What is Your Ht/Wt & Size Clothing?



  • seltzermint555
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    5'8" and weighing between 165-175 for the past year.
    I'm wearing size 10 in all "dressy" pants and most jeans, 11 or 12 in a few denim brands
    Size L, 10 or 12 dress depending on cut. I have a 36DD chest and wide hips so that makes some dresses difficult in a 10 or M.
    M or L top. Again this varies with brand and cut.
    With most jackets, L or XL. I have long arms.
    Athletic wear and underwear always M.
  • DebinMelbourne
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    I'm 5'6' (165cm) and 130 lbs (59kg). The only measurement I know off-hand is that my waist is 30in (75cm). In Australia I am a 10, in the US I would be a 6.
  • PinkPixiexox
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    I'm 5 ft 2
    119 lbs
    I wear a UK Size 6-8 (Not sure of the US equivalent)

  • IILikeToMoveItMoveIt
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    5ft 7 1/2
    210 lbs
    Us sz 16 though I can take off jeans and shorts without unbuttoning them. So maybe a 14...haven't tried them out yet.
  • nxd10
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    Dreysander wrote: »
    Dreysander wrote: »
    I really hope that I can achieve the shape that I'm after. I'd like to be able to deflate this horrible belly-flap-thing and not have to run the expense of surgery for it.

    It can't be that bad honey...give yourself time...how long have you been consistently working at it?

    This year is the year that I've lost most of the weight. I started in January at 215 lbs. Didn't do any kind of weight training or resistance over the summer, just recently started that.

    You'll do better. It takes time. The skin is actually our largest organ and you're talking, sometimes, of getting rid of half of it. Be patient keep exercising and eating well.
  • nxd10
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    Dreysander wrote: »
    Ugh it's so frusterating to me that people my height and weight are so much smaller than I am.

    Lift weights!! Made such a difference in my shape.

    Lifting does make a big difference. But it's also just must have to do with shape and preferred clothes fit and vanity sizing at different shops. I look slim - I KNOW I look slim. And I'm looking at these numbers and going WTF?

    What I'm noticing is that height makes a huge difference. Taller people with low BMIs are in much larger sizes than shorter people with very high BMIs.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    Sizing means nothing when you look at the variety of heights /weights and sizes already posted...measurements are much more telling...
  • SuggaD
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    Very interesting thread. Lifting makes a big difference. Going to keep at it for 2016 to get to a consistent size 0. Even though I weigh more than I did in 2014, my clothing size went down. Unfortunately, it makes it very difficult to buy clothes, especially pants. I hate vanity sizing....size 0s and 2s with huge hips and butt. Umm no!
  • Bbeliever215
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    176 lbs
    Size 10 pants and medium tops
  • Bbeliever215
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    Dreysander wrote: »
    Ugh it's so frusterating to me that people my height and weight are so much smaller than I am.

    Lift weights!! Made such a difference in my shape.

  • CJ_Holmes
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    I agree with the lifting comments! 5'7" 150 lb, size 6 in almost everything. 36-28-38. When I weighed 150 5 years ago, I wore 8s and 10s. I was more like 34-30-40.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    And to add to the comments about lifting. ..

    I have smaller measurements now in my 40s than in my 20s when I was a stone (14lbs) lighter ...I'm also the fittest I have ever been in my life :smile:

    The number on the scale isn't as important as inch loss/fitness :smiley:

  • AnnPT77
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    Around 5'5", 129lbs. 34" (at bra band), 28", 36". Can't give you a regular bust measurement (bilateral mastectomies).

    U.S. size 6 petite jeans (teensy bit big for my taste), still mostly L or L petite tops (I have wide shoulders but otherwise kind of straight waist/flat rear). Some loose abdominal skin, thinner upper body (can see ribs), probably more muscular than average for my age (60) but not super muscle-y, hate clothes tight.

    At SW of 183, around 40" (bra band), 36.5", 45.5". Size 16 women's petite/short jeans, 1X or XL tops. This was in April 2015; I'd been very active for 12+ years. Before that, at a similar weight (maybe 190?), I was up closer to 20 in jeans - but who knows how much the sizing changed that many years. I don't have measurements for 12 years back. For sure, becoming more active (I'm a rower) reduced my body size even though I didn't lose weight and was still very definitely fat.
  • teresadutton
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    5'2" 127 lbs large boned pants 2P womens, 3short jr's, medium tops
  • justrollme
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    5'4.5" Had a big whoosh this morning, scale at 127.6
    US bottoms size 4, with an occasional 2
    Tops S or M (boobies haven't reduced very much, sigh. #2SportsBras4life )
  • lyndefisher
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    5'5" .. 125 lbs, size 6 pants, small-medium tops. Recently arrived at my goal range of 124-127
  • Nwestwood8
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    5'3, 116, My current measurements are 33-24.5-32, I don;t know for sure, probably 0/2 for pants, 0/2 for tops (still got a bust) probably a small for tops.
  • Serah87
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    115 to 120 pounds
    pants~0-4, but mostly size 2's
  • bunnypy
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    5'0 (small framed)
    Pants: Size8
    Dresses: Size6
  • dopeysmelly
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    5'3", 130-135 lbs, petite XS, size 2P