    it was all around a lovely night and I look forward to rejoining the wagon tomorrow!
  • Lady_Grell
    Lady_Grell Posts: 103 Member
    This is my first NSV, and it's such a minor one.

    The other day, I was upset because I haven't been able to see any real changes. I know I'm trying and that I have lost weight, but I still see the same fat woman when I look in the mirror. Anyway, I put on my favorite pair of jeans and shirt to go to a dinner at church. I also wear an abdominal brace because I have a large hernia, and I wear this brace over my clothes to keep it from irritating my skin. At some point, my pants had slipped down so I pulled them back up - over the brace. I hadn't even realized just how lose my pants had become, but they pulled up over me, my shirt, and this bulky brace without any problem. I can't even remember the last time I felt comfortable enough to tuck my shirt in, and now these pants are going to have to be retired if this trend keeps going the way it is (and I hope it does). I know this is minor, but it made me smile.
  • Oldbitcollector
    Oldbitcollector Posts: 229 Member
    Saw a couple I know that I'd not seen in several months. The moment his wife saw me, she interrupted us both with "OMG, what have you been doing?!?! You look great!" -- Played it off nonchalantly, but inside I was doing the happy dance.
  • JocelynMooremfp
    JocelynMooremfp Posts: 10 Member
    My most recent NSV is taking a selfie with my daughter and seeing dimples again! I have hated how I've looked for so long and I actually don't hate this picture and my dimples are back. Can't remember the last time I saw those, I know it was when a Bush was in office! Even the fact that I was willing to take a selfie is a NSV in itself. I really needed that motivation, too. Have been becoming complacent recently, so thank you God!

    What's your recent NSV?

    My most recent NSV was a couple weeks ago. My little sister is getting married and we (the bridesmaids) went to try on dresses and I was 2 full dress sizes down from where I was previously! I was thrilled!
  • rayw89
    rayw89 Posts: 564 Member
    Today, a pilates instructor called me FIT. B)
  • AngeBee18
    AngeBee18 Posts: 180 Member
    Lady_Grell wrote: »
    This is my first NSV, and it's such a minor one.

    What a great NSV, definitely not minor at all! Keep up the good work! :)
  • Just_Ceci
    Just_Ceci Posts: 5,926 Member
    6 nights in a row of restful sleep!
  • krissyreminisce
    krissyreminisce Posts: 284 Member
    I've been actually craving healthy foods a lot lately which is awesome. I've been frequently choosing salads, fruits and other healthy foods over opportunities to have fast food and other sugary goodness even when I have the calories for them.

    I'm the same! But I always want edamame and roasted brussel sprouts! And I look forward to my pre-dinner salad every night, too!
  • 47Jacqueline
    47Jacqueline Posts: 6,993 Member
    epido wrote: »
    This! I was finally able to do a body weight chin-up!

    Fantastic! I want to be able to do that. :DB)o:)

    I just bought a bathing suit. The first time I've not been unhappy to be doing that in my whole life.
  • meritage4
    meritage4 Posts: 1,441 Member
    I walked to an errand. It's only 20 minutes away but up a steep hill. Turned down a ride home!
  • LorraineZinn
    LorraineZinn Posts: 43 Member
    I went to a 3-day conference full of health professionals, and I was not one of the noticeably obese ones. I fit right in with everyone else!
  • krissyreminisce
    krissyreminisce Posts: 284 Member
    I'm finally finding my body less and less repulsive. My body image is finally improving!
  • Timby1
    Timby1 Posts: 294 Member
    I ran a 5k this morning, set a PR and still made it to church!
  • cjv73
    cjv73 Posts: 240 Member
    Just finished a week of no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and I feel great!
  • cmcdonald525
    cmcdonald525 Posts: 140 Member
    I just zipped up the bridesmaid dress that was waaaay too small a few weeks ago. Not only does it zip, it's slightly roomy
  • Susieq_1994
    Susieq_1994 Posts: 5,361 Member
    avskk wrote: »
    This is going to sound so, so dumb.

    I don't have a washer & dryer and I often can't get to the laundromat. In the past I frequently used "my gym clothes are smelly" as an excuse to skip workouts. Today's my rest day after a solid week of workouts and, sure enough, my gym clothes and socks all need a wash -- and I don't have cash for the laundromat. I didn't experience even a blip of hesitation over it this morning, though; I got up and handwashed those suckers, wrung them out, and hung them to dry. I'm that committed to working out this week just as strong and often as I did last week. It's a freaking miracle.

    I don't think it sounds dumb at all--It sounds like a wonderful NSV to me! Great job! :)
  • htg20
    htg20 Posts: 116 Member
    I'm not reluctant to be in pictures! Got a couple of good ones from the family hike this weekend.
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