What did you say "NO!" to today?



  • MommyL2015
    MommyL2015 Posts: 1,411 Member
    I said No to rolls at Logan's today.

    WHAT? That's some willpower right there. Then again, there's just no point to going there if you're not gonna eat one. Or three. :)
  • Azuriaz
    Azuriaz Posts: 785 Member
    I said No to rolls at Logan's today.

    That's a tough one, congrats! Can smell those damn things from other people's tables.
  • LeeHeggie
    LeeHeggie Posts: 1 Member
    I said no to Hannah when she kept asking me "would you have half of this with me?"

    Naughty Hannah.
  • I said no to doughnuts.....they're calling me.....203nh94wdh0i.jpg
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,373 Member
    Croissants. Both times I gave some to my kids too and caught the smell... gah... but I resisted and now they're gone.
  • mrsdrshot
    mrsdrshot Posts: 154 Member
    I said NO to nothing at my daughter's birthday breakfast. Now I have to say no the rest of the day! lol!
  • fourterrys
    fourterrys Posts: 90 Member
    I said NO, but THANK YOU to the pancakes my husband was sweet enough to cook me for breakfast and had a 90 calorie fiber bar instead. But DIDNT say no to the pizza for lunch. But only ate 2 slices and went for a 3 mile walk to help make up for it :)
  • Aani15
    Aani15 Posts: 172 Member
    I am big on sugary stuff and 'no' does not work for me.
    But I have learned to enjoy sweet treats while staying under my daily sugar intake goals.
    It is good to have alternative choices like artificial sweeteners.
  • 7lenny7
    7lenny7 Posts: 3,412 Member
    The fifth slice of pizza
  • RoseTheWarrior
    RoseTheWarrior Posts: 2,035 Member
    Hamburgers, hot dogs, cake, cookies, and brownies. :neutral:
  • htebaram
    htebaram Posts: 120 Member
    I said NO to free pizza at work today!
  • heidio2
    heidio2 Posts: 110 Member
    Candy corn
  • boomshakalaka911
    boomshakalaka911 Posts: 655 Member
    A homeless man asking for change
  • chunkytfg
    chunkytfg Posts: 339 Member
    The smoothie I made for my morning snack. Made it last night as this week is a reboot for me to make another push to my goal but aparently banana doesnt keep so well and made my lovely sweet smelling pink drink basically brown and very bland. Decided I can do without
  • entwife
    entwife Posts: 134 Member
    It was 35°c here today (95F) and i got the kids an icecream after school but didn't buy one for myself - had a 40 calorie icypole at home later instead :)
  • hamlet1222
    hamlet1222 Posts: 459 Member
    my work colleague who offered a piece of kitkat to me (b******d :smile: )
  • JustMissTracy
    JustMissTracy Posts: 6,339 Member
    Ice cream sandwich bars that we bought for Kodi Rose still in the freezer...those cute little mini birthday ones, with pink and blue sprinkles and stuff...they know my name, but I've just been ignoring them....6:06 pm, only a few more hours to think about them..lol!
  • Stefie_G
    Stefie_G Posts: 69 Member
    I said "no" to a grilled cheese sandwich.
  • Azuriaz
    Azuriaz Posts: 785 Member
    edited October 2015
    Edit: Wrong thread. Just say no to seasonal allergy brain fog!
  • pita7317
    pita7317 Posts: 1,437 Member
    I said no to bottled teriyaki sauce while grocery shopping today. WAY too much sodium for 1 tablespoon !